Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happy New Year 2011

2011 will be one of splendid year for all of us for sure. There is no way that we are going to see downward in this New Year. All set for growth and more growth all over the world.For me personally I don’t have any specific resolutions to set for 2011, part of the reason is, my current lifestyle drives (force) me to do certain things, which are, anyway my area of improvement.
  1. Since I and wife both are working same Chicago Downtown area, we are spending more quality time in commute. No need to set time for one on one.
  2. Due to the same busy schedule, time management is now precisely to seconds because if I start from home 7Hr 22mm 30ss I can beat the 3mins wait left signal to Rt 59.
  3. Almost daily swimming routine with my 7yrs old gives me the much needed refreshment and great satisfaction that I’m teaching something good to my son.
  4. Write at least 1 blog per week. I have to adjust time to write more blogs on this New Year.
2010 Flashback
  1. Visited Orlando for almost 10 days, had lot of fun with family.
  2. More time with family.
  3. 22 blogs and 2000+ twitters (most of it articles/news etc.)
Happy New Year 2011 to all….

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

How much is too much/too much is how much

Most of times, I want a stop clock kind of tool to measure all of my activities and notify me to stop because it is too much. But in reality we can’t have that kind of clock. We are living like racing imagery highway where everyone tries to beat others to win the race. So we don’t know when to apply brake or hit speed bump. In a perfect world, we want to live with our family quietly. But again reality, we can’t do it, even we are perfectly fine, there are several elements makes our life jeopardy and again we have to hit the racing highway.

Sometimes we think that, we have all but sometimes we reverse that thought. I always wonder why the same thought process which gave us the real satisfaction of life now reversing. Why and when this can happen? Based on many researches, our brain is excellent auto pilot but why it is not setting a persistent satisfaction with our life, with our current progress, with the way we are now.

There are several elements possibly making us to urge for more and more, one of the main is numbers and comparison. I think when we convert our net of anything to numbers, we reverse our thoughts of satisfaction. But that is very obvious reason. The entire world revolving based on numbers, from the country’s GDP to Stock per earning to College tuition everything is based on numbers. If you have larger number, you are good off, you can go to great school etc. In other words, we are all perfectionist when we deal with numbers but most of us won’t admit it or they don’t realize it.

But now I’m coming to the main part of my blog, yes number is everything but there is something more for our success and our greater satisfaction, which is our ethics. My point is who ever behind a number may not possibly finish it with greater satisfaction because number is infinity but whoever has ethics may finish it with modest number and greater satisfaction. Actually ethics are joke in some culture where there common wisdom is if you follow those, you are screwed. But the point is, due to mammoth competition one may not even succeed if they are ethics in those cultures also. But as usual I strongly disagree with that wisdom, because several successful people, they are strictly following ethics with some exceptions which are unavoidable for sometimes. 

Here are some reasons why I believe most of us not ethics as others,

Strong opinions: We are all opinionated but some of us forms stronger than others. As a result, sometimes strong opinionated forms an opinion that following ethics not good for success.

Mistrust Others: Due to the strong opinions, we used to mistrust others including people who following ethics. We used to form some negativity towards success/rich people hence their ethics shadowed by those negativity. For example, Steve Job’s ethics may be shadowed by his business demeanor.

Karma: We all do mistakes in our life. It doesn’t matter that we went some wrong way during our life, all matter is can we come back and following ethics again. But most of used to treat others unethical or take comfort to not be ethical just because someone did something in past.

Going with flow: One of great and easy way of surviving technique is going with flow. However going with flow sometimes take us to deep fall. Going with flow with ethics on a peace calm river makes lot of sense rather than going with flow on a rocky unethical wildriver.

Hypocrite Case: Due to the information overload era, we can label any one as hypocrite based on any thing. For example, how many of us inspiring with Bill Gates philanthropy work because we easily labeled him monopoly and how many us inspiring with any who are breaching ethics nowadays, we used to google, turn wikipedia to find out a point against him/her to comfort ourself that we are doing right all others are hypocrite.Just think about it.

Please read my previous post regarding this

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Baby On Board

Most of us, when we expecting our baby, one of the main shopping is “Baby on Board” sign and we stick it before we first time on board our new born. This is different than our other bummer sticker, those are for express our Patriotism, Sports Affiliation,Religious and Our Son's/Daughter's honor announcement. I was wondered earlier why we have to announce everyone that “Baby On Board”, which is different than others, I presumed couple of reasons, essentially for child safety.
  1. Giving an extra alertness to other drivers especially who behind us.
  2. Announcing other drivers that the car might be slower than speed limit.
But I was wrong, the main purpose of “Baby on Board” is as follows 
“alert the emergency services to the presence of an infant in the event of a crash small children are known to sometimes become trapped in foot-wells or even thrown from the vehicle in the event of crashes”

Baby on Board” is not an announcement to other drivers to slow down or stay away from us, it's for future unfortunate event, when it occur, it would notify emergency personal to look for baby. Most of new born parents used to stick it on their car. This is very basic psychology, everyone living peace of mind after they conform and insured every piece of their belonging and health and wealth. The logic is, some bad event can happen to all, if it happen, be ready, be prepared to face it, rather than living under fear of death.

But this is great contradiction with Karma based society where everyone thinks nothing bad can happen to them because they didn't commit any bad to others in this life as well as previous life. Even though it was proved again and again wrong, there are some mindset still set like they are god. Here are some things to consider before deny it.

  1. This world has changed lot since they write all religious books. For example, h1n1 were not there when they wrote it.
  2. New variety of cars on road, thanks to inflation, now 80% of people owns high power cars.
  3. Pollution unbelievably high, even scientists unable to understand what kind of virus mutates daily.
  4. Change of lifestyle and genetically modified food grains are increasing high risk of cancer.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tons of Fish or Few Liberals

Finding commonalities among two different groups/country/state people is an interesting theory forming. For example, I try to find commonalities for some Indians (mainly from Mumbai) with Americans (mainly from New York). Here are my reasoning’s to relate,
  1. Both them are financial capital of respective countries. So Mumbaikars and New Yorkers has some pride about themselves.
  2. Highly populated with brilliant metro systems. So both of them are organized.
  3. Geographically both of the cities built on bay. So both of them are beach lovers.
All those reasoning become invalid after i visited San Francisco or Boston. Because those are common stereotypes of metro cities, there is nothing special relation between Mumbai and New York.But 10 years ago I only knew about Mumbai and New York’s lifestyle since i formed the wrong perception.I had a thought of relate people of Kerala and West Bengal, two different states in India, different culture, different language and both of them are thousand miles apart but visible relations are,
  1. Obsession with communists, discussing about Marxist and other variance of communists  are common which is very uncommon in other parts of India. 
  2. Love soccer (Indians normally thinks Cricket is only sports in this planet) and excellent team players.
  3. More fascinating relation is, both of them produced more number of poets, intellects, artists, painters, movie directors, musicians, philosophers than any other state in India. I know it is just a sweeping generalizing statement but as per “comparable theory” it is valid. 
As usual i formed a theory that they love fish and fish is good food for brain since they are good literature etc.But I’m wrong again, because Kerala Brahmins won’t eat fish. Actually it is not fish or any food habits, it is the liberals who influenced Kerala and West Bengal are the reason for some relation.

In Indian context of liberals are “who fight against rigid religious practices, promote education and work towards better social economic conditions”. 

Raja Ram Mohan Roy (Bengal) :
Born on 1774 and he was one of trailblazer liberal of Indian history, he started a movement called Bramo Shaba and he influenced thoughts and minds of Bengal people. He founded a solid platform for free thinking, education and many reforms in religious front. More info

Travancore Kings (Kerala) :
One of highly liberal kings are the Travancore(which was part of majority Kerala now). More info

We can reasonably conclude that chain of liberal thinkers from Bengal and Kerala are the reason for some commonalities between this culturally distinct peoples. There are many of them were in other states but they didn't influenced that much as compare with Raja Ram Mohan Roy and his followers and Travancore Kings.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Independence Day

I’m getting excited when ever India (or any other country) celebrates Independence day because i do care about individual freedom, freedom of thoughts and freedom of everything. I started writing this blog with in my mind to compare India 1947 to India 2010. But I'm not going to do it because India grown mammoth levels in many fronts, comparing with olden times gives us frisson and repletion. When my generation(current leading generation) were kids, studying in school we didn’t imagined this much growth, that giving me nervous about how we(current generation) going to handle this unexpected or unprepared growth of India.

