Saturday, May 31, 2008

the Millennials a.k.a Generation Y

Last 2-3 weeks, it was graduation season in all across US universities and rest of the world also. Mainly in US, all media writing lot of articles and talk shows covering this topic. Why they are giving more importance? This generation going to be the vital part of next workforce, because they are going to fill up vaccum created by baby boomers (People who born between 1946-1964) starting from 2010 to 2015.

This new generation is called Generation Y, they born between 1979 to 2002. They enjoyed most of digital advancement from birth. Here are some interesting facts about the Millennials.

97% own a computer
94% own a cell phone
76% use Instant Messaging.
15% of IM users are logged on 24 hours a day/7 days a week
34% use websites as their primary source of news
28% author a blog and 44% read blogs
49% download music using peer-to-peer file sharing
75% of college students have a
Facebook account
60% own some type of portable music and/or video device such as an

Source :

As a Generation X , we have to adjust with this new Millennials, in order to comfortably work with or manage them. As a late Generation X like me, we have a added advantage that our spouse may be part of Generation Y, so naturally we have some knowledge of Generation Y's thought process and their advanced digital feeling. Here are some tips I collected from various articles and talk shows.

1. Generation Y loves to do multi tasking. This is very greatest advantage of Generation Y, we can ask any help at any time, they will listen and provide answers or some pointers. They won't say "I'm busy come after sometime". This is because they are exposed to online chat and they try to chat with 3 different people at same time talking with somebody over phone from their early teen age.

2. Networking is the greatest capability of Generation Y. They try to get in touch with their kinder garden friends to college mates. We can really utilize this from Generation Y. If we want some help with our backache or something, ask a Generation Y, with in minutes you will get email id, chat id and mobile number from their contact list, who is Physiotherapist from his/her school days.

3. Generation Y are most work-life balance aware people. They will not work for 60 hours per week, which was defined by baby boomers and we X'ers followed it. Generation Y try to complete the task early, by applying new technology or tools(or even getting some help from friends). Naturally they want to spend lot of time with their friends and parents.

4. The natural tendency of Generation Y'er is to move job very frequently. Kind of "they want to join the company which was founded by their friend(s) a month ago". This is very important if we try to manage them, we will not get job done by threatening/commading them or putting more pressure on them. If we provide a good structure of work and create a friendly environment, they will complete work early with high quality. Otherwise, they try to update resume over mobile phone and send it to their network and find a job within 20-30 mins.

5. One disadvantage of Y'er is try to move upward in company ladder very fast. They want 6 months to move from trainee to coder, 6 more months from coder to sr. engineer and other 6 months to sr. engineer to director and within 1 years they want to become VP, and 3 more years to CEO. Which is very wrong by all the principle we set within organizations. They want to move upward very soon because they getting bore on one position, so we can try to accommodate their interests by allowing them to move within internal teams.

Friday, May 30, 2008

National Spelling Bee 2008

What a fascinating contest and finally Sameer Mishra is the champion. This national spelling bee contest getting more and more attention over years. Now it is prime time live contest at US, 7.00Pm to 9.00 PM ABC Live, I think this is great rather than watching sit-coms. This year contest was more competitive than last year, and I feel this year the participants faced lot of foreign provenance words like Nietzschean, boulangère, satyagraha, those are very tough to spell for this 12-13 years kids. But any ways they all did it great. Most unlucky one I feel is Jahnavi Iyer, she got all toughest one but she managed to spell correctly all the way but she got a "impossible" word to spell "parfleche" at round 9.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

BrowserPlus - Yahoo's new adventure

After long time, Yahoo today announced that they are going to build new application to run web pages. Here is more detail This is too late because already Google announced similar application Gear Project almost an year ago and now the application freely available for download. Any way both of these new extended web browsers fuel RIA based development.

Here is link to Google's Andriod screen shots, really cool

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Decrator Pattern

The definition of Decorator pattern (from Gang of 4) "Attach additional responsibilities to an object dynamically. Decorator provide a flexible alternative to sub classing for extending functionalities."

The classic example of decorator pattern is Java I/O package. We used to create a powerful reader by chaining file reader and buffered reader. So file reader got decorated by buffer reader at run time with out extending it.

BufferedReader buff = new BufferedReader(new FileReader("something.txt"));

Again back to our traditional Car example. Assume, Car came out of factory and it is ready for drive but not quite ready for fully operational. Because now Car directly going to a dealer and he/she needs to add their own accessories and some more accessories depends on customer choice. If we think about an object model here, we can clearly understand the decorator.

