Saturday, January 31, 2009

Super Bowl XLIII

A depressed country and state of economy is in deep recession, what we need now to a cheer-up, a gathering, a party, possibly a common event, the answer is tomorrow’s Super bowl XLIII (43) at Tampa. One team (Arizona Cardinals) playing for super bowl never won a super bowl and other one (Pittsburg Steelers) has rich super bowl history, they won 6 super bowls already. I personally want Cardinals to win the super bowl, which may bring some positive feeling, uplift to much needed country. But technically i think Steelers has edge over Cardinals, because of too much pressure of Cards to win this game and Steelers physical game,running game and defense are much better than Cards. The Cards defense has to find some ways to stop Big Ben and Steeler’s running game. Some good news for Cards is Big Ben and Ward both are suffering from minor injuries but don’t know how much that going to affect their games.

Cards has legendary Kurt Warner as QB and dynamic wide receivers Boldin and Fitzgerald but Boldin also got injury and he has some contract issue going on with Cards management. But this Card’s season was always filled with the 3 starts Kurt-Boldin-Flitz’s magic and Kurt Warner is at the top of his career. Definitely this 3 stars game going to be a talk for next week’s analysis within sports fans and gurus. With some help from Cards defense and some sloppiness from Steeler’s defense would make Cards Super Bowl champion.

This year’s super bowl preparation is full swing as usual, as i said this is what we need now to cheer up.  My predication is Cards winning at 21-17. I reject EA’s John Madden’s stimulation results completely. Enjoy the game!!!



Monday, January 26, 2009

2009 – Another sour year?

So many predictions and so many negative out there, I recommend everybody should buy and read “Though time never last but tough people do” book by Robert H. Schuller.  What will happen during this 2009 year is unknown to all, but the prediction from top economists and business people are not good so far. Even Microsoft started lay off means a lot to our current state of economy.  A simple metaphor is Warren Buffet lost some money on bad investment, in order to make up, usually he would be asking some loan money from Bill Gates at some simple interest to reinvest, but now situation is Gates also run out of cash. The current situation is all the money vanished from every where, global investors, where it went is still a mystery?  

During the housing boom, investors were very positive about mortgage backed securities and they “recklessly” bought it and now all went underwater. The realism is we are heading to thoughtful investment cycle, in other words reckless, vacuous investors are out of scope now. They may not come to market for next 3-5 years. This is good for other investors, if we buy a house/stocks now, it reflects a real time price, and companies would extra careful to invest with projects. What ever we do now is very carefully planned and did some research. 

Most of us start worried/feared about job market, we should be because if one is not feared at this situation means they are dumb ("dumb enough to fearless" thanks to Outliers by Gladwell). But a job there for us, which perhaps not in our desire locations, may be we have to briefly separate from our family. Nowadays a temporary separation is not painful as before, thanks to Web 2.0 and video chat technology, 3G networks, frequent flyer program helps us to stay in touch with family regularly. I think 2009 is a year of recovery because of government’s intervention, but government process is a painful and slow, democratic process, but we will be up again as long as Mother Nature not turns us down. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire

Again and again India is not a poor country, a country which is home of millions of poor people, slowly and steadily they are becoming middle class status as we are giving free basic education and uplift their social status by providing mammoth affirmation actions. Whenever west media come to India first they want to take a photograph of cow in the middle of road, snake charmers, an elephant and slums in Mumbai or Calcutta. Now Danny Boyle joined in parade to make fame and money by glamorizing Indian slums. Why can not he take a movie about British homeless people or drug issue or about terrorism or corruption?

Almost all states in India have similar rule, that is, slum abolishment law, they built huge apartment complex for slum dwellers, some of them went to those new places and some choose to live in slum for various reasons. India is a democratic country and we can’t force them out also. Here I want to quote our former finance minister P.Chidambaram “A project as big as China’s Three Gorges Dam (which will displace millions) would take me the rest of my life in India”.