Indian constitution was designed to bring every one in to main stream, in other words equality and education to all and social justice, very basic socialism point of view. As far i know, the spirit of Indian constitution is not supported or instrumented for India’s growth which we are enjoying last decade. Now we need to connect the dots, that is one side an ignorant generation and other side poorly written constitution(in terms of growth). Due to this disconnect, India is facing a big time probity issue now.It is not a big issue, first of all, we need to point out, what are the impacts and reasoning of this disconnect.

Rich is getting richer and poor is getting poorer
This is global phenomena but severity of India's domain is unacceptable level. The fundamental issue, as always we don't know how to transform success of one place to other. For example, Mumbai was considered business vibrant  city even before current growth but we don't know how-to implement those success to other parts of India in a big bang scalable model. Now this generation also just following the old style model of "static localized growth". City is the only one have to grow all others are considered second class places, the mentality will backfire us sooner than later.

Lack of social thinking
As i said, we were raised to get to find and fill up food for me and my family. I don't think it was not a wrong thought process because the state of India was like that. Feeding a large family with 3 times (some) quality food and other emergency expenses are very tough. But now situation changed, we should think about others and help others. Actually when ever i say help others, people thinks that we have to send money to poor people but my point is, giving money is not a big help. What we need is educate them about their rights, right to ask information, right to ask education, right to ask government/other NGO,. All the basic rights and how-to are really important than giving them some money which eventually spend for some wrong reasons also. This generation should change their thought process of living in the old post British India days to the current new India.

Less Emotional More Logical
Since we saw the two faces of India and as i mentioned in first para, we tend to replete with our success. We try to become emotional and stop thinking about future growth. But just come out of your city or towns and visit some places just 100KM outside of your city, you can realize that how small we are and we are just starting this journey of  growth and still a long way to go. Never rest and never think that we are done, we are still $1 trillion economy.

Happy Independence Day.

Sunday, August 01, 2010


We are living some where in starting to mid-point of technology revolution, still a long way to reach ‘apogee’. But the effect of technology is enormous, from fast food ordering system to NASA Space Shuttle orbiter maneuvering controlled by technology.Every-where and  every-one depends on technology in one way or other. Just look back a decade ago, the nightmare we faced during Y2K era, we were thought world going to be standstill. But thanks to ‘Sang-Froid Debuggers’ emerges from various part of world to make our life easy by providing timely solutions. 

Whether we like it or not, since technology is immature, no bible like guide to develop code, no process (if we have one, people tend to hide behind it) the systems we develop comes with some risks. One of the main risk involves are A)Manual intervention to avoid some possible bugs B)code issues hence system acting weird when some conditions met.

The risk (A) can be mitigated easily but what about (B), to make things worse, most of time the system’s knowledge base may not even exist when some bugs appears.In my experience, there were some bugs took 12-18 months to fix it,of course from very legacy code. But i think we have to do somethings creatively to decrease process time.

Here are some steps to become Sang-Froid Debuggers(assume new developer on a old legacy system without any knowledge base around)

1. Code Psychology : 
One of the most and foremost way of finding and fixing is, understanding developer’s psychology in terms of how s/he writes code,his/her thinking pattern and his/her deviation from “standard” way. The best of doing it is by reading code from left to right, for software developers reading code is most productive than documents.

2. Team Enthusiasm : 
Next level to become ‘Sang-Froid Debuggers’ is understanding teams enthusiasm,of course we may not know until we found some design documents or some real time stories from current co-workers. First of all what i mean by team enthusiasm, (please read 2 nd para first 2-3 lines) due to that each team try to develop system different ways. Some of them very enthusiast towards open source. If that's the case, try to understand, how tightly the system integrated with open source components and start documenting each one’s known issues. Based on my experience, most of the “late hard to fix bugs” were from open source components, mainly we don’t know how to use it.

3. Raising Flags
We all want to fix bugs which are assigned to us by only us but sometimes we need help from others. It is better to ask help from others whenever we needed. I knew some horror stories like one guy took 3 months to troubleshoot an issue, he couldn’t but the other guy did it with in 3 hours. It was not because the first guy was bad, second guy experienced the same or similar issue elsewhere.

4. Early detection and prevention
If we did better work on points 1 and 2, smart developers can sense the system vulnerabilities, start documenting it and start enlighten others.Start some brainstorming for prevention of unwanted bugs from legacy system.

Friday, July 23, 2010

State of Mind

I’m very interested to explore how our brain works. Actually it was all started because i wanted to learn more about me. At the end of day, as many other mediocre mind,i too failed. No one knows what we capable of do and wants to become. The main reason for this stagnant is our state of mind. Our brain is excellent auto-pilot and once some state is set,there is very slim chance to recover from it. Here are some points to prove it.

1. A couple came from India to visit U.S.A,mainly to spent time with their grandson who was 1 year old. They used to tell him “you have to study well, you have to go foreign countries like U.S.A to make lot of money”. Actually India most of grandparents used to tell this to their grandchildren as a soap box. But the context is here(U.S.A) but their State of Mind still not changed.

2. There are more and more research suggest that the state of mind of a debt collectors are some kind of addiction.They want to chase people left and right to collect money even though people say that they have only money to feed kids. After they quit also, most of ex debt collectors continue some jobs which requires some overpower towards to other human or they bully around home with family.The state of mind fixed and hard to overcome with it.

3. It was proven again and again that women wants to get pregnant after middle age, it is very genetically fixed state of mind. At the olden days, the chances for kids dying at young age, lets say less than 15 was higher than now. Since this happen centuries after centuries,the brain of all women’s urge to get pregnant after middle age, just to have a kid after the elder one crosses 10 or so.

It was proven all ways that once mind is set then it is hard to come out. But even though the state of mind is set, how to overcome it?

1. Every thing has a destination and source point. When try to reach a destination,just use to think about destination and forget about source. For example, when i travel from my college to my home town, i just visualize about my home town to forget about my college. Once I reach my home town my state of mind complete to enjoy at my home town.Even my unconscious mind ignores college routines like late morning breakfast etc.

2. The most important thing of our life is how to separate our personal life and professional life. Actually it is not that easy to separate both because of current culture and job security. But we need to do at any cost. Just imagine we are like wearing invisible coat when we work and remove it as soon as we walk out from work place. Most of state of mind fixed based on where and what we work to pay bills and for happy life. But if we don’t know how to separate those two then we are just paying bills but not real happiness.

3. Surviving recession is hard that to, the current one is prolong and tough.Most of the state of mind set to fear. Once we our brain set to fear mode, it is hard to overcome. Instead of simply fearing and set our state of mind as negative energy, just learn how this economy's cycle works, what are the options available to survive at this hard time, and upgrade our-self to next level by learning new skills. This is really important.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Kurkure thoughts

Kurkure(a hindi word for crunchy) is hot and spicy Indian snack similar to Cheeto, my son picked up its taste when we went to india last time. The same kurkure now available in local Naperville Indian shops, so whenever he comes with me or my wife for Indian shopping,he buys it. But we noticed that he usually buys it for his sister also,he always pick up two packs to give to me or my wife whenever we are ready to check out. As usual today i went to buy some Indian spices,he accompanied with me, as usual i was ready to check out, he gave me the two kurkure packs to check out. But this time shop owner, noticed this pattern and he asked him why he always giving two packs of kurkure to me. He replied that one is for him and other one is for his sister. The shop owner praised that he said to me "see, this is very good nature, he is buying for him and his sister, very good boy,unselfish". A person who was next to me to check out expressed his opinion "he doesn't want to share his pack with his sister, which is why he is always buying for second one". I perceived that statement as a quick jump to conclusion based on a negative stereotype of kids. But as a dad i know that my daughter always likes the "Naughty Tomatoes" flavor of Kurkure but my son always likes the "Green Chutney Rajathani style" flavor and he always buy those two only and if he went the same store with my wife,sometimes she vetoed the snack shopping or allowed only one, he won't buy at all even for himself.

