Thursday, August 28, 2008

Democratic National Convention

I don’t have much knowledge about US politics and history but learning very hard now. I followed this presidential election process from start, may be because of our high profile candidate Barrack Obama from Chicago. Last 3 days, it was a great chance to acquire more knowledge from one of the leading political party’s convention. Each day there are new speakers better than previous day’s speakers, setting bar high and high. I believe as of now better speaker award goes to Joe Biden. He mentioned his father’s words of ‘when you get knocked down, get up very fast, get up’ is something everybody should follow all the time.

In my mind, I created some negative image for Biden because I read about his comments about splitting Iraq into 3 pieces and ‘you can’t go to 7-11 or Dunkin Donuts unless you have slight Indian accent’ [Source : CNN.Com]. Now I’m thinking that he is a straightforward, bitter outspoken, emotional man. He would tell whatever he thinks from his mind. I think we [world] need that kind of leadership now. We need somebody to tackle Cold War II like a scenario. Because of high oil price of last 6-8 years, our world’s wealth 'proportion disarrayed'[Oops lack of better words] and some former Soviet Union nations got more wealth than other. Obviously Russia becomes arrogant day by day because of wealth and already inherited technology, talent, natural resource from Soviet, I hope they won’t go back to those ideology way. But at this time, we need great candid leaders like Joe, Obama to talk with Russia and other Soviet Union countries to avoid cold war scenario.

Today is great day for Obama to reconnect with voters. He is a great speaker and charismatic leader, but the challenge is how effective he is going to convert his attraction into votes. McCain from other side also getting more attention and he will become spotlight at Twin City Republican Convention.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

An Entrepreneur Story

Business sense with my wife and her family is big ZERO. For them, business means a non-profit organization, to serve community. But for how long, in order to serve community, we have to make lot of money to take care of community and ourselves. From my side, everybody has strong business sense. For us, business means making money, and of course gives away some portion for community.

2 years ago, my wife started a cooking blog, slowly and steadily she drew huge audience base and she worked hard to publish her posts. As my mom said, it required a special skill to write something, in step by step process, especially from cooking aspect. One day I noticed her blog visitor count, I was astonished. I asked her to add Google Ad sense to make some money, but she simply refused it because she doesn’t want visitors to click Google ads, instead of 'feed for hungry kids' community link. I was again impressed and praised her generosity.

From the blog experience and 6 years of marriage life, I realized that she has extra ordinary creativity brain. She can make something good from trash. The way she try new skills and make things work in her favor, and more and more makes me think that she is great Entrepreneur by natural, but overwhelming community [socialism] sense stopping her to achieve what she wants.

Nowadays realism is the best for all. Realism supersedes all other 'ism'. I patiently waited for her interest to change. One fine morning she called me and said she want to try something new with bead jewelry. I said okay try what ever she want and wished her. With a week, she said she is going to display her jewelry collection for an expo. I asked her to show the jewelry, the moment I saw it, I was stunned and speechless. What a brilliant made, she didn’t even spend that much noticeable time but her collection was resembled as a fashion designer. From the expo, she made 25% profit with 15% worth of back orders and a marriage bridesmaid earring order. What a great entrepreneur she is? Because from the expo, most of them liked her design and creativity. My points is, try and try, work hard, use your brain, anybody can become entrepreneur, especially in this gifted country.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Song of God

When I was kid, my mom used to tell me Ramayanam, Mahabaratham the great epics of Hinduism. As a kid, it was fascinating to hear epics as bed time story. One thing, I got interested from those epics is “Bhagavad-Gita” (Song of God) from Mahabaratham. But i still believe both of these epics are myth and superstition. Bhagavad-Gita is holy book for Hindus, like Bible for Christians, Quran for Muslims. Hinduism mainly deals with the way of life, even though Hinduism discourage war and violence, these two main Hindu epics are based on wars and to tell drawbacks of wars. One is between Ram (God) and Ravanan and other one is between cousins with one side got support from God Krishna.