So Car manufacture has to create an interface ( assume an abstract class ) to satisfy both dealer specific accessories as well as customer specific ones, with out changing or extending car.Now dealer implementing all accessories by extending manufacture interface (abstract). Now dealer decided to create one more abstract class by extending manufacture interface, to give more choice to customers for highly customize the car.

//Manufacture abstract class
public abstract class Accessories {
public void addMoonRoof();
public void fixNumberPlate();

//Dealer concrete class
public class DealerAccessories extends Accessories {
public void addMoonRoof() { //add a basic moon roof }
public void fixNumberPlate(); { //fix number plate }

//Dealer abstract class for high customization
//allowing customer to choose what moon roof they want, panoramic, 3D etc
public abstract class AccessoriesDecorator extends Accessories {
public abstract void addMoonRoof();
public void fixNumberPlate(); { //fix number plate }

//Panoramic view moon roof
public class Panoramic extends AccessoriesDecorator {
public void addMoonRoof() { //add a panoramic moon roof }
public void fixNumberPlate(); { //fix number plate }

Now we have all in place, just we want to add it in car. Assume, car has one method called add Accessories(Accessories), here we can add any thing Panoramic or basic Dealer Accessories.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Travel week 1

School closed and official travel session kicked off from this weekend. Here 4 year old and wife started going crazy about going out because Chicago has long winter months and we can spend only these summer months for outing. But now we have 6 month old baby also, so we have decided to go near by places.

Today we went to Indiana Duns National Park's west beach, all I can say is, this place is simply superb. I don't know how come the beautiful, white sand mountain formed in this lake shore. But we couldn't spent much time, because of little cold wind. West beach is a small,simple version of Clearwater beach,Florida.

Useful Info
  • Distance from Naperville - 70 Miles (~ 1.30 hours to reach there )
  • Keep map or navigation system handy, there are several construction going on in and around I-80 and some exits are closed.
  • No shops are available, so take sufficient amount of water bottles, food and other necessary items.
  • $6.00 for entrance fees.
  • There are lot of recreational activities and other beaches are there, plan to spend at least a day to see all.



Chicago skyline from West beach

Friday, May 23, 2008

Tips to save gas.

There are several ways to save gas during this peak travel time. But here are some funny ideas, use it at your own risk.

1. Re-program your navigation system to show directions only by right turns to reach your destination. Left turn signal taking too much time nowadays and we are wasting lot of fuel. If you are living out side US, program other way around. UPS really considering this option.

2. Just in case the above step is not doable, while waiting on left signal, if there is no traffic and you are in small drive way, get out of your car and push pedestrian walking button on the main road crossing, some times the main signal turns red immediately and you might get a chance to go fast. This is something, I'm not joking, day before yesterday, the driver who waited beside to me for left turn, really did it, but it didn't work out :). 

3. If you are planing on long drive by car, clean your car, if possible do a 2-3 times of vacuum because weight increase would take lot of fuel. There is nothing wrong to remove spare tire from trunk and other unnecessary items also.

4. Always travel on night because excessive heat at day time may consume more gas if you switch on A/C full swing.

5. Use over drive gear if you are traveling on high slope roads. This would decrease gas consumption. 

If nothing is working out, don't quote on me. Please use public transport, check tire pressure, buy a hybrid car,more car pooling, bicycle for shorter trips, go long trips by train or bus. 

Monday, May 19, 2008

100th Post.

Wow...I realized that this is 100th post, I never ever imagine that I would cross this much in writing. Other than 4 years college exams (that is mainly diagrams and calculations, because I'm a mechanical engineering graduate) and workplace emails mainly one line to 15 lines, I never written in English for this extensive and longevity. I did most of my studies from high school and secondary school in Tamil (my mother language) and English was one of the subject for us.

My first inspiration is Mr Sukumar Rajagopal, who is current Chief Knowledge Officer(CKO) and VP of Cognizant, I met him on early 2005 at our client's place, and he introduced the blog and explained it, showed his blog. That day onwards, I read his posts as well as his friend's posts, that really changed me to write more. I recommend his blog unequivocally. Thanks to Mr Sibu B Kutty, who is co-authored some posts in Sukumar's blog. He is the only one noticed first that I started writing blog and encouraged me to write more.