Actually i hate stereotypes from my heart but we are living in 'not perfect society' hence from my brain i think stereotypes are real and okay, most of us use it for various reasons. But the approach of using it is an art. We humankind evolving very fast nowadays. For example, human evolution from 1990s to 2010 is not same as 1900 to 1990. Due to technology advancements,easy access to information and industrial growth all changed the stereotype equation. So my point is,negative stereotype based on something, have to very careful before actually implement/express it. Actually if one is not good at 'abstraction concept' should not try to use negative stereotype towards other human being, it would backfire sooner rather than later. 

A prominent negative stereotype of a dominate community in Tamil Nadu,India is, they can be easily threaten to get things done.But we have to look into historically why the stereotype affixed for them.

1. They were highly depended on British companies for a salaried work. Since India was 90% agrarian community but they weren't physically fit to work in farms.
2. Those days British companies are very limited in India, hence people has to face tough competitions in order to enter a job.
3. British quickly realized this weakness and kind of exploited it cleverly.
4. Due to modernization, the income from temple,veda related income declined for them hence they highly depended on British salaried jobs for living.

Now this era, those negative stereotype can't be applied because of the evolution from those old British days to these technology days. Because now India is a free/open country, there are millions of companies, industries hence a mere salaried job is not an issue like the olden British days.

Monday, June 14, 2010

BMW Theory

A long time ago,during a fall month, a co-worker of mine parked his new 7-series BMW car under a maple tree.While we working his car made noise due to fallen leaves from the tree. It was annoying and my friend had go out several times to remove the leaves. The theory of BMW designer is, the 7-series had expensive paint coating since some bulk of fallen leaves may damage the paint coating,hence they made the alarm system very powerful and sensitive.This is exactly BMW's model, which is think ahead and set up early alarm systems.

During my school days, India we had a 'assessment system' which was partially controlled by professors who taught us the subject. The system is, 50% of assessment completely determined by professors based on several factors,open ended. Out of 100,one have to write theory for 50 marks and other 50 would be determined by professor and in order to get pass,one have to score 45. So most of students have to please professors to get good marks, literally professors were god for them. If they able to convince professors,they literally scored pass mark and theory is just for formalities. As expected, everyone hates this, but no one can ask any questions, some students even worked for professors "other means" to get high scores. But i used to musing this system, why our educators promoted this model, why we are following such a stupid model, but the answers were fascinating, i was literally cried after cracked this model.Here are my finding when i was in college.
  • Education system in Indian completely helping students, parents and potential employers an early alarm systems rather than concrete implementation of subjects.
  • If a student is unable to get high marks from his/her professors but scores high in other exams, then he/she may be a showing 'leadership' skills. He/she bold in front of authority and he/she ask questions and challenge the status quo.Great for leadership,self-employment and driving force.
  • If a student scores both low then he/she had some attitude as well as IQ issues.
  • If both high then she/he more likely going to work for a company long time,excellent worker class.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010


Usually i don't watch NHL games, mainly i used to watch football and some baseball and some basketball. Before this Stanley cup final series, i hardly watched 10-15 NHL games,thats it. But why now i and many others are watching and supporting Chicago Blackhawks to win? Why families across Chicago land in front of TV at game time? Why we are discussing with spouse/friends/co-workers about hockey? It is called "Spirit of time".Even-though something not internally related to us but externally related to the place we live or related to our friends or related to our co-workers makes some excitement within us, just to cheer up, just to participate,just to explore,just to learn more. This seems to us a small thing but it is how we grow as good human being from our first day at earth to still now. We make history,we make some marvelous things all because of the unique nature of good human being,that is,enjoys spirit of time.

The companies started by human like us, they invested their time and resource to grow further. One point of time they completely rely on other people who are not related to anything with company's startup but how come they work for the company to take it to next level? The most of answer is there at first paragraph,which is they make sure to create a spirit with in company and expecting most of us participate,explore,learn from it, in other words enjoys the spirit of time. Just imagine, can all the top level management officials can see each and everything of day by day activity or micromanage each one us, simply they can't do,that is highly impossible. But they set the tone, set the overall companies future from their mindset hoping we all participate,explore,learn from it.

Unfortunately, all of us aren't made from same mold, if one can't understand overall spirit or don't know how to enjoy,here are some points to consider without becoming dead weight but still contribute something,

1. Don't substitute yours own spirit to your team.Every one knows what company's and yours.
2. Don't understand how to participate, step aside but don't discourage who really enjoys it.
3. Don't expect more than your compensation to explore more to enjoy the spirit of time.
4. It is okay to not to learn anything but don't stop other's curiosity if it inline with spirit of time.

Friday, June 04, 2010

17th Hour

The most important hour in our daily life is the 17th hour,which is, when we close our eye,of course for sleep(assume our biological clock starts as soon as we wake up). We all work hard for 8 hours per day and other 8 hours for eating,commutes,family time,TV,reading, so 17th hour is our first very private hour(most of the days). The 17th hour should be used for something productive, something creative and something to remember. When i was kid one of my school teacher told us to use the hour to run through your day abstractly to find what went wrong and what went right to improve our day by day life. I couldn't practice it consistently because it was easy to tell but hard to implement.But i believe that was a wonderful idea and great tool for self improvement and improve better decision making, moreover improves our abstract thinking.

Actually i told this same topic to a friend of mine 3-4 years ago, he argued that if you are president of country or prime minister then you can exercise this kind of routines, we ordinary human doesn't need this. But we ordinary human definitely need this because we are living a very dynamic world where from president of country to average joe are in same boat. An Average Joe under pressure now because

a)easy money flow become more free lunch.
b)people become very selfish(in a positive way),no one now has time to correct mistake of others.
c)world become flat and a common man now dine at New York,breakfast at Paris and Lunch at New Delhi.
d)technology become very sophisticated,start taking its toll to replace human's repeating job.
e)smart people now start talking about giving life to all things(internet of thing)

So the power of 15 mins thinking at 17th hour is become very crucial. If we do, the benefits are

a) The oil spill could be averted if someone from BP,just spent 15 mins of their 17th hour by thinking about the negative impact of an accident.
b) We don't discuss about Moody's AAA rating of mortgage based securities, if we spent 15 mins of our 17th hour by thinking the abstraction connection of 2000-2001 stock market collapse.
c) We don't need worry about today's things because it was already planned and already put some thought process last year at our 17th hour thinking.

We don't need to be a genius or thinking required any things or meditation or brain power, all we need is some time before diving into sleep.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ethics-My 0.02

There were 2 incidents, which i won't forget my rest of life from my school days. 1) My stunt of dropout from 3rd grade to favor of work in a cattle (just kidding) 2) one of my classmate burnt my other classmate's books in order to beat him to get top rank. The class rooms across india were literally considered next to religious places, there was no 'drought' of ethics preach, even then my classmate acted unethical way to beat competition. I wondering sometimes why some become unethical but some follows ethical even though they all came from similar society set up and same level schooling etc. The rewards and recognitions also some times shows soft corner to some one plays unethical way, for example, the classmate who burnt other's book did manage to get top rank.

I think ethics is blanket term, we can't expect one have to follow open ended ethics rather we have to define ethics based on context and business success. For example, a car shop may not expect their sales man have to follow 100% ethics including telling lie is big unethical, but they can follow zero tolerance towards a sales man who stolen car parts. Just imagine, Bob joined car shop but he has ethics that he won't tell lie (assume the job paying good salary, he lives next to the car shop blah blah so he joined but one disadvantage is in car sales he have to tell lies). Here are some ideas to Bob to succeed in his career.

1. Identify the moments where a sales man have to lie more - Ask help from co- worker to fill up the gap. When customers ready to close the deal is, most anxious moment and they ask lot of "silly" questions which may need some lies, ask some one to answer those questions.