Song of God is the series of advice from God to Arjunan, one of the main characters from Mahabaratham, who is in war with his cousins to reclaim his country, which was lost by his elder brother because of gambling game between cousins. During the final phase of war, Arjunan lost interest of war and he realized that what is the point of fighting with his own cousins, what is the point killing each other for land. His charioteer God Krishna started a conversation with Arjunan to change his mind for war. These dialogues are called Bhaghavad Gita. For some it may see as illogical or meaningless, for some it is the meaning of life. In my opinion, this is one of the best subset from these epics. This is excellent source for self-realization, boost will power, self-esteem and self-confidence. I’m sure that all religion has same or similar concept.

The essence of Gita as follows (Please check at

Whatever happened, it happened for good.
What is happening, is also happening for good.
Whatever will happen, that too will be for good.
What have you lost for which you weep?
What did you bring with you, which you have lost?
What did you produce, which has perished?
You did not bring anything when you were born.
Whatever you have, you have received from Him (God).
Whatever you will give, you will give to Him.
You came empty handed and you will go the same way.
Whatever is yours today, it was somebody else’s yesterday
And it will be somebody else’s tomorrow.
The change is the law of universe.
May God Bless Us All.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Michael Phelps: 8/8 : What else we need...

In this world, most successful political leaders, big businessman/woman, legendary sportsperson had some issues during their childhood. Here is the main difference between east and west cultures. In west, early diagnose, treat well, channelize towards the advantage path. In east, it is called karma, he or she committed sin in previous life so he/she has to pay back for that, even small childhood asthma not treated well and that becomes his/her lifetime disease.

When ever reporter asked Michael soon after his wins with world record, he usually replied that he was lack of words. He told in interview with NBC's Bob, he can visualize something well and remember a face with an occurrence, and he hate to lose, strive for perfection all time. Yes, he is dyslexic [most likely] with ADHD. His mom is a teacher, she diagnosed it well in advance, swimming is the salvation for ADHD, and hence US got a perfect swimmer for this century. The point is, during the NBC interview, they outspoken about the ADHD, which is not possible in east.

Dyslexia with ADHD is a gift with some disadvantage. But dyslexic person can think of multi dimensional way, which is not possible for an ordinary human. They have extra ordinary intuition sense and long term memory. Because of this extra ordinary power, they lacked some basic qualities such as language read/write, unable to concentrate for long time. They can’t pronounce a word with proper spelling, they tend to store all words as image and sound in their head, which ultimately created lot of clutter hence sometimes speaking difficulties or unable to express emotions. But there are lots of people born with this [approximately 1% of world’s population], and they are definitely gifted, they tend to achieve more and more, they never get satisfied. One good thing about dyslexic person is that, they will not bully others with their extra ordinary abilities, always want to keep low profile, feels low esteem [that are fuel of growth] and they have blinded eyes when seeing people’s color, culture but vivid view of their and world’s future in their head.

With the advance of technology, all things can be curable and all it required is, willing to accept the issue and seek for right treatment. Who knows there are millions of Michael Phelps out there?

Friday, August 15, 2008

India – Happy Independence Day

Today is our 61st Independence Day. India is getting mature and mature, still a long way to go to achieve developed country status. A long ago, a friend of mine, argued with me that why India is one country, it should be European Union format. 28 states are mainly based on languages and different cultures and we can’t be in a single umbrella. I also prematurely nod to that argument. I just compared European Union success and thought that was a great idea. But both me and him are missed an important history of our country and geography dependence on each one. We were separated by tens of thousands kingdoms before British conquered us. This kingdoms are heavily depends on each other for resources, mainly foods. Indian food habit is not same as western. Even we are depending on each other for small food grains.

For example, Chera kingdom depends on Travancore kingdom for coconuts and Travancore kingdom depends on Martha for onions. In other words, none of the kingdoms were fully natural resource self sufficient, not only foods, all others also. Andhra is producing more rice than any other state, but lacking a lot of other commodities. Punjab is producing more wheat than any others, but lacking a lot on others. Assam is producing more oil than any others but no food produce at all. If we draw a dependence map, we can realize that we should be in one country, our dependence on each other can't be solved by import/export. The food is basic, that’s why I emphasize here, for all other natural resource also we are depend on each other.

We are the only one can lead other countries to, how to enjoy freedom, unity even within difference cultures and languages, that ultimately leads to ONE WORLD ONE HUMAN.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Olympics Update

After the spectacular opening ceremony, Olympics games started with usual sprit and enthusiasm. Good news is, India ends its 112 year drought, Indian shooter Abhinav Bindra wins first gold medal for India. India won many gold medals from team sports but this is the first time that India won a gold medal for individual performance. This is good for a country is full of Cricket crazy people, his gold definitely helps some youngster to start playing other sports.