My second inspiration is my wife, yes almost 2 years ago she also started a blog as "home-stay-mom-hobby". Her blog is huge success (number of hits well passed over 240k in last 2 years) , I can see positive changes from her after blogging. I can clearly categorize her as BB(Before Blog) and AB(After Blog). I never knew that she was this dedicated, determined about something before blog. She never quit blogging after our 2nd kid born 6 months ago.

I will continue writing as much as I can.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Oil Talk

Again US President asked for oil production increase to Saudi Arabia and again they refused to increase substantial amount, but agreed to increase oil production by 300,000 barrel per day by June, which is, insufficient to cool off skyrocketing oil price. Here is detailed news. There are conflicting reports regarding this increase, some media(mainly US) reported that this increase mainly because of Bush's request, some media reported that they made the decision well before Bush's visit. Again today OPEC member Qatar said there is no need of OPEC emergency meeting because oil price is balanced.

Why OPEC don't want to increase oil production? Oil is under earth like water, why they don't want to cash in all free resource now? Now price is peak and if they pump all available resource now, they can make lot of cash. If OPEC agreed to increase production by lets say 3,000,000 barrels per day, I don't think price would go down $50 per barrel, because of high demand. This is good analysis to answer all these questions. Saudis don't want to push themselves or other OPEC members to increase oil production because they had bad experience of increased oil production and price fell almost 50% during 1990s.

But now situation is different and they simply missing the opportunity of cash in. What will happen if oil price goes high day by day, US try to explore more drilling and use alternative energy to satisfy their needs. India and China people would think twice to drive car because of high oil price and particularly India already has massive public transport in place, hence demand would go down. OPEC will miss the golden opportunity of selling their oil at high price, that is freely available now. Here is chart from
if we see oil consumption of these 3 countries is almost 27 million barrels per day and there is lot of chances that US would cut down import because untapped resources in Alaska, all they need to do is persuade green concerned people.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Factory Pattern (Contd.)

Ok. Now Ford, Honda, Toyota coming back to us and saying that you know what, we are no longer a single country car makers, we have multiple car assembly plant, all across globe, we want you to design something to fit into our global assembly model. Oops...what to do? how to improve our design? Here comes real factory model. While we talk with them further, we understood that they are going to use same assemble, sentToPaint and delivery for different countries. One thing definitely going to change is car creation because now we have a simple car factory but the requirement says we need different cars based on different countries.

To achieve the above problem statement, first thing we do is convert CarBuilder class to an abstract class, we no longer use simple parametrize create car factory, we need something robust, multiple factories depends on countries.

Lets think about country based factories like India, US, Japan and so on. So definitely we need a IndiaCarFactory, USCarFactory, JapanCarFactory. Now what we have as a common with in these factories, one thing is assemble,sendToPaint,delivery so does it make sense if we implement all these methods in super class and let sub class implement createCar method and let sub class decide which car object to instantiate depends on country. That's our factory model. Here is real implementation.

public abstract class CarBuilder {
public void assemble(Car car) {
//a concrete shared assemble implementation goes here.
public void sendToPaint(Car car) {
//a concrete shared send to paint implementation goes here.
public void delivery(Car car) {
//a concrete shared delivery implementation goes here.
//this is going to differ based on country
abstract Car createCar(String name);
public void buildCar(String name)
Car car = this.createCar(name);

Here is factory implementation.
public class IndiaCarFactory extends CarBuilder {
Car createCar(String name) {
Car car = null;
if(name.equals("ford") {car = new IndiaFord(); }
if(name.equals("honda") { car = new IndiaHonda(); }
if(name.equals("chev") { car = new IndiaChev(); }
if(name.equals("toyota") { car = new IndiaToyota(); }
return car;

The same can be implement in USCarFactory and JapanCarFactory etc. So when we want to these from caller, all we need to do is

CarBuilder builder = new IndiaCarFactory();

that's it, now we have a car builder from India factory for Honda.

Factory Pattern

Factory and abstract factory pattern are little confusing but mostly used pattern in object oriented design.

Factory Pattern
The definition of factory pattern in simple "encapsulate object creation" and from Gang of 4 "Define an interface for creating an object but let subclass to decide which class to instantiate".

