Monday, September 29, 2008

NFL 4th Week Surprises and Unexpected market crash

Week 4 was interesting and Bears won at close contest against Eagles. Orton was good at first half and argus-eyed Bear’s defense played extremely good to stop Eagles for touchdown at 4th quarter. I really liked McNabb’s throw to Jackson for first Eagles touch down, it was classic throw from McNabb. It was the ball descended smoothly towards Jackson’s hand, in between two Bears, very good to watch. It would have been a different outcome if Westbrook played. But anyways it was a great come back for Bears after a heartbroken lost against Bucs.

Favre thrown 6 touch down passes and it was his career high, hard to believe that this dude didn’t thrown 6 touch down passed still yesterday, having said that he played for 17 years. But that makes sense also, because Packers always loves running game. This is what Jerricho Cotchery told to reporters after the game.

“I asked him if he had tied a career high and he said, ‘I’ve never thrown six,’ said Jerricho Cotchery, who had two TD catches. That was like the end of the conversation because I’m scratching my head, like, ‘Really? He’s never thrown six touchdown passes before?’ He played great today.”

Jets scored 56 against Cardinals, and Cardinals also scored 35, the game was full of touch downs and passing games. Total touchdowns 13 and I had both Coles and Fitzgerald in my starting fantasy football lineup, score was really a firecracker.

Bills started this season with 4-0 for first time in 16 years. Same with Cardinals, but they are now 2-2. 49ers also started very good at this time. Raider’s coach’s fate is changing day by day, as per latest news Al Davis started discussing about replacement. Rams fired their head coach because of bad season start. Packers QB Rodgers was injured but okay for next week. New England Patriots now opens to accept defeats, so this is the chance to beat Patriots badly like Dolphins did it 2 weeks ago.

As usual Cowboy’s T.O breaks after first loss, and become crazy like he did it with McNabb and Garcia. He started complaining about his QB Tony Romo. He badly needs the ball all the time, but Romo throwing balls to others, in his words competitors. Cowboys were obsessed with last year Patriot’s 16-0 record so they lost their cool after yesterday’s losing against Redskins.

Market crashed very badly, after unexpected failure of bail out plan at US Congress. Now it is really a big challenge for US economy to rebound which it would obviously but timing is really question mark. My opinion is this would be prolong, painful recession. This is good time for investment also, but it is equal to catching a falling knife, be careful and catch it correctly or it will hurt your fingers badly (Thanks to my friend in California who quoted me this pearl of wisdom when we experienced 2000-2001 recession). Lawmakers afraid that this unpopular bail out plan might hurt their re-election, thats why they voted against it.


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Confession from Stutter

Yes, I want to write about it a long time ago. I’m a light stutter (in British English, Stammer), lot of times I think it is good to be a stutter, because we don’t speak a lot and we do lot of thinking and work. Each stutter is different and unique. For me, I had great days, most of the times I’m able to talk without any interruption or block. But sometimes I would totally black-out or small blocks, mainly under stress. Based on my decade long research, here are the events or situation that makes my stutter worse, this might be helpful for those who stutter like me.

1.     Change in routine: If something got changed, that triggers some stress. For example, today I went to one place, normally in lobby they take my id and let me in, but today the front desk lady called the place where I want to go and asked about me, yes bingo!, that created some stress and made my stutter worse.With that delay, my stutter came rushing and it solid one minute for me tell for what reason i came. Tip: Forget unwanted things from memory, the issue here is still i remembered how they allowed me in last time, which is almost 4 months ago.

2.     Outright lie: If someone talking with me and making constant eye contact but tells a lie. For example, I met one of my ex-colleague in street, I asked him “how you are?” and I asked about some others and he replied back “are you not with us?” without a smile, as if he doesn't know that i left the company about 4 months ago.For me it is an outright lie, yes again that made stutter worse, the questions he asked after that I couldn’t talk. This is really a troublesome part because I feel that we have to face this issue all the time. Because people want to tell some lies because they want to avoid something or they forgot or they are under stress or we read them wrong. I think we are too much into reading them, that is, creating some issues. If we know how to cope with this? We can avoid 90% stuttering. Tip: Don’t read others and socialize more is remedy for this.

3.     Long distance calls: If some one speaks faster than us, normally this happens only with international calls. Especially India calls if other side person doesn’t know how to handle the delay and speaks faster than us, some little stuttering comes up. Tip: if someone speaks faster than you in phone, just wait for them to finish and politely tell them about delay for them to adjust. Still they are not adjusting, who cares just speak with stutter.

