Friday, January 29, 2010

Unfinished Story

[I started this story but unable to complete it, may be because i'm naive to crime short stories. But anyway i wrote so much so far, so i'm publishing it, the readers can decide the end of this story as they wish. Please if you don't want to spend time with this unfinished story, don't read it]

The crime scene looks very familiar to Police Detective Jack, he is a veteran detective with LAPD. The crime scene provides endless clue for detectives, the nature of crime and investigation depends on the initial screening by detectives. Jack is among one of the few glorious detectives with in LAPD, he is now responding to a high profile murder case in the city. Jack enters in the upscale home, he directly went to 2nd floor bed room where the victim lying down on bed. The home is something extra ordinary, very organized. Jack thinks the people living in this home have spotless sense of interior design.

Jack carefully scans the bed room and asked the officer “Is there any robbery here, Officer?” the officer answered immediately “No Sir.”. Jack now concentrates on his focus on body, the victim is on her late 20s, lying on bed with a single bullet wound on her forehead. The way bed looks to Jack, the crime happened when victim was asleep, the killer may be used silencer to shot her on forehead without any resistance from victim. No robbery, nothing was even touched. Jack now looks at the same officer and he promptly replied “Sir, her husband is on his official trip to New York, he is on the way back to LA”. The officer knows whenever detective looks to them after checking robbery and other things, next question would be about his/her spouse.

Now Jack’s job is little tough, husband was not there in L.A when the crime took place, and no robbery was motive, then what would be motive? Jack sees a photo on bed room, the victim and her husband with happy smiles in there. Jack guess that they are happily married couple, living in million dollar home,thinks that he got a challenging case after some years. Jack asked the officer to call him once the coroner office finished their duties.

Jack left the home to his office, on the way his mind started thinking about the case. He now got all the details. The victim name is Amanda, she is 28 years old, an ex-interior designer, and after marriage she stopped working. Her husband name is Zack, he is with real estate business. He has several office buildings and he is one of the wealthiest men in LA. They got married 3 years ago, and as per police report, no previous criminal records, no domestic disturbance. Everything is clean and all seems to go well with this young couple then what went wrong with them?

Jack reached his office and sat on his desk. He started drawing a flow chart. Most of the detectives don’t want to get into this kind of complicated murder case, because it drains their energy and need too much focus. If it becomes a cold case, the department put a black mark on detective’s career. But Jack always want to take tough cases like this because for him it is challenging.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Not Yet Named

The letter from Liechtenstein embassy is not easy one for "Not Yet Named", it stated that his name matched with 1,349,927 possible terrorist names, so they are not granted visa for him to study in the University of Liechtenstein. Yes, the hero of this story’s name is "Not Yet Named". Here is small flash back, 23 years ago our hero born in India to an ultra orthodox family. They usually consult everything with astrologer before proceed. After our hero born, they went to astrologer for naming and naming ceremony date and times. In India, most of the communities naming ceremony are, big one like marriage, engagement. They usually name after consulting astrologer, the name starts with one of the god based on his birth star and followed by his great great grandfather to his father in descending order. The ceremony starts in the morning, with all relatives’ presence and each one have to say his name 3 times, after everyone finishes calling his name, the ceremony will be over after late night or close to midnight. The girls naming ceremony would not be this much longer and it would be cut short because girls name is not important to Indian culture.

The astrologer stares at "Not Yet Named" parents and did some calculation, and he explains that "your son was born when Saturn looking directly to mercury at 5th house and mercury intersecting venues at 9th house so we shouldn’t name him now, the naming ceremony shall happen on his 34th birthday and his name shall be "Sadagopa Gopalla Govinda Govinda Govinda". He continued "if we name him now, his life time will be curtail and he will be die at his age 15th". The parents got scared, they determined not to name him until the age 34th. They used to call him "Muthaladhavan" (literally means first born son).

But when "not yet named" become school age the problem arise, because they have to give some name to school. The parents called his uncle who was rocket scientist at NASA in U.S.A. He is official brain for his family’s issues like this, he would offer a solution with in 10 nano seconds using his rocket science brain. But this issue was little different for him to handle, but he offered a solution that "we can give "not yet named" as name to school, because here in U.S.A also i used to give the same to social security when my son born after consulting our astrologer I changed to real name". So our hero got a name "not yet named" officially, his friends used to call him "nameless" like "seedless". His name appears strange in his certificates, one of high school diploma his name came as "not yet named why??", his parents spent lot of money to change it to "not yet named" after several explanation to high school data entry office.

