Tuesday, November 30, 2010

How much is too much/too much is how much

Most of times, I want a stop clock kind of tool to measure all of my activities and notify me to stop because it is too much. But in reality we can’t have that kind of clock. We are living like racing imagery highway where everyone tries to beat others to win the race. So we don’t know when to apply brake or hit speed bump. In a perfect world, we want to live with our family quietly. But again reality, we can’t do it, even we are perfectly fine, there are several elements makes our life jeopardy and again we have to hit the racing highway.

Sometimes we think that, we have all but sometimes we reverse that thought. I always wonder why the same thought process which gave us the real satisfaction of life now reversing. Why and when this can happen? Based on many researches, our brain is excellent auto pilot but why it is not setting a persistent satisfaction with our life, with our current progress, with the way we are now.

There are several elements possibly making us to urge for more and more, one of the main is numbers and comparison. I think when we convert our net of anything to numbers, we reverse our thoughts of satisfaction. But that is very obvious reason. The entire world revolving based on numbers, from the country’s GDP to Stock per earning to College tuition everything is based on numbers. If you have larger number, you are good off, you can go to great school etc. In other words, we are all perfectionist when we deal with numbers but most of us won’t admit it or they don’t realize it.

But now I’m coming to the main part of my blog, yes number is everything but there is something more for our success and our greater satisfaction, which is our ethics. My point is who ever behind a number may not possibly finish it with greater satisfaction because number is infinity but whoever has ethics may finish it with modest number and greater satisfaction. Actually ethics are joke in some culture where there common wisdom is if you follow those, you are screwed. But the point is, due to mammoth competition one may not even succeed if they are ethics in those cultures also. But as usual I strongly disagree with that wisdom, because several successful people, they are strictly following ethics with some exceptions which are unavoidable for sometimes. 

Here are some reasons why I believe most of us not ethics as others,

Strong opinions: We are all opinionated but some of us forms stronger than others. As a result, sometimes strong opinionated forms an opinion that following ethics not good for success.

Mistrust Others: Due to the strong opinions, we used to mistrust others including people who following ethics. We used to form some negativity towards success/rich people hence their ethics shadowed by those negativity. For example, Steve Job’s ethics may be shadowed by his business demeanor.

Karma: We all do mistakes in our life. It doesn’t matter that we went some wrong way during our life, all matter is can we come back and following ethics again. But most of used to treat others unethical or take comfort to not be ethical just because someone did something in past.

Going with flow: One of great and easy way of surviving technique is going with flow. However going with flow sometimes take us to deep fall. Going with flow with ethics on a peace calm river makes lot of sense rather than going with flow on a rocky unethical wildriver.

Hypocrite Case: Due to the information overload era, we can label any one as hypocrite based on any thing. For example, how many of us inspiring with Bill Gates philanthropy work because we easily labeled him monopoly and how many us inspiring with any who are breaching ethics nowadays, we used to google, turn wikipedia to find out a point against him/her to comfort ourself that we are doing right all others are hypocrite.Just think about it.

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