4.     Alcohol: For me this is worse and unbearable, but a common stereotype is most of light to medium stutter can overcome stuttering if they use a single shot but for me if I drink alcohol, my stutter would be worse for almost 24 hours, even a single 8 oz beer. Tip: Avoid too much boozing, avoid alcohol if we have next day meeting or important conference etc.

5.     Smoking: Smoking cigarettes is very good for stuttering, that is because we try to be relaxed at the time of smoking and nicotine really helps. Tip: This is like artificially looking good, don’t smoke and don’t hurt health. Communicating with stutter is not bad as smoking and then getting lung cancer.

6.     Group Discussion: For me, talking with strangers in meeting or group not at all an issue, stand up meetings not at all an issue. If we are group situation with known person is an issue with out multi media support, or until I’m clear with agenda of meeting and a favorable body languages. I’m still working on it, it may take long of time to give a tip.

7.     Bullying: In School it was an issue, adulthood we have so many option to avoid bullying. So this is not an issue.

But there are several ways to overcome stuttering including exercise, low caffeine and it is not that bad. But inferiority complex because of this issue is worst, be confident and be candid.   

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Are you ready to share?

This is what president Bush asked people today at his prime time speech. I read some where,  that capitalist don’t want to share anything with others but they want to share evenly their debt and stress with others. That’s exactly happening now in this nation. 2 top administration executives were grilled by lawmakers. Paulson and Bernanke are pressing important bail out plan to pass in Congress. Actually I think lawmakers using this time to impose more strict laws. Paulson keep on sending message to lawmakers about economy imbroglio now. But lawmakers keep on adding supererogatory regulations.

CEO pay is point of discussion now. I think CEO pay is internal to a company. Government’s intervention of top executive’s pay is not good for business, which is not even done in communist China or other socialist countries. But this time the CEO salary cap applied to bail out companies, not all.


Monday, September 22, 2008

Zig Zag Pattern

Last 5-6 days stock market pattern is zig zag, extreme roller coaster ride. This is good for day traders and retail traders. Security exchange commission banned short sell on finance stocks, which should be done soon after Lehman's constructive destruction as TSC's John Berlau put it. But this action from SEC was too late, and that itself pushing stock price down further. Today oil price spiked $25, and it was a record for oil trade. It clearly indicates that all investors are nervous and don't know how to react with this uncertainty time. Who ever sold stock on last Monday because of short seller's induce, realized about their stupidity on last Friday because market leveled on Friday. The same would repeat now this week.

Today's reaction because of Congress leader's 44 page response to Paulson's 3 page $700 Billion bail out plan. Nobody knows it is just a politics or congress want to protect tax payers. Any way congress has this week end to pass some bail out plan. For investors, 2-3 day think time is not acceptable, they want to always react negatively now, or they want to pass a bail out plan within 2 hours.

So many predictions are out there about A) when can market turn green, B) when can we see end of tunnel C) will this mild recession so far turn into great depression etc. But this point of time it is anybody's guess. I think rather than predicting something unproductive like what government does with toxic mortgage after 3 years or 1930 great depression coming etc, just allow some time to congress and senate pass bail out plan, and lets see how economy is self adjusting. I believe all hands on the deck, around the world some positive activities going on to clear this mess sooner than later.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

What to do when a wild crazy living next....

I attended one home buying workshop and one thing they mentioned is, buy a house at good neighborhood. Location, Location, Location is main. Especially next door neighbor, I have no clue how to find it and what if a good neighbor moves and wild crazy comes. I think the next door neighbor can be easily ignored and that is not at all an issue.

I had lot of bad experiences with crazy next doors. One time, I bought a lightened entrance tree to place in front of my rented town home, my next door who is irascible, knock our door and asked why did you buy this, because of us they have to buy the same. Oops…what can I do? Is it my mistake to decorate my own home? Or they don’t have money to buy it or too much envious. I don’t give damn about it, what can we do if they are impecunious.

Same happened 3 months ago, one of my friend’s friend’s friend (yea, that’s very funny to find how he got my phone number), called me and asked me that he want to rent an apartment in my apartment complex, he want to know how it was and asked millions of questions, I can sense apprehension from his sound. Ohh...gosh to rent a simple apartment why this guy was so tense? May be he is new to this area, no experience. I don’t know... but I helped him a lot and guess what, now he is living in the same apartment. Now he is very angry with me because I’m buying house as my current lease expiring with apartment.