The issue with Liechtenstein embassy is, they also named several possible terrorists "not yet named" because they have the photo or rough sketch but no name. Our hero name also matched with it, either he has to wait another 11 years to reapply or Liechtenstein embassy have to implement facial recognition software to clear his name.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

China need Google or Google need China

It is typical “chicken or egg comes first”. Both of them (China and Google) need each other. China is a booming economy, their business needs a highly robust, creative, solid platform like Google and Google need some solid income pipeline like booming economy China outside of U.S.A. My only concern is, Google latest threat to discontinue its operation is a “disinvestment” strategy which definitely creates a “panic shockwave” to all booming economy, mainly BRIC block (Brazil, Russia, India and China).

The BRIC block countries took a huge effect to open their economy to outside companies, because all of them are somehow leftist presence country. The leftist always don’t want other companies to set up their shop in those countries. Each one of BRIC countries had bitter experience with previous attempt to open the market and the plot successfully failed after some companies “disinvestment” strategy.

Google’s latest move, as per my opinion is immature and highly childish. Before going into each market, they have to have a solid plan and some expectation. Can anybody open a liquor shop at Saudi Arabia? or Can anybody sell beer in Sunday morning before noon here in Illinois(sometime I go crazy, especially foot ball season)? A law is a law, rule is a rule whether we like it or not, we have to obey it and change it accordingly.

Human right issue was highly politicalized term. Now this point of time, no can expect or preach a decent human right talk, since we are in the middle of 2 wars and tortured people at various secret locations. What will happen if 2 hackers from Russia hacked some Gmail account that belongs to notorious mafia, Google will disinvest from Russia or same with India? At same time, human right issue will tackled by citizen of each country, if there is violation in my town, my locality, I have to raise my voice. That’s the only way to stop human right issues. None of the governments or law enforcement officials can stop it over night.

As long as all are happy and no noise coming out of from the places, we can mind our own business. Some time we used to compare China/India labor salary in terms of dollars, which is highly wrong, because most of them in that country people know more than one job, they know how to make money for them as well as their family. Just think in terms of others, all the countries in this world aren’t rich, if the definition of rich is only point to money, all of them are rich if the definition slightly changed that people who are happily living are rich.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Hidden Truth

"So you believe that our race was attacked by aliens a long time ago", Tinen received the last message from Alice through his neuro-wireless-transmitter, neurosys. Alice living in a far away plant from earth called Fuchsia, a clean beautiful planet found by International Space Research Center for better replacement for earth, a 100 years ago. The plant earth become too polluted and not suitable for humans. Some people still living in earth, because they couldn't pay the money to Universal Transporter company for voyage from earth or emotionally attached to the planet earth. Almost all government in the plant earth announced free toxic gas purifier machine called "RegainO2", most of them installed those at home and terrafugia and their suit to live in earth.

Tinen is still in earth because his family couldn't save enough money to pay for the voyage. Tinen is very intelligent kid, he is very curious too. He was last 6 months in contact with Alice from Fuchsia, Alice also very intelligent too. Tinen is very interested to find out who attacked human race, why our earth become this polluted and who is responsible for all those mess in earth. He did a extensive research and found that there are some mention about Star wars/terminators, where aliens came to earth and they fought with their ancestors and the aliens were responsible for all pollutions.

Paul a buddy of Tinen is so sure that the mystery spot near pacific ocean was the place where aliens first landed. Paul's dad was worked with government's, they has some footage of alien's fight with human race but all are classified information. Not only this kids, overall population believes that earth was polluted by aliens.

Tinen replied to Alice "yes, i believe so, you know what, me and paul going to visit a mystery spot near pacific ocean, where aliens first landed". Alice is so excited that Tinen taking next steps to find the truth. Paul and Tinen get into terrafugia and set all command to reach mystery spot. Terrafugia fly Mac 3 to reach the place within 2 hours, they get down from machine, start analysis all.

The spot totally zero gravity and the theory was a black hole caused by alien transporter caused some damage of gravity force there. Paul whispered to Tinen's ears "see the tree, how it formed, a portion of it pent exactly 90 deg, no doubt aliens landed here and caused this, what do you think?". Tinen is very deep thought, his mind is full of wave of new possibilities, theories. Tinen not convinced with Paul's conclusion, his main concern was why in this place only? why the black hole not in other places?

They started Terrafugia to back home, Tinen updated Alice about his finding and she also not convinced. Tinen is thinking it is all myth, our human being always find ways to blame others, they won't take any responsibilities. Only way to debunk this myth is to see the footage of fighting between human and aliens, but that was highly classified and preserve in government museum which is, 4 floor below ground. Like anybody else, Tinen, Paul and Alice keep guessing who caused this? Aliens or humans?