2. Frankly tell customers about your ethics principles, who knows most of the customers liked your honest and they want to work with a honest sales man.

3. Be with the flow, read more information about cars, some times you have to tell lie because you don't know the answers. Customers won't like the answers, "i will get back to you" or "i don't know". The information and depth to details is key to avoid unnecessary lies.

4. Join with likely minded co-workers even though it is hard to find 100% true speaking sales man, but the close you get is better you be friend with. The point is, never feel left alone.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Spill BP Spill

The System
As an immigrate from socialist dominate country, U.S's capitalist system is blessing for us. There won't be any regulations or permission to start business in this country, all you need is bright idea and investment. The world class businesses were started by trailblazers in U.S, who otherwise feel shy or hate to ask permission for each and everything from government or impatient with bureaucracy. For example, in India very well educated bright college graduates immigrates to U.S for the same reason, learn, start business and prosper more and more, which was nearly impossible in India or China and most of far eastern countries. The system worked very well until 2000 after that we had several issues and now U.S government running manufacturing companies to financial companies to now providing brain to stop the spill which caused by an oil giant who made $14 Billion profit last year.

The System - Overdosed
I think fundamentally we are having an overdose of Capitalism, or other words private governed society. All the methods/systems has flaws, none of them are perfect, but the problem with U.S is, there is no one available to point them or direct them to right path. When communists were overdosed themselves, U.S started war against them, they are critic to several country's system, economic improvement, imposed tough rules who played the game wrongfully, everything analysed carefully as outsiders but who is outsider for U.S to make them to go right direction. No one as of now. Can internal readjustment tools operate to self-correct them? Possibly but not certainly unless some big push from all level.

The System - Issues
Current system in nutshell, Any one can start business, they can create any innovative products, they can sell it and make profit of it. For some businesses they have to get permission from government but those are only for papers. One company asking permission to drill at 5000 feet below sea level but they don't have a research and development group within their organization. They not even passes a basic eligibility to drill at high risk places. How come government allow them first place is basic question? When we try to get U.S.A immigration visa, there would be around 50-60 questions related to our background and educations and skills but once we reach here, want to drill something in gulf, no questions asked all we need is, some pipe and punch of drilling machine ( pun intended ).

The System - Future
We don't need a totalitarian government to govern all aspect of business now, if we do, our business openness glory would be endanger. All we need is,
1. some proactive findings about business's motive
2. possible risks awareness
3. challenge businesses consistently with their new innovation products.
4. create a risk mitigate plan with business.
5. promote sharing mentality with in business, for example, ExxonMobile has world class R&D team and solid technology to stop spills.
6. recognize players who plays based on rule and award them, possible tax breaks.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Scatter of Sun Rays

There are millions or may be billions of things happening when Sun rays enters atmosphere, mainly scattering of rays. The scatter producing band of colors and so on. I'm not going to concentrate on physics involving scattering, reflection and radiation from Sun here. But i started thinking about what it teaches us, why scattering, why various color formed, what nature is trying to tell us? why can't sun rays directly comes to earth...but all these happenings is to teach us something, we have to understand the nature. The nature is the best source to induce our curiosity to thrive, to learn more.

When we start thinking of something, our thought process should scatter like sun rays, we have to cut across various corners. There is definitely no one solution for one problem and one problem can't be solved by one solution either. We do flow chart to solve complicated business solutions, can i compare it with scatter of sun rays? I think, yes i can, a starting point and then it divided into various complexities, and each one then flow through until it ends. We all are starting from a point, we are here at various places, with different career paths, at different locations, but our end is going to be same. Some of them are lucky enough to be born at good place, good education, and good life but not all of them have the same, during the flow of our life we have to cross borders, take risks, make some wild assumptions, make some mistakes, learn lessons and move on.

We are all think the same way that's human nature, but some of them think like the scatter of Sun rays, they are scholars, think tanks and extraordinary humans. Some problems can be solved by human, most of the people in this world. Most of the problems should be solved by those extraordinary humans, in other words, who thinks like scatter of sun rays, multi-dimensional thinkers, able to generate millions of possibilities, apply the solutions based on the interest of others. The immigration issues now in Arizona clearly a problem to be solved by them, who think like scatter of sun rays, not by people of Arizona who think like direct light from sun.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Return on Subscription

Return on investment is most obsessive term in business world. Everyone and every where business managers develops return on investment strategy to win their ideas from top management. It make lot of sense for decision makers,venture capitalists and investment gurus, they need to know what they are investing, how much, what are their return and so on.

Here is an interesting story,a divisional manager at India's well known BPO organization,they are working for a famous telemarketing company based on U.S. Their main job is to call as many as U.S customers to tell them about various new products. Their performance is measured by how many calls they made for any given day. The manager noticed that one side(West facing) of office employes making more phone call than other side(East facing). Both the sides has same level of people, their skills and everything matched but East facing side of employes make less call than West facing side. After several rounds of research, my friend found that there is big clock on the side of high productive employees side, so he decides to buy a clock at other side also.

He wrote an email to top management to ask permission to buy a clock which costs approximately Rs 1000/- ($20). But the decision maker asked him what are the ROI points to spend money for a clock now? All he knows is, there is something with the clock that makes the difference but he doesn't know the reasons. So he dropped the plan but he hired a contractor to monitor carefully on both side of the employees. He set a date to submit the report stragery. Finally the contractor submitted the report, which has many knee jerk reaction findings. intitution

1. Most of the employees of the firm are young and they don't have habit of wearing a watch.
2. All PCs in the firm are set as U.S Eastern time,hence the employees rely on the clock to find local Indian time.
3. The low productive side employees since they don't have a clock at their side, they always uses their mobile to check the time.
4. When they check the time,they are also noticing some text messages and some missed calls.
5. They are spending some time with texting back and call back to missed calls before getting to work.

The divisional manager was happy that his intuition was perfect but he spent Rs 10,000 (~$200) to find out reasons for Return on Investment.Now he sent the email with his ROI points to buy the clock, within 5 mins he got the permission to buy the clock.

The above story is the reality that we are facing nowadays, if we want to know ROI for each and everything,we might end up spending more. But business world is not going to change any time soon. Now we are at level 3 of Return on Investment, that is Return on Subscription. What is ROS? I subscribed for WSJ for last 5 years, how do i measure my return on my subscription? Is it valid for me to find return on a service? I googled the term ROS and Return on Subscription but none were returned useful information. I thought then ROS is already measured within ROI so ROS is a nut idea.But after several thinking and reading i think i'm right, we have to measure our return of our subscription.

For example, i'm a big fan of Quicken Software , I spend yearly $70 to upgrade to next version. How do i measure my ROS for this? My thinking is, i carefully review Quicken software's feature sets, Are they providing me more and more features on each upgrade? When i bought my first Quicken on 2002 it doesn't support online transaction download, now it provides it since i feel very satisfied with my upgrades. But they didn't change anything core within software. The service and purpose remains the same but more and more features on each release made me justify my subscription. What if they didn't provide any features on each release, because Quicken 2002 is more than enough to manage my home,personal expense, why they bother about spending their resource to upgrade Quicken on every release. As i said, Return on Subscription is real, customers always checks it and if there is no upgrade, there is no sale, no profit.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Morrison Estate

Morrison Estate is a beautiful, southern Western Ghats mountainous based, 199 acres estate. The estate is in 2500 ft above sea level, and it was developed by an Englishman James Morrison when Britain ruled India. After India's independence, James sold the estate to Verghese Kurien, a local entrepreneur, since then Kurien family solely owned the estate. All the Southern estates are same, home of tea, rubber plants and some rare spices like cinnamon. But Morrison estate was pioneer to all other estates, Morrison taught all “how tos” to local farmers including special irrigation techniques and how to sell it through various markets. So the locals always has gratitude to Morrison even though they sold the estate 50 years ago. They named the road after Morrison which leads to estate from town.