But we can manage any neighbor but not multi marketing affiliate neighbors. I had that experience also, it was horrible. He would listen only their songs, speech, movies and day in day out, he was on the phone. Fully addicted and he won’t even speak with his wife and kids. He wants to talk with me only about money.... I want to avoid this at all cost. One day I was very close to dial 911 because of his torture.

My point is we no need to spend much time on finding who is our neighbor and how is the location and how is market and what is what what what etc….Just go and feel the place and find the school district and then go, don’t cruise too much about neighbors, you can always sell our current property and buy a new one at any time. It is not a fixed as we are not buying it for full down payment.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

2 chewing gum, 2 happy

(I should post this yesterday but due to NFL game i was not able to finish it, because my voice has been heard and now people stop selling stocks at low price)

Last 2-3 days people were extremely trepidation. Like any other average joe, I’m also loosing money from my 401K, ETF portfolio and Unit linked insurance etc. Oops…that really hurts. Guys and Gals it is not end of world, don’t press the panic button. Just have 2 chewing gum, I highly recommend Trident and chew until get tired. Just kidding…trying to be sang-froid.

I agree that bankruptcy by any company is very bad but that’s not end of everything. I think short sellers utilizing this situation to make more profit. One analyst said that this is not a usual bankruptcy like airlines, this is end of capitalist. I believe he just tries to cover up his short sell.

What happens to this market is an open secret. As usual, Fed Reserve started this mess, they started tighten interest rate to cool off inflation after 4 years. Due to series of interest rate hikes, home mortgage rate went up that obviously soften housing market and things start negatively impacted to housing market. Early days only government based banks, after strict review of loan requirements, was able to provide mortgage. So low income and bad credit history people can not get any loan but now due to market reform, any bank can give mortgage, which fuels heavy competition and various loan schemes such as adjustable rate, interest only, are created.

This high risk loans were bundled up to create mortgage based bonds and sold thru market which usually gives high yield than traditional bonds. After 5 years, this subprime and ARM interest rates went up that obviously the reason for defaults and foreclosures.

Now government’s backed off from Lehman’s bail out is showed that there are several more mess out there. Until Friday evening, nobody knows that Merrill also in trouble and AIG. There is some more negative news we have to deal with, I guess.

Even though we are very negative side of this mess, here are some positive points

1. There are millions of millions of people around the world able to find their sweet home because of this sub prime. Even though some of them filling foreclose, most of them able to keep their home, and working hard to keep up the interest rate.

2. This was the real test of market, banks and brokerage firms withstand this fall are great place to invest and get prosperous.

3. This is really a chance for us to revisit our beliefs that too much competition is good for consumers. But here both consumers and company affected a lot.

4. Inflation now becomes history and oil price coming down very faster than expected.

5. People like McCain will not buy more than 1 or 2 house, which would save some trees, it make some green concerned people happy.

As a note, it is very emotional that a company’s headquarters destroyed in Sep 11, 2001 attack but survived but not able to make it till the end.

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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Taking off again

Freddie and Fannie rescued action by government was considered as end of “tenebrous” period. The final lingering issue of Lehman also will be resolve and then we are fine. So are we learned any lesson from this episode? Are we ready for next boom cycle? This time it won’t be technology, real estate, banking, energy and transportation. What else we have now to boom? We tried all and there is nothing left for us to try and boom. But don’t be pessimist; there are still lots to do in this mysteries world.

Next big thing could be from agriculture to health care revolution. We have to feed our growing number of population and to invent more life saving medicines. Next growth, (i believe) will be for a good cause like all others, such as end poverty, reduce killer diseases etc. There are many drugs patent expire on 2010 onwards that helps other countries to produce and use the medicine, fuels some growth.

Technology side there won’t be any uplift, because technology revolution is now subsiding and what we have now is superfluous. Apple did a good thing on last event ("lets rock") that they didn’t introduce any new products, rather focused on new features and stable updates for iPod, iPhone etc. SaaS and cloud computing, Web 2.0 will continue to flourish in coming years.

From 2001 episode we learned how to not greedy about stocks, buy and sell more regularly, and 2006-2008 episode we learned how to not greedy about real estate. In future, if there is a burst that is all because of our greediness, just an admonition.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


An unforgettable date. 2,974 innocent souls died on this date at New York City. It is not an attack against U.S.A but against whole humanity, civilians more than 90 countries died on this attack by bunch of coward guys. I bought God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything book 5 days ago, but have not read it yet since I’m still reading on My father’s dream by Obama.

