Saturday, December 29, 2007

Needs Vs Wants

The things we have to have are “needs” such as food, cloths, winter coats, a warm cozy home, transportation etc. Basically we can’t live without “some things” are “needy things”. In other side “Wants” are we can live without it such as video games, designer jeans, branded value cars etc.

Other things to consider when trying to figure out a need vs. a want:

Will this item help me get ready faster? Maybe a new electric shaving machine that works better will help you to office on time, and electric toothbrush also.

I need a new sweater for winter, but is it necessary for me to have the designer version that costs $50.00 more than another brand -– even though both will keep me warm? what about quality? if I buy a sweater for $25 which is not that quality as $33, then I need $33 one.

I need a car to get to office, but do I need a 500 HP speeds and DVD player with navigation? in other hand I need a car for my big family with DVD for my kids and navigation for better driving and some power also required.

So based on each one’s context “Want” can become “Need”. It is depends on each one’s money goals and able to spend on “Needs”

Friday, December 28, 2007

Patriots : Festival of Football.

Tomorrow it is going to be fireworks and history going to write again, after Patriots beats Giants at New York. Yes, It is almost "walking in park" for unbeaten Patriots to beat Giants team. So I'm looking forward to celebrate victory rather than watching game. This game is too hyped so we are going to watch this match in 3 channels. Tomorrow whatever channel we change during peak time going to see Tom Brady and Randy Moss faces in screen. Tom need 2 more touchdown to set record and Moss needs one more catch to set another record. We are going to see 3 records tomorrow. I believe this is first time in any team sports to break this many records. Way to go Patriots!!!

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Monday, December 24, 2007

Memorable Photos.

I bought my first digital camera in 2004, Canon's brand new model Power Shot Pro 8.0 MP. Still I'm thinking none of the latest model beats it's quality.

Here are some memorable snaps, I clicked thru my high tech camera.

Villa Olivia Ski Resort

Had lot of fun today in Villa Olivia Ski Resort,Bartlett. Very good place for kids and who want to learn ski. There snow tubing is great and my 3 and half enjoyed a lot.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Great Professionalism by ABC 7 Chicago Newscast

As always today @ 10.00PM, I switched on ABC 7 news to find local happening, Weather, and Sports updates. I’m watching this news since I moved to Chicago. Ravi is news anchor today. He is just started talking with onsite reporter about today’s wind damage, we heard a big bang sound and Ravi was shocked and screamed. We had no clue what went wrong. After that, we updated by Ravi that a mini van banged into ABC 7 studio glass doors, just 15 feet away from Ravi. But he was bounced back very quickly and started usual news cast. As per first reports, the driver of mini van intentionally did this act. If that is true, this is most in-sense act by a possible drunken driver. Please don’t drink and drive. Don’t spoil other’s holiday celebrations.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

American Foot Ball a training of Life

When I had arrived USA as first generations emigrate from India in the year 2000, I have no idea what American football was. I had seen this sports this in ESPN Indian channel couple of times and thought it is an intense, bloody game like euro rugby. But after started working in Silicon Valley, I was amazed by watching people talking about these sports in office every Monday morning and foot ball flying above my head in cubicle. I noticed that some of my team mates were upbeat from Sep first week to Feb 1st week until super bowl. This all compel me to watch this sports and my first complete football match was 2002 super bowl between Patriots Vs Rams. After Patriots won the match, I decided to watch all Patriots match and my favorite hero from that match is Adam Vinatieri because of his last minute kicking goal. Since then I continue watching football, and I learned following lessons from it which is very helpful for real life.

1. You should take risks on early part of your life. Most of the play selection in 1st and 2nd Quarters is pass play (risk selection prone to interceptions). If you score more in first half you would be better off in second half.
2. Especially last half of your life doesn’t take risks. Most of the play selection in 3rd and 4th Quarters is running play very safe and good game to pass time.
3. Always look for backup plan (Plan B) for every situations/decisions. This is very true after seeing each team’s depth chart.
4. Thrust others and give them plenty of chance to overcome there obstacles. QB throwing ball to wide receivers, even though they drop ball first couple of times. After they established correct chemistry, QB can throw ball in air, believing that his thrust worthy wide receiver will catch it at any cost.

More to come……