The current owner of Morrison estate is Sebastian Kurien, grandson of Verghese Kurien, who is retired professor and ex serviceman. He started his career with Indian Army as solider and studied his masters while in service, after completing army service, he became professor at local college. He is an honest man, after retirement he decided to spend most of his time in estate home, which was built by Morrison, a beautiful castle styled home. Even though his family insisted him to stay in town, he refused to do so. One of the main reasons is town pollution, unbearable noise, law and order. Kurien always want to be with his wife and relatives, friends but his compulsive straightforwardness keeps him away from town.

Kurien was right because the town is ridden by ideology driven politicians. Some times there were as many as 5 meetings at same location, the sound from loud speaker are unbearable to any one living in the town. Irony is, same ideology but different flavors also yell at each other and fight with each other. For example, at the national level a right ideology driven party decided to split their party for better management, they created a small fraction for students, one for labors, and one for hardcore religious. But Kurien’s town people didn’t know the management’s intention but fought with each other, even though they are all belong to one party technically but politically not, then just imagine, the situation between different ideologies. Kurien knows it all very well, sometimes he himself stops some party meeting to ask this kind of questions, obviously they don’t like and Kurien gets into some troubles later.

Kurien’s schedule was very well planned, he left home at early morning on Monday to estate, stayed there until Friday. Friday evening he starts from estate to home. His Saturday mainly with account settling, deposit money in banking, his Sunday with Church going. Kurien’s wife happy by seeing his peaceful mind after his stay away from home, but her only worrisome is forest animals. Kurien’s human interaction in estate is local indigenous people who are still decided to live in forest. They have some special respect to Kurien because he is the first one to introduce them the "Indian constitution’s affirmation policy for indigenous people". Many people from the indigenous group benefited from those affirmation actions. Most of them left the forest to settle down in town since they got good education and job. But for some, they don’t want to leave the forest since they emotionally attached and they think that they belong to forest. Most of the indigenous people now employees for the estate, but now due to depopulation, Kurien and other local estate owners employ people from town. The farming business is not much popular as before. Kurien decided to cut the farming land by at least 50% because of rising labor cost and other logistical issues.

The work week for Kurien started as usual, he bought many items from town for indigenous people. They always give a list of items required from town with Kurien, he buys all of them. Sathaiappan showed up around noon, Sathaiappan is leader of the local indigenous people.

“Good Afternoon, Professor, How are you? “ Sathaiappan started with his usual greeting.

“Afternoon, Sathaiappan, I’m fine” Professor replied.

“Sir, be careful, I heard from my boys that 2 leopard on loose in this area, double check the estate gate before dusk”, Sathaiappan showed up whenever there is a news like this and Kurien knows it. Kurien acknowledged it. But Sathaiappan’s visit has more intention than his usual warning messages.

Sathaiappan continued “Sir, my son’s marriage scheduled at town on next month. I’m planning to take all of our people to there. What do you think? “Kurien little shocked because some of them are in forest since their birth, they can not manage in town for even one day. Sathaiappan said “Sir, as you know my son now working in town, he is going to marry town based girl, they are very adamant to keep the marriage in town, I got some worries that how my people can manage out there? How can town people behave to us? I’m kind of confused”.

Kurien also thinking in same way as Sathaiappan, but Kurien encouraged him “Sathaiappan, your people have to come out of forest to join with our main stream, why don’t you take this as chance to introduce town life style to your people, may be they encourage their kids to go school and may some more people even adopt town life style”. Even though Kurien encouraged Sathaiappan to take all of his people to town, he is little hesitant and doubtful, Kurien sees lot of risks like their clothes, food and other habits might trigger friction between them and town people. In order to mitigate the risk, Kurien advised Sathaiappan that “Sathaiappan, please ask your people to dress like town people, ask them to learn town style, some haircut also okay, learn some basic town style language, I can help you, no issues”

Sathaiappan is very happy with Kurien’s advice, he left the place. But Kurien instinct tells something wrong with the plan. Kurien called his home to inquire about whether any meeting or procession planned on the day when Sathaiappan’s son marriage date, his wife confirmed that there are 36 meetings and 15 procession planned already but still 30 more days to go.Kurien now has moral obligation to train indigenous people to get to know about town life style as much as possible. They all also willing to learn some basics.

Sathaiappan’s son marriage date came, all people from forest ready to go town to attend the marriage. Kurien’s plan is to take all of them in two buses. Sathaiappan very thankful to Kurien. The journey would take 3 hours from estate to town,Kurien followed the bus in his jeep. Since it is early morning, the travel is fast and they reached marriage hall on time. After marriage all are ready to go back to forest, now this time town is busy with meetings and processions are getting ready. The bus struck in traffic, people started noticing some unfamiliar and different faces in bus. Kurien prayed god to clear traffic to move fast. By the time there was a big party’s procession coming towards them, police getting ready to control them. Some one from procession start throwing stone towards police. The place became war zone within 20-25 minutes. People starting to scatter from the fight between police and party men which grown out of control. The innocent indigenous people also coming out of bus to save their life. The mob set fire on first bus but no body is in there. Some one from mob shouted to indigenous people that "hey, kill this guys they never vote for us". Even though the indigenous people looking like a town people, the political party mob identified them. The mob got some indigenous people and start beating them. Kurien used his force to separate the innocent people from mob, by the time some one from mob stab Kurien from back. Kurien looks back and noticed he is his ex student.

After all violence, police rescued all indigenous people and took them to forest safely. But 3 of them died in violence. Kurien is admitted in the hospital but his health deteriorates day by day, as wound is not the problem, his mental pain creates more damage, after 5 days in hospital Kurien dies.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Adventures of a Genius Boy from 3rd world country

Chennai, 1958
The Harvard University's invitation letter was placed on University Of Madras's Dean's room table, where dean Senthinathan and Krishnan sitting facing each other. Dean started "See Krishnan, I submitted your thesis paper to Harvard university because i thought your research well deserved to be continue, it is not a easy one to experimentally prove Bose-Einstein condensate theory. You have done a marvelous job here. I want you to continue the experiment at Harvard". Dean looked at Krishnan's face, he noticed some hesitant from his face. Dean continued "You are only 4th person from our university to pursue research in Harvard with full scholarship. Don't waste this golden opportunity".

Krishnan was a genius guy, he was brought up in Srirangam, which is about 300 KM south from Madras. Until his age 10, he was home schooled, after 10 he got admitted to direct 9th grade as he was a bright and super intelligent boy. After completing his Bachelor degree in Physics, he went to Madras to pursue his masters and Ph.D. He took very complex "how to experiment Bose-Einstein condensate theory" for his research. Now his thesis was liked by Harvard so they sent the invitation for him to continue the research and experiments. Krishnan took some time to think about it, and finally he accepted the offer. The voyage to U.S.A was tough at those times. First Krishnan had to travel Madras to Calcutta by train and Calcutta to London by ship and finally trans Atlantic from London to New York. Krishnan started his journey to Calcutta.

The letter came as thunder to Nammalwar (Nam-mal-War) family, they came to know about Krishnan's U.S.A travel only by his final letter from Madras, which he posted just before starting to Calcutta. Krishnan did not inform his family about his U.S.A travel because he knew that getting consensus from them was really cumbersome. Those days who are bound to U.S.A from India, especially from Southern States was considered as death. Because India was a 3rd world country, no telephone, no communication and letters were took 6 months to reach those places. Basically once they left country, there will not be any short of communications.

Nammalwar shocked and sat on floor as he holding the letter and screamed "Meenal, we lost our son...oh my god what can i do now?". Meenal joined with him and other kids also joined. Their cry rattled the street, everyone from street were in front of Naammalwar's home. The major worrisome of Nammalwar was about the marriage between Krishnan and his Sister's daughter Vasantha. His plan was to make Krishnan a professor at local college and stay with in his reach, he want to see his grand children and so on. But man proposed god deposed.