Is it all because of religion and god? Is that fundamentally wrong here? I don’t think so. The issue we are facing now is power struggle, human want to control other human to show off his/her strength or fame. Even though we are saying that we are human with sixth sense, some of them are still at Stone Age, in other words animals.

We will never forget this date and event.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Republican National Convention and NFL Season

Republican national convention had soggy start because of Hurricane Gustav. I felt until Sarah Palin’s electrify speech, this convention was soporific. Sarah Palin made an excellent speech and she is definitely a great leader. Her speech was packed with mordant, and yesterday McCain’s speech was comprehensive. But I don’t agree with Sarah Palin’s pitch as community organizer. She was selected for mayor post so community service is a job for her, where Obama choose to volunteer community organizer at Chicago South side. But experience wise both are count. I think now experience is out of scope.

Here best speaker award goes to Sarah Palin’s speech. It was great. The speech was specifically written to Sarah Palin, who is natural deipnosophist. But I think McCain campaign just experiment with this whole new pattern. Instead of centralizing theme, they changed the theme 180 degree within a day. McCain was talking like an independent and Sarah was talking like a pure Republican, in the middle we got confused. I don’t know whether the experiment failed or succeed. Any way, we had good conventions and this whole president selecting process was getting more interesting.

Based on my observation, Democratic party projecting themselves as representative of liberal, middle and poor people. Republican projecting as conservative, business and rich people. It is always good to have less government, less tax and more global economy. Democratic wants to provide more support to bottom level people, government sponsored health care, more tax, protective and less global economy. At same time, Republicans are against to gun control, pollution control and immigration reforms. Those are also really important to tackle now. But personally McCain did good things for immigration and pollution control. So it is really tough for American voters to select their next president at this election.

Yesterday was kick-off night for NFL season. The game was okay but not that exciting. Looking forward to watch weekend games. Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Google Chrome - First Impression

Excellent as usual a great product from Google. The most appealing features are

1. Home page dashboard.  The most visited sites and bookmarks are placed on home page as portlet. Good idea and very intuitive.

2. Each tab is a new process. As a software engineer, we need to look into details of this feature, how we are going to maintain state between different windows. Now it is something not well defined in document.

3. Speed, because of each tab is a process, different memory space, the speed is amazing. An unscientific test result, IE 7 took 22 Sec to load and Chrome took 14 sec to load. 

4. Security, as per documentation Chrome is very secured and automatically find phishing, key monitoring etc. 

5. Simple, clean and easy to use. It took me 30 secs to download installation file, 20 secs to install, 20 sec to import already existing bookmarks from IE, 2 mins to see new feature, thats it.

6. Chrome specific task manager is something everybody going to talk about it.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Travel week 14

2008 travel season comes to end on last weekend. This season was great and travel budget was very tight because of high gas price. To compensate high gas price, there was no long trips and cruise control was set at 65 MPH most of time. I think if we follow small things like cruise set, tire pressure etc, that would make lot of difference.

14 week : Starved Rock State Park
70 miles from Naperville, a must see place. Greener, Greener and Greener. There are several trails to see park overview. The one we choose was Lovers Leap, 0.7 miles trail. It was great and we can see Illinois River and Starved Rock from this view. The 45 mins boat ride also great but not highly recommended. A small museum, cafeteria also there.

13 Week : Pool Party, Hang over - No travel

12 Week : Chicago Air and water show, but no parking, watched from distance.

11 Week : Friend's Kid birthday party, Great one, at Gilbert Park. This park is really good and well maintained, basketball court, kids activity all are there.

10 week : Friend's Kid birthday party. Great one, really enjoyed, no travel.

9 week : St.Joseph Silver Beach
We attempted to come here on June, but because of cold weather, we abandon our trip. Great beach and nice photographic views. But i don't recommend unless you are very interested to swim, because there is no other activities over there.

8 week : Fishing at Plainfield Fishing Resort. This place is good for fishing, entrance fees is $9.00 and boat rental per hour $5.00.

7 week : Fishing at Shabbona Lake. Here is my post about it.

6 week : Fishing and picnic at Blackwell Forest Preserve. Beautiful place. Just 6 miles from Naperville. Great outing place for family picnic, fishing, boating, volleyball and many more.

5,4,3,2 week: No travel because of my son's soccer practice on Saturdays. Just went to Naperville river walk and Centennial beach and nearby water parks.

1 week : Indiana Duns National Park's