As usual, Michael Phelps is in hunt for gold medals for team USA. I think he is born for swimming, his special ability is under water swimming after turn over, that gives a big push for him. Yesterday’s 200 M freestyle, no body can come near to him. Sunday’s basketball game between USA and China was also great. Just before 2nd half, USA showed all acrobats and over powered China.

The same day, cycle road race also fantastic, not the game though, the race was some 6 hours or so, they covered Beijing’s outskirt, what a beautiful landscape and scenery. I think Beijing is a must see place before die.

While watching all games and China closely, I start wondering how come they transformed from socialist, ideology driven to capitalist, global economy power house. I searched some documents and found a good one. Even China’s growth also hidden or not documented well or all biased. But this document provides some good points.

1. China’s reform can divide into 30 year phases, first phase is 1949 to 1979 was socialist way of reform, obviously that was failed. Second phase 1979 to current is socialist backed open market.
2. China’s growth was incremental and experimental. The current socialist based open market phase was further divided into 5 sub phases.
3. 1978-1984: Farming was decentralized to household level. Tax cut to state run companies based on performance.
4. 1984 – 1988: Breakup to mono banking system, open market for 14 costal cities, new wage setting
5. 1988 – 1991, 1992-1997: Continue reform across China and inflation shoot up to double digit
6. 1997 – Current: Opening farm business for multi national and speed up reforms.

By reading the document, i got a sense that China’s growth mainly because of WTO’s accession and push, from bank reform to privatization of state own corporation, open market price determination. China preserved socialist based communist regime after 1949 revolution until today, that helped them to accelerate reform and they achieved within 30 years. There is no need for consensus or vote to approve any WTO’s push.

In case of, the democratic way, it would be say 45 years. But democratic way is, get consensus, all voice heard and considered and everybody taken care, which is i think the right way of doing reforms [Great Examples : USA, West European Countries, Singapore, South Korea, Australia and many more…] Slow, steady and win the race.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Beijing Olympics – Spectacular opening

All Chinese people, it is the proudest time ever. What happened today is not just a game opening, China showed the world their spectacular growth, and how a country can progressively develop from no where. Just 30 years ago, China was one of the 3rd world countries, not even able to control it’s own population growth, poverty, no contact with outside world. This is not a yet other opening ceremony, well blended with high-tech, history, hard working, elegance, colorful fireworks and emotions. I was touched by one of the earthquake survivor, 9 year old boy's China flag hosting march with athletes. wow...

Most Liked ones

1. The 360 deg. surrounding mega LCD screen.

2. The ground rolling LCD screen. So nice.

3. Whole lit up with loads of fire works.

4. The ship theme, brought ocean and boats  right in the middle of the stadium.

5. Unbelievable fireworks from start to end, real feast to our eyes.

6. Very First drum display for count down.

7. Walking on the vertical LCD,acrobats.

8. Torch rally passed from person to person step by step and final torch lighting part is really very creative. 

9. Flag hosting by earthquake survivor young boy with Yao Min was the highlighted one.

and 10.Last but not least , a big applause to all the hardwork behind it...

Let the games begin....

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Apache CXF

Apache CXF, I would say a right framework for right time. We built software to support B2B (Business to Business) or B2C (Business to Consumer), now we are moving towards SaaS and cloud computing, I would say, this is 4th generation of computing paradigm. As SaaS(Software as a Service) name implies, Service oriented architecture is the future for all software applications. Scalable, interoperable and maintainability are the key for any software applications.

What is Apache CXF?

Last year, 2 of main open source web service frameworks xFire and Celtix decided to merge and submitted a proposal to Apache for a joint development. Apache CeltixXFire(CXF) is an open source web service framework. “CXF helps you build and develop services using front end programming APIs, like JAX-WS. These services can speak a variety of protocols such as SOAP, XML/HTTP, RESTful HTTP, or CORBA and work over a variety of transports such as HTTP, JMS or JBI.”