Vasantha's mom and dad also joined with Nammalwar to console the family with many other relatives and friends.Parthasarathi a close friend of Nammalwar started "Alwar, be strong, the 3rd street Gopal's son also went to foreign country, see how they are managing". Vasantha quickly interrupted "Uncle, he went to Bombay which is part of India". Vasantha internally happy with latest developments, because she was not ready for marriage, her age was only 16 and she want to study more like Krishnan. Moreover she sees Krishnan as role model not husband. Vasantha's mom yelled at her "Vasantha. please go inside, don't interrupt grown man's discussions". Nammalwar said "Partha, I'm much worried about Vasantha, who is going to marry her, we started telling about Vasantha for Krishnan since her birth". The state of Krishnan's home was not good, everyone offered some opinions and their experiences with same situation at distant relatives or close friend's sons.

En route to London,1958
Krishnan took his second class cabin from Calcutta, after initial sea sick and motion sickness, the voyage was smooth. The ship was filled with Doctors, Engineers, mass migrates and some research fellow like Krishnan. All were en route to U.S.A or various European countries after reaching London. Their major mistake was they were born as super intelligent in a 3rd world country hence they have to travel far away places to fulfill their dreams or to just work in their mastered field.

They kill their time by exchanging books between them, each one become good friends and shared about their experiences. One morning, Krishnan started feeling pain and became very tried. His temperature went high, as per ship policy they have to quarantine high fever persons from general passengers if he/she from 3rd world country since malaria fear. Since Krishnan's fever didn't come down in a specified time, hence the ship guards rushed to his cabin. "Sir, we afraid that we have to quarantine since your temperature is high". Krishnan replied "can i ask a n board doctor to check my vital signs before we proceed". The same guard said "No sir, here we don't have any doctors or lab facility, since you are from 3rd world country we have to do this procedure". Krishnan got angry and shouted "what is going on here? are we human or what? i need a doctor and lab test to confirm my malaria? then only i would go to quarantine room...". The guards left the place since co-passengers also agreed with Krishnan. After some time, more guards showed up with some one who appeared higher official, the official said "Mister, this is our ship policy, you have to co-operate with us, otherwise we have to arrest you". This time Krishnan had no other way but go to a separate room.

The room was 8X8 small cabin, food and all other necessities would be provided on time, but Krishnan should not come out of the room until it reaches London. There a doctor would come to the ship and test him, after doctor gives his clearance certificate, Krishnan can come out of ship. The voyage still had 1 month to go, even though Krishnan's fever had gone and he was completely normal, he had to stay at the small room due to the 100 years old policy. Those olden 19th century times doctors were rare, since they did not employ one at ship, but what about now at this 1958, Krishnan started thinking about all those things.

Harvard, 1960
Krishnan completed his thesis with his fellow scientist Tracy, they decided to marry to start their family life. Krishnan got a job at GE but he refused it since he want to stay with educational. He took a professor job at University of Texas. Tracy happily backed him, they both started working at University of Texas. In the mean time, Krishnan exchanged 3 letters with his family back in India. Nammalwar's last letter was a bitter one since he decided to marry an American. Nammalwar wrote that they forgot a son they had in this life. Krishnan had no other choice to take it lightly, but he thought they would be fine after some time.

Houston, 1973
Now Krishnan had 2 kids, one boy and girl. He was very much settled in U.S.A. He became part of many million immigrates who represented the great nation of India. This doctors, engineers and scientists were main reason for demolishing the negative stereotypes of India as well as many other 3rd world countries. Krishnan didn't go to India since he left in 1958. Because he didn't want to go through the ship voyage, moreover he did not want to take 1 year vacation, which includes 6 months of travel. But Tracy insisted him to made a trip to India, because now there was a flight service started from London to Bombay, which was well affordable. After nearly 13 years, Krishnan wrote a letter to his father.


Nammalwar received the letter with detailed travel plan from Krishnan, even though he was angry with him, he always remembered him time to time. After some point of time, Nammalwar realized that we have to go towards opportunities, the opportunities will not come towards to you. Nammalwar family was jubilant with Krishnan's home coming after nearly 15 years. They started all the planning and ordered new cloths, repaint home. But they realized that their daughter in law was an American, so how to readjust for her. So they decided to change home, installed western toilets and many more things.

The day came for Krishnan's plane landing at Madras, all were expecting, how Krishnan must have forgotten Tamil and Indian culture and his wife might not like them. But Krishnan and Tracy landed wearing traditional dhoti & saree and Krishnan opens his mouth with pure Tamil "Appa(father), Amma(mother)".

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

OMG,You Screwed Up

The day was perfect for Marion to meditate for million dollars from God as usual. Marion doing this ritual for last 50 years since he was 4 years old. He usually wakes up at 5.00 AM, after his usual matutinal duties, he sits in front of god to meditate for money. The mantra is "Please, God, come in front of me to give million dollars". As of today, he had meditated almost 3 billion times, God became impatient, God decided to show up in front of him. First Marion was surprised that God was very simple and clean shaved, god looks very young.

God said "Son, I was watching and listening your mantra since you started 50 years ago, I was very impressed with your determination" and continued "do you know that you spent exactly 1,000,000 minutes for the meditation and if you use those time for other job like milk/paper distribution and invested in even municipal bonds, you would have made 1 million already".

God was little tired, god asked some water, Marion gave water. After drinking water God continued "Anyway you begged me, I’m here to help you but some string attached". Marion was very happy with God’s encomium, he is now expecting something bigger from God. God said "Son, I will give you a suitcase which is filled with diamonds, each one costs more than 1 million,total worth of all the diamonds is more than 1 billion but you have to satisfy one condition for me, if you do, you can take all the diamonds".

Marion became very tensed, God continued " the condition is, you have to give this suitcase to someone you know, they have to keep the suitcase for 3 days in their possession, if they try to open or steal it the deal breaks, whenever they try to open or steal it you will get text message, only opening has no issues but stealing is unacceptable, you then take the suitcase from them and give to other, you can rotate to 3 persons, if all 3 persons do fail, you won’t get this suitcase, when giving to them you have to disclose all the details about this suitcase but you should not tell that I gave you, and you should not give the suitcase to person who’s age is below 18" Marion is very happy that this is the dumbest condition, he thinks that he can satisfy God’s condition very easily.

God took his mobile number and suddenly become invisible. Marion is very happy that he is going to own 1 billion very soon.

Swami(Priest) Shakalakalavallavan(Shak)

Marion knows Shak for more than 25 years. Shak lives in a hut and eats only raw vegetable. Shak claims that God directly speaks with him daily.He offered many solutions to some of his followers. Marion was one of his hardcore followers. As soon as, God told all conditions, Marion starts thinking about Shak. Because Shak is a priest, he has no wife, kids, no bad habits, he even didn’t get money from followers for his spiritual services. He even doesn’t know how a 100 dollar bill looks like. Marion decided to give the suitcase to Shak. Marion meets Shak and said "Swamiji, I have something for you to keep, it is a suitcase full of diamonds, worth more than 1 billion, I want you to keep this for 3 days. Shak opens his eyes said "Kid, I don’t know what you meant by 1 billion, is it weight of the diamonds? You can keep it in my personal room, I will take care for you,pukka". Marion is very happy and left the suitcase in Swamiji’s room.

First 2 days no text messages, Marion started thinking about how he wants to spend that 1 billion dollar. He wants to buy a shoe immediately since his shoe become very old, want to buy a house in Hawaii, Florida and buy a diamond nickels for his wife. His day dreaming stopped when he got text that suitcase was open, and then followed by stealing text. Marion was shocked and rushed to Swamiji’s hut.

As per design, whenever someone try to open the suitcase and touches the diamond, they become paralyzed, they can’t move until they see Marion. Swami’s hand is stuck in suitcase until Marion showed up in his room. Marion asked "Swamiji, you try to steal the diamonds, why swamiji, why?". Swamiji cried that "sorry my son, I was little disturbed with huge money, how many more days I’m going to spend in this hut, I also want to buy a private island to mediate peacefully". Marion took the suitcase and left the place.

Businessman Boughut

Marion’s one of close friend is Boughut, he is one of the top world’s richest person. As per latest Forbes, his rank is 10th. Marion now thinks that if he gives the suitcase to richest man, his suitcase will be safe because Boughut already owns 300 billion dollars, he will not try to steal from this suitcase. Marion got the appointment to meet Bought, he explained all to Boughut. Boughut said "See Marion, I don’t have time to open this suitcase, I travel all over world, I might forget this conversation because I have so much to do, so little time, I will keep this for you 3 days, 1 billion is like 100 dollars for me,you know" Marion again becomes confident that he will own the suitcase.