For example, Asia’s largest slum “Dharavi” in Mumbai, there slum dwellers are rich guys, their business turn over per year is $650 million, almost all own an apartment at suburban of Mumbai, and they choose to live here at slums because of proximity to main city places and joy to be in city’s center place and extra income from rented apartment. Keep in mind, each slum dwellers has tremendous support from government, local organizations, massive affirmation actions but they want to live in slums.

India is a vast and majestic country, one should be very carful about showing India’s image to outside world. We are spending money, resource and time to abolish poverty from India, by even providing controversial affirmation actions. If these movie makers exaggerate Indian poverty, people start questioning about those and create chaos within community, even it may derail our progressive development to abolish poverty. Movie maker’s can help us by providing some suggestions to eliminate poverty, not to make money out of poverty. IT IS NOT FUN. We are 1 billion in population and slowly, steadily will win the race. Can anyone point any country in this world 100% rich and no homeless and no below poverty people?

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

A country of 1 Billion Doctors

Everyone has one or more native knowledge, this native knowledge is formed based on place/country we live. For example, Americans has native knowledge about cars. Canadians has native knowledge about ice hockey and so on. Like wise we Indians has native knowledge of medicines, this could be because before Brits came to our country, we were mostly self medicated or mom & pop traditional medicines.  Any ways in the field of medicine, we all have suggestions/advice to everybody for anything, anytime. For example, if some one says “i’m having headache” to 10 people, he/she will get 10 different opinions with 10 different solutions. Better not to talk about one’s own issues publically in India. Since we are all have some native knowledge about medicine with combination of emotional and sentimental, we all want to go see a patient who is either ICU or recovery room to express our opinions. This has to be stopped and crowed ICU and rooms are not good for patients and their loved ones. Here are the stories about my observation at Indian hospitals. 

Terror in ICU: A relative or friend in ICU means they are half dead in India. Most of the ICU cases are two wheeler’s (motor cycle, scooter etc) accidents, young guys, who are not wearing helmet hence heavy skull injury. It was sad to be in ICU at this young age and most of them make it and our doctors are really great on that. But the tension outside ICU is unimaginable and has to be stopped. When i start take mental notes, it was early morning 5.00AM, a family of mother, dad and sister waiting outside for their beloved son/brother who met an accident, they were crying all the time, as brother’s health start stabilizing dad started console them and sister’s husband also joined and they were under control. After some time, say 9.00AM people started coming. The dad was almost invisible with in the crowd, doctors also frustrated, it was almost 100+ people came for this single case. Some of them start asking question to dad, why you took him here? Here they are not good for skull injury? He got more panic, on other side ladies started circled to start cry. The sister and mother also vanished in crowd.  One question pop-up my mind, why this people came at 9.00AM, why they didn’t come as soon as accident happened? They took their own time to visit hospital, so they are not really coming for good purpose. I went to have a coffee and one of the guys who was with the crowd also at same coffee shop and he start speaking at mobile phone that “they still keeping oxygen mask so the case won’t survive”, like he is a doctor and knows all the internal medicines/procedures.  

Hats off to Doctors: It was great experience to me with our doctors at India, they are really great. What they have is 1947 outdated instruments but still they are managed to give world class treatment to their patients. I can see most of the doctors in India have dedication, hardworking and multi taskers. The whole medical industry revolving because of quality of our doctors. I think curriculum is the main one to produce this much quality doctors. 

Fees:  We have quality doctors and everything but medical affordability in India is really tough. I think more than 95% of Indian people can’t get quality treatment like their rich counterpart. The medical fees are very expensive in terms of average Indian’s earning power. I think most of the time there was no standard fees determination also. A blood test costs Rs 360.00 one day, very next day it can be Rs 460.00. I have no idea why this double standard. Most of the cases i met there were poor people, they want to some how afford this quality so that their beloved one once again talk and walk but the price they are paying for this is really sad, they almost sold all of their land, all gold, life saving and everything they own under sun. After treatment they have to start their life from scratch. A decease in India changed one’s life completely.  

Indian government should close all government aided hospitals and give subside to this private well managed hospitals or increase the government aided hospital’s quality. The politicians and educated people in India just forgetting their roots and becoming more selfish, they have to carry this baggage sooner rather than later.