Actually, we can pretty much easily plugin “any” application to service model. The existing legacy system also can be converting as service model with minimum configuration and coding change. Apache CXF supports synchronized and asynchorized calls also. Apache CXF has added advantage of both xFire and Celtix feature plus more development and industry support.

Future of Apache CXF

I can easily say that CXF going to be next major framework for SOA development, like Struts and tiles for web application.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Sports Channel : Bear's Offensive

Today as usual I met a friend of mine at train, he was just outburst about my yesterday's blog. There i mentioned that "who is smart? paying $1100 rent Vs $2200 mortgage". Because he is owning a house and exactly paying $2200 for mortgage!!!...Oops my bad, i just expressed my opinion and exactly matched his situation. I decided to strike the line. I started very positive about home ownership. In fact, i also started looking to buy a house at Naperville neighbourhood. It doesn't matter how much we are paying..all matters is "you are a proud owner of a home" friend.

Ok. Tomorrow is Bear's first preseason match. Now million dollar question is who is going to be the starting Quarterback. Bears has long history of changing quarterback within every 2-3 games. Bear changed 49 times their starting quarterback since 1992. As per latest news, Orton going to be starting quarterback for tomorrow's match against Kansas City and Grossman will be for Seattle match on Aug 19th. Ok. Now next question is, who will be for season opener. Smith said "don't read too much about quarterback selection now, just wait and see". My opinion is, both Orton and Grossman are bad starter for Bear's offensive so it doesn't matter who is starting, as long as defence playing good, may be Bear's can repeat same 7-9 record as last year.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

How to make money from stock investment Part 5

Return on Investment (roi) is the key for all investment. On average, stock market gives 10-15% roi for any year. My personal goal is 50% roi for any given year. Did i achieve that first time? Answer is no. I couldn’t make it, in fact my first investment year, it was 2001, was massive distress. I lost almost $6,000 on one stock and total lost was almost $12,000. I used Las Vegas roulette style to make money from stock market, result is big lost of money. I was novice at that time. But i never quit, until today i invest some portion of my money into some investment, i never ever accumulate money in saving account.

I believe each one is different, making money from investment depends on one’s personality. If someone is pessimist in nature, how can he/she make money from stock investment? For those, real estate is good option. If someone is optimist and flexible then stock market is cash cow for them. As i said, always remember nuclear war can only make stock market to disappear, in that case, we won’t survive either.

What worked well for me after bad start, DIVERSIFICATION. Diversification is the single success element. Here i’m going to separate case by case, basic investment options,

Case 1: $10,000 Start, Goal 15-25%
For those who want to start with $10,000 for investment at 15-25% roi, Mutual Fund is best option. I believe, we need at least $25,000 to start stock investment. I used INGDirect for mutual fund investment, their international fund was really awesome and US small cap also great. But there are many mutual funds available, just carefully review hidden cost. Vanguard also good but i don’t know about service and hidden charges. But INGDirect no service and hidden charges. (Mutual fund research/analysis site)

Case 2: $25,000 Start, Goal 40-50%
5k per stock for 5 stocks. The stock selection is really important. Diversification is key. I started with stocks, but i did feel that stock is not working as per our [single investor] expectation. The main reason is hedge fund’s aggressiveness. I switched over to ETF and it is really good, already well diverse and same or better roi as stocks.
For current scenario, i think following are good diversify portfolio.

1. Walmart (WMT) – Second round stimulus package talk already started and upcoming holiday season.
2. Energy Conversion Device (ENER) – Renewable energy – i think this one is coming down to 55-60 good bet to take position.
3. Apple (AAPL) – I don’t want to tell anything about it. I can see $200 near future.
4. Chardan South China (APWR) – again an energy company. I might add ENER or APWR. APWR has added advantage that it is US based and China market concentrated.
5. Central Euro Distribution Corporation (CEDC) – alcoholic, sin stock but no emotions. Good balance sheet and long term growth is good [my stock subscription keep on sending this one to buy] but wait for little downward.
6. GE/MO/PM – I might choose one stock from this blue chip line up, these provides high dividend. I might go with GE because i don’t want to add one more sin stock.
7. SIRI – I want to take some risk on this stock. Anticipating upcoming holiday season, merger with XM and upcoming football season.
8. Qualcomm Inc (QCOM) – one of my fav. stock and price now good for take charge. 53-50 is good entry point. Choose either Apple or QCOM.
9. AMR – Airline, risk either AMR or SIRI.