As soon as Marion came out of the meeting he enters bathroom, he just opened his pants zip he got first text that the suitcase was opened, even before he completes pee, he got second message that diamond are about to be stolen. Marion ran to Boughut office. Boughut explained that "see Marion, the difference between me and my next richest man is only 50 million, you see my company stock also dent now, to make those 50 million I try to steal 50 diamonds, sorry, You know slipping from 10th rank to 11th rank is soo hard". Marion now very saddened, Boughut's greediness bollixed up the deal between him and God.He takes the suitcase and left Boughut’s office.

Prof. Paratha

Prof Paratha is Marion’s classmate and roommate. Both of them are thickest friends. Prof. Paratha dedicated his entire life to researching Aliens and UFOs. One time Prof. Paratha absconded from University and claimed that he was abducted by Aliens. But he went to Arizona desert to hide under bunkers because he got a credible message from outer space that aliens preparing to attack human immediately.

Marion now thinks that Prof. Paratha is the only resort to keep the suitcase because academics would not follow money like spiritual or businessman. Marion meets Prof. Paratha explains all about suitcase and diamonds. Prof. Paratha said, "Marion, don’t worry, I will not even touch the suitcase, you can keep it in my lab".

Marion comes out the university campus with renewed hope that he will own all diamonds. This time Marion didn’t get text messages 2 days. Marion starts ordering his shoe, his wife’s necklace, and some emails to Hawaii realtor. 3rd day came and time passes by, Marion is holding his breath. But he got first open text message and followed by steal message. Prof. Paratha disappointed he couldn’t even see Marion eye to eye, but he insisted that "I didn’t steal any diamonds, but I was very curious to see whether this diamonds came from other space, usually earth based diamonds won’t weigh this much you know".

The suitcase became invisible with in seconds, and a text message come from God to Marion which simply stated "OMG, you screwed up".

Monday, February 08, 2010

The dance of Cobra

Sajo determined to take revenge on the 3 men who she believed the reason for her husband’s suicide. Sajo and Mitch loved each other very much. Mitch was overly ambitious man with countless of fantasy. He started many ventures but all went under water. Sajo was with him for all ups and downs, she encouraged him for all sad events and she completely, insanely love with him. Mitch turned his corner when he met 3 of his old friends, Shamu, Andy and John. The 3 men were successful with their joint business for last 3 years, they need one more partner to grow the business better. They need some money with mainly ambitious one. Mitch was the greatest fit for them. He had some money from his inheritance estate money and he obviously ambitious. Mitch joined with them and business boomed after his hard work and some invaluable advices.

One morning Sajo found Mitch was lying down in bathroom with lot of blood,he was almost moribund. Apparently Mitch cut his vein himself, Sajo called ambulance but Mitch died on the way to hospital. Sajo became mentally disturbed after the incident, she simple could not forget the love with Mitch. She became monomaniac with Mitch’s death. She thinks that Mitch died because of financial strain caused by his other 3 partners. There was no evident to that, but she strongly believes that. Because she checked his bank balance it was very low, no balance in business, investment account either. She went to his partners, and they simply showed empty hand, they claimed that Mitch took all of his money and profits. They said he had to pay back some money to firm which he took as loan.Sajo abstruse to Mitch’s intention of more money. Sajo decided to take revenge, she has a plan to do it also. Her first target is Shamu.

Dance at Old Tavern
Shamu usually drinks at Old Tavern. He usually goes there at 9.00PM on all Fridays. Tavern reserved a table, he usually drinks 2 cocktails. His cocktail would be ready by 8.00PM and placed it in table. The cocktail he drinks is “Fireoneverest”. The special cocktail is only available at some tavern in city. The cocktail first filled with ice water, vodka, whisky, mango juice and then orange juice. After one hour all drinks separated based on density, first mango juice, whisky, orange juice, vodka and then ice water. The drinks give a different taste and hotness based on which one drinks. Shamu likes it. Sajo knows it. Sajo enters at tavern exactly at 7.30PM, her plan was, sit in front of Shamu’s reserved table, talk with Shamu for sometime, after he finishes first drink, he usually goes to bathroom, at that time poison the second one and leave the place. Shamu arrived at tavern exactly 8:55PM.

Shamu scanned all around the place and noticed Sajo. He smiled at her and waved her. Sajo went to his table.

“Hello, Shamu, how you been?” Sajo asked,

“Fine, how you been? And how are you holding up with Mitch’s loss?” he replied. Sajo said “going on good, holding up but his death unforgettable for me”.

Shamu noticed that she is about to cry, he try to provide some solace her “if you want to work for our firm, you are always welcome to, you know some change may help to forget Mitch and to start new life”.

Sajo grudges inside that “you want me to die also, you sucker!!! You’re life also going to end very end”. Shamu completes his first drinks and excuse himself for man’s room break. By the time, Sajo added the poison. Shamu comes back and started drinks the second one. Sajo inside started her revenge dance. Shamu completes his mango and then whisky and then slowly towards poison. Sajo left the place as more virago.

Dance at City Gym
Sajo knows that Andy usually goes to City gym at very late after work. The gym is located near to his workplace. Her plan was to enter bath room when Andy takes shower to shot him. She knows that entering the gym is walk in the park but how to enter inside men’s bath room. She decided to wear man’s costume, mustache and a cap. She enters the gym and directly whisks to men’s bath room, but no one is there other than janitor.

Janitor looks at her doubtfully “Sir, can I help you?”, she said “no, thanks”. She comes out of bath room. Where is Andy? She looks around and finds Andy at gym, he was busy with talking with some one. She thinks that to abort the plan and come back later. But she doesn’t want to, she want to kill Andy now with out delay, her revenge minds take over her thoughts, and she is impulsive. Andy completed his conversation and took his bag. Sajo knows that he is going to enter bath room. She again rushed to bath room, this time no one was there. Andy enters inside and Sajo take her gun and shot him. Andy died on the spot. Sajo ran away from the place with more rancor.

Dance at 14th floor City Hotel
Finally Sajo wants to kill John, but killing John is not an easy task. John is a Good Samaritan. He comes to office and return to home. It is rare to see him alone any where. Sajo plans several ways to take out John but she can’t find anything safe and sound. Only way to take out John is, book a room at city hotel next to John’s work place, and sniper shot from there. Because John clearly visible from there. Sajo executed brilliantly the plan and she killed John and she killed herself. Her revenge was completed.

But Sajo is completely wrong about those 3 partners. Mitch has some other extramarital affairs with other lady. She blackmailed him for money. Mitch doesn’t want to jeopardize his family life hence he paid money to her. She started again and again, but one point of time Mitch refused to give her any money. She murdered Mitch at his house by cutting his vein. Sajo missed all those things. She blindly targeted those innocent partners.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Unfinished Story

[I started this story but unable to complete it, may be because i'm naive to crime short stories. But anyway i wrote so much so far, so i'm publishing it, the readers can decide the end of this story as they wish. Please if you don't want to spend time with this unfinished story, don't read it]

The crime scene looks very familiar to Police Detective Jack, he is a veteran detective with LAPD. The crime scene provides endless clue for detectives, the nature of crime and investigation depends on the initial screening by detectives. Jack is among one of the few glorious detectives with in LAPD, he is now responding to a high profile murder case in the city. Jack enters in the upscale home, he directly went to 2nd floor bed room where the victim lying down on bed. The home is something extra ordinary, very organized. Jack thinks the people living in this home have spotless sense of interior design.

Jack carefully scans the bed room and asked the officer “Is there any robbery here, Officer?” the officer answered immediately “No Sir.”. Jack now concentrates on his focus on body, the victim is on her late 20s, lying on bed with a single bullet wound on her forehead. The way bed looks to Jack, the crime happened when victim was asleep, the killer may be used silencer to shot her on forehead without any resistance from victim. No robbery, nothing was even touched. Jack now looks at the same officer and he promptly replied “Sir, her husband is on his official trip to New York, he is on the way back to LA”. The officer knows whenever detective looks to them after checking robbery and other things, next question would be about his/her spouse.

