Friday, July 23, 2010

State of Mind

I’m very interested to explore how our brain works. Actually it was all started because i wanted to learn more about me. At the end of day, as many other mediocre mind,i too failed. No one knows what we capable of do and wants to become. The main reason for this stagnant is our state of mind. Our brain is excellent auto-pilot and once some state is set,there is very slim chance to recover from it. Here are some points to prove it.

1. A couple came from India to visit U.S.A,mainly to spent time with their grandson who was 1 year old. They used to tell him “you have to study well, you have to go foreign countries like U.S.A to make lot of money”. Actually India most of grandparents used to tell this to their grandchildren as a soap box. But the context is here(U.S.A) but their State of Mind still not changed.

2. There are more and more research suggest that the state of mind of a debt collectors are some kind of addiction.They want to chase people left and right to collect money even though people say that they have only money to feed kids. After they quit also, most of ex debt collectors continue some jobs which requires some overpower towards to other human or they bully around home with family.The state of mind fixed and hard to overcome with it.

3. It was proven again and again that women wants to get pregnant after middle age, it is very genetically fixed state of mind. At the olden days, the chances for kids dying at young age, lets say less than 15 was higher than now. Since this happen centuries after centuries,the brain of all women’s urge to get pregnant after middle age, just to have a kid after the elder one crosses 10 or so.

It was proven all ways that once mind is set then it is hard to come out. But even though the state of mind is set, how to overcome it?

1. Every thing has a destination and source point. When try to reach a destination,just use to think about destination and forget about source. For example, when i travel from my college to my home town, i just visualize about my home town to forget about my college. Once I reach my home town my state of mind complete to enjoy at my home town.Even my unconscious mind ignores college routines like late morning breakfast etc.

2. The most important thing of our life is how to separate our personal life and professional life. Actually it is not that easy to separate both because of current culture and job security. But we need to do at any cost. Just imagine we are like wearing invisible coat when we work and remove it as soon as we walk out from work place. Most of state of mind fixed based on where and what we work to pay bills and for happy life. But if we don’t know how to separate those two then we are just paying bills but not real happiness.

3. Surviving recession is hard that to, the current one is prolong and tough.Most of the state of mind set to fear. Once we our brain set to fear mode, it is hard to overcome. Instead of simply fearing and set our state of mind as negative energy, just learn how this economy's cycle works, what are the options available to survive at this hard time, and upgrade our-self to next level by learning new skills. This is really important.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Kurkure thoughts

Kurkure(a hindi word for crunchy) is hot and spicy Indian snack similar to Cheeto, my son picked up its taste when we went to india last time. The same kurkure now available in local Naperville Indian shops, so whenever he comes with me or my wife for Indian shopping,he buys it. But we noticed that he usually buys it for his sister also,he always pick up two packs to give to me or my wife whenever we are ready to check out. As usual today i went to buy some Indian spices,he accompanied with me, as usual i was ready to check out, he gave me the two kurkure packs to check out. But this time shop owner, noticed this pattern and he asked him why he always giving two packs of kurkure to me. He replied that one is for him and other one is for his sister. The shop owner praised that he said to me "see, this is very good nature, he is buying for him and his sister, very good boy,unselfish". A person who was next to me to check out expressed his opinion "he doesn't want to share his pack with his sister, which is why he is always buying for second one". I perceived that statement as a quick jump to conclusion based on a negative stereotype of kids. But as a dad i know that my daughter always likes the "Naughty Tomatoes" flavor of Kurkure but my son always likes the "Green Chutney Rajathani style" flavor and he always buy those two only and if he went the same store with my wife,sometimes she vetoed the snack shopping or allowed only one, he won't buy at all even for himself.

Actually i hate stereotypes from my heart but we are living in 'not perfect society' hence from my brain i think stereotypes are real and okay, most of us use it for various reasons. But the approach of using it is an art. We humankind evolving very fast nowadays. For example, human evolution from 1990s to 2010 is not same as 1900 to 1990. Due to technology advancements,easy access to information and industrial growth all changed the stereotype equation. So my point is,negative stereotype based on something, have to very careful before actually implement/express it. Actually if one is not good at 'abstraction concept' should not try to use negative stereotype towards other human being, it would backfire sooner rather than later. 

A prominent negative stereotype of a dominate community in Tamil Nadu,India is, they can be easily threaten to get things done.But we have to look into historically why the stereotype affixed for them.

1. They were highly depended on British companies for a salaried work. Since India was 90% agrarian community but they weren't physically fit to work in farms.
2. Those days British companies are very limited in India, hence people has to face tough competitions in order to enter a job.
3. British quickly realized this weakness and kind of exploited it cleverly.
4. Due to modernization, the income from temple,veda related income declined for them hence they highly depended on British salaried jobs for living.

Now this era, those negative stereotype can't be applied because of the evolution from those old British days to these technology days. Because now India is a free/open country, there are millions of companies, industries hence a mere salaried job is not an issue like the olden British days.