So i added 2 multinational companies with bellwether US retail and energy stock with 2 risk taker stock. I stay away from oil and defense, more US based stocks for now.

Case 3: ESPP
One of the main kicker of my portfolio is my previous 2 company’s ESPP stocks. The point to remember is, ESPP stock already discounted for 15% before delivered to us. I always invested full allowable salary deduction to ESPP stock options.

Case 4: Real Estate investment
Even though, i’m always lean towards new school thoughts, some time my dad’s old school thought also makes lot of sense. Home, sweet home, everybody should own a home. Home is not a wanted rather it is needy thing. The second home can consider as investment, if we are able to pay at least 50% down payment. Based on my research, i bought my second home at Bangalore India 3 years ago, with 100% down payment[pay as build model, ofcourse i sold all 100% ESPP, 100% mutual funds and 50% of Stock/ETFs]. My first inherit home is on my home town NagerCoil, India [I love that place]. I have no words to say the growth of India’s real estate market.

I used all 4 cases and invested $10,000 mutual funds, $25,000 stocks/ETF, and 15% of my salary to ESPP. Last 6 years, my average roi is 50-60% [excluding real estate] consistent.

At this time, i want to talk about US real estate market. US real estate market is saturated. We have lot of time to own a home here. Who is smart? Paying $2200 for mortgage [property tax + PMI + high utility cost] or paying $1100 for rent, almost same location and same space?

Enjoy, use my guide and let me know if you have any questions. I will help all of you to beat inflation and make you rich or richer [for those who are already rich] or richest (for those who are already richer!!!).

Sunday, August 03, 2008

How to make money from stock investment Part 4

Happy Friendship day. “Every person is a new door to a different world” a famous quote. So be friend with everybody, learn, enrich, and collaborate with each other peacefully and meaningfully until they prove otherwise.

Bull and Bear are one’s perspective about stock or overall market condition. Bull means full of optimism, take charge now. The bulls usually drive market to acme. Bear means cautiously optimist, don’t want to take decision now, slow down and usually drive market to nadir. For further reading

The point to remember is, we should transmute bull mode or bear mode time to time. An investor who plays always bull or always bear means he/she tend to lose money and called pig. So how to become bull or bear based on conditions? Prediction is the key element of transmute. Here are points to predict market well before to take charge or wait in sidelines.

1. Always follow bellwether company news and their announcements. For example, DOW 30 index companies are bellwether to their industry. A caveat from bellwether company means, we can sell their competitor stock without hesitant.

2. Visit, for prediction market update. Yes folks, we are living extreme capitalist era, we can buy/sell prediction also. As per prediction trade currently most of the investor’s thinks Obama becomes president and before Dec 31st US congress lift complete ban on offshore drilling.

3. Express/collaborate our predications with our friends, even though, that are foolish or utter blunder. This would help to enhance our prediction or get more pointers. For example, I expressed one prediction almost 2 years ago, when I read it again, I wrote something important and today people are talking about it.

4. There is information spread across all over place in net. Just we need to connect each point to get clear picture.

Now, I’m predicting something, at end of it, I will be bull for one stock.
Step 1:
From, it is most likely that Obama might be next president.

Step 2:
From TV talk shows, news articles, and, I know that he is against nuclear power, clean coal energy etc. He is big favor of Go Green concept.

Step 3:
From Barack Obama site, “Obama will invest $150 billion over 10 years to advance the next generation of biofuels and fuel infrastructure, accelerate the commercialization of plug-in hybrids, promote development of commercial-scale renewable energy” I think renewable energy is now Hobson’s choice.

Step 4:
Go to and search renewable energy.

Step 5:
Click on S&P Global Clean Energy Index Fund and browse top holding from main fund screen. I’m now in favor of ETF so I might stop here and try to buy some funds from ETF trading. If you want to buy a stock, please continue.

Step 6:
Click on view all holding click and see all the stocks. I like a stock ENER from the list. Because I had a position on this stock, this is solar cell manufacturing company and why buys somebody using it rather buys a manufacture.

Step 7:
Go to Yahoo and follow the tech. analysis and creation of limit orders.