Now Jack’s job is little tough, husband was not there in L.A when the crime took place, and no robbery was motive, then what would be motive? Jack sees a photo on bed room, the victim and her husband with happy smiles in there. Jack guess that they are happily married couple, living in million dollar home,thinks that he got a challenging case after some years. Jack asked the officer to call him once the coroner office finished their duties.

Jack left the home to his office, on the way his mind started thinking about the case. He now got all the details. The victim name is Amanda, she is 28 years old, an ex-interior designer, and after marriage she stopped working. Her husband name is Zack, he is with real estate business. He has several office buildings and he is one of the wealthiest men in LA. They got married 3 years ago, and as per police report, no previous criminal records, no domestic disturbance. Everything is clean and all seems to go well with this young couple then what went wrong with them?

Jack reached his office and sat on his desk. He started drawing a flow chart. Most of the detectives don’t want to get into this kind of complicated murder case, because it drains their energy and need too much focus. If it becomes a cold case, the department put a black mark on detective’s career. But Jack always want to take tough cases like this because for him it is challenging.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Not Yet Named

The letter from Liechtenstein embassy is not easy one for "Not Yet Named", it stated that his name matched with 1,349,927 possible terrorist names, so they are not granted visa for him to study in the University of Liechtenstein. Yes, the hero of this story’s name is "Not Yet Named". Here is small flash back, 23 years ago our hero born in India to an ultra orthodox family. They usually consult everything with astrologer before proceed. After our hero born, they went to astrologer for naming and naming ceremony date and times. In India, most of the communities naming ceremony are, big one like marriage, engagement. They usually name after consulting astrologer, the name starts with one of the god based on his birth star and followed by his great great grandfather to his father in descending order. The ceremony starts in the morning, with all relatives’ presence and each one have to say his name 3 times, after everyone finishes calling his name, the ceremony will be over after late night or close to midnight. The girls naming ceremony would not be this much longer and it would be cut short because girls name is not important to Indian culture.

The astrologer stares at "Not Yet Named" parents and did some calculation, and he explains that "your son was born when Saturn looking directly to mercury at 5th house and mercury intersecting venues at 9th house so we shouldn’t name him now, the naming ceremony shall happen on his 34th birthday and his name shall be "Sadagopa Gopalla Govinda Govinda Govinda". He continued "if we name him now, his life time will be curtail and he will be die at his age 15th". The parents got scared, they determined not to name him until the age 34th. They used to call him "Muthaladhavan" (literally means first born son).

But when "not yet named" become school age the problem arise, because they have to give some name to school. The parents called his uncle who was rocket scientist at NASA in U.S.A. He is official brain for his family’s issues like this, he would offer a solution with in 10 nano seconds using his rocket science brain. But this issue was little different for him to handle, but he offered a solution that "we can give "not yet named" as name to school, because here in U.S.A also i used to give the same to social security when my son born after consulting our astrologer I changed to real name". So our hero got a name "not yet named" officially, his friends used to call him "nameless" like "seedless". His name appears strange in his certificates, one of high school diploma his name came as "not yet named why??", his parents spent lot of money to change it to "not yet named" after several explanation to high school data entry office.

The issue with Liechtenstein embassy is, they also named several possible terrorists "not yet named" because they have the photo or rough sketch but no name. Our hero name also matched with it, either he has to wait another 11 years to reapply or Liechtenstein embassy have to implement facial recognition software to clear his name.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

China need Google or Google need China

It is typical “chicken or egg comes first”. Both of them (China and Google) need each other. China is a booming economy, their business needs a highly robust, creative, solid platform like Google and Google need some solid income pipeline like booming economy China outside of U.S.A. My only concern is, Google latest threat to discontinue its operation is a “disinvestment” strategy which definitely creates a “panic shockwave” to all booming economy, mainly BRIC block (Brazil, Russia, India and China).

The BRIC block countries took a huge effect to open their economy to outside companies, because all of them are somehow leftist presence country. The leftist always don’t want other companies to set up their shop in those countries. Each one of BRIC countries had bitter experience with previous attempt to open the market and the plot successfully failed after some companies “disinvestment” strategy.

Google’s latest move, as per my opinion is immature and highly childish. Before going into each market, they have to have a solid plan and some expectation. Can anybody open a liquor shop at Saudi Arabia? or Can anybody sell beer in Sunday morning before noon here in Illinois(sometime I go crazy, especially foot ball season)? A law is a law, rule is a rule whether we like it or not, we have to obey it and change it accordingly.

Human right issue was highly politicalized term. Now this point of time, no can expect or preach a decent human right talk, since we are in the middle of 2 wars and tortured people at various secret locations. What will happen if 2 hackers from Russia hacked some Gmail account that belongs to notorious mafia, Google will disinvest from Russia or same with India? At same time, human right issue will tackled by citizen of each country, if there is violation in my town, my locality, I have to raise my voice. That’s the only way to stop human right issues. None of the governments or law enforcement officials can stop it over night.

As long as all are happy and no noise coming out of from the places, we can mind our own business. Some time we used to compare China/India labor salary in terms of dollars, which is highly wrong, because most of them in that country people know more than one job, they know how to make money for them as well as their family. Just think in terms of others, all the countries in this world aren’t rich, if the definition of rich is only point to money, all of them are rich if the definition slightly changed that people who are happily living are rich.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Hidden Truth

"So you believe that our race was attacked by aliens a long time ago", Tinen received the last message from Alice through his neuro-wireless-transmitter, neurosys. Alice living in a far away plant from earth called Fuchsia, a clean beautiful planet found by International Space Research Center for better replacement for earth, a 100 years ago. The plant earth become too polluted and not suitable for humans. Some people still living in earth, because they couldn't pay the money to Universal Transporter company for voyage from earth or emotionally attached to the planet earth. Almost all government in the plant earth announced free toxic gas purifier machine called "RegainO2", most of them installed those at home and terrafugia and their suit to live in earth.

Tinen is still in earth because his family couldn't save enough money to pay for the voyage. Tinen is very intelligent kid, he is very curious too. He was last 6 months in contact with Alice from Fuchsia, Alice also very intelligent too. Tinen is very interested to find out who attacked human race, why our earth become this polluted and who is responsible for all those mess in earth. He did a extensive research and found that there are some mention about Star wars/terminators, where aliens came to earth and they fought with their ancestors and the aliens were responsible for all pollutions.

Paul a buddy of Tinen is so sure that the mystery spot near pacific ocean was the place where aliens first landed. Paul's dad was worked with government's, they has some footage of alien's fight with human race but all are classified information. Not only this kids, overall population believes that earth was polluted by aliens.

Tinen replied to Alice "yes, i believe so, you know what, me and paul going to visit a mystery spot near pacific ocean, where aliens first landed". Alice is so excited that Tinen taking next steps to find the truth. Paul and Tinen get into terrafugia and set all command to reach mystery spot. Terrafugia fly Mac 3 to reach the place within 2 hours, they get down from machine, start analysis all.

The spot totally zero gravity and the theory was a black hole caused by alien transporter caused some damage of gravity force there. Paul whispered to Tinen's ears "see the tree, how it formed, a portion of it pent exactly 90 deg, no doubt aliens landed here and caused this, what do you think?". Tinen is very deep thought, his mind is full of wave of new possibilities, theories. Tinen not convinced with Paul's conclusion, his main concern was why in this place only? why the black hole not in other places?

They started Terrafugia to back home, Tinen updated Alice about his finding and she also not convinced. Tinen is thinking it is all myth, our human being always find ways to blame others, they won't take any responsibilities. Only way to debunk this myth is to see the footage of fighting between human and aliens, but that was highly classified and preserve in government museum which is, 4 floor below ground. Like anybody else, Tinen, Paul and Alice keep guessing who caused this? Aliens or humans?