Here is one example, we have a concrete CarBuilder class implementation and a method buildCar as follows, this class has other important methods to build a car also.

public class CarBuilder {
public void buildCar(String name) {
Car car = null;
if(name.equals("ford") { car = new Ford(); }
if(name.equals("honda") { car = new Honda(); }
if(name.equals("chev") { car = new Chev(); }

Okay, all are fine, our class is ready to support 3 types car creation and supporting methods. After some days, now we want to add Toyota into this mix, so we need to add one more condition in buildCar method, and after some time we need to add 3 more types and adding 3 more if conditions in code, looks bad as well as we are leading to ambiguous class. So now we have to remove all if conditions to some class like utility class and pass name from here to get correct class implementation. Removing all if condition from here to other class is a simple factory pattern, that is, encapsulate object creation.

public class SimpleCarFactory {
public static Car createCar(Sting name) {
Car car = null;
if(name.equals("ford") {car = new Ford(); }
if(name.equals("honda") { car = new Honda(); }
if(name.equals("chev") { car = new Chev(); }
if(name.equals("toyota") { car = new Toyota(); }
return car;

createCar method declared static so we can call this method without instantiate SimpleCarFactory class. We haven't really into real factory pattern yet. This is just a starting point.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Thomas Malthus theory

Today while reading news, one thing got my attention is "Thomas Malthus theory", one politician from Indian ruling party Congress's issues some global wide food shortage warning. Since they are famous for negative propaganda, I didn't give much importance to it, but he mentioned something about Thomas Malthus theory, that increased my curiosity and did a little research.

Thomas Malthus is an economist lived in early 19th century, wrote six editions of An Essay on the Principle of Population, mainly to focus on population growth that leads to lower wages and finally to prolong poverty. His view was very pessimistic but that leads or accelerated to Britain passed Census Act 1800, to keep check population growth for every 10 years. Now all countries has the similar law. His first edition was published on 1798 and second edition on 1830, almost 32 years after mainly to answer his first edition's criticism from noble economists.

The core of his pessimistic view as follows.
"The way in which, these effects are produced seems to be this. We will suppose the means of subsistence in any country just equal to the easy support of its inhabitants. The constant effort towards population... increases the number of people before the means of subsistence are increased. The food therefore which before supported seven millions must now be divided among seven millions and a half or eight millions. The poor consequently must live much worse, and many of them be reduced to severe distress. The number of labourers also being above the proportion of the work in the market, the price of labour must tend toward a decrease, while the price of provisions would at the same time tend to rise. The labourer therefore must work harder to earn the same as he did before. During this season of distress, the discouragements to marriage, and the difficulty of rearing a family are so great that population is at a stand. In the mean time the cheapness of labour, the plenty of labourers, and the necessity of an increased industry amongst them, encourage cultivators to employ more labour upon their land, to turn up fresh soil, and to manure and improve more completely what is already in tillage, till ultimately the means of subsistence become in the same proportion to the population as at the period from which we set out. The situation of the labourer being then again tolerably comfortable, the restraints to population are in some degree loosened, and the same retrograde and progressive movements with respect to happiness are repeated."

To give mathematical view of his theory, population growth will increase at geometric rate (1,2,4,8,16....) where food growth increase at arithmetic(1,2,3,4,5...) .

But we can completely reject his views now since our food increase is outpaced population increase and his views are mainly focused on early 19th century state. Now with this advanced technology and green revolution we can feed all human as well as coming generation. His views are targeted at one segment of people, that is, poor people. Somehow he hated them or fear that they might steal his( or his grandchildren) share of pie in future.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Job Search 101.

Job search is always stressful even when economy is in good health. I don't want to tell how stressful with this current economy conditions. But always stay at positive is basic mantra for successful job search. Based on my experience, we have to decide what would be the correct job description before we start searching job. This is specially important for Software related jobs. I have decided to stick with Sr Software Engineer 3 or 4 category, this is normally 30-40% design, 40-50% hands on and remaining would be mentoring team member and helping other organization initiatives such as PMO, Product Management etc.

Brush up fundamentals
I have decided to spent at least 2-3 months to search a good job for me with my expectations. Before starting job search, we have to brush up all fundamentals, coding exercise and puzzles etc., even though you are a 10-15 years experienced professionals, most of the companies want to test your academic level knowledge, very fundamental computer language knowledge and then your project related questions. I found one good book, Programming Interviews Exposed, this is really good book and it covered all basic data structures, algorithms and commonly asked puzzles. One more book I bought to prepare job search is Puzzles for Programmers and Pros I wouldn't recommend this book, it is nice to have. Since I took Java 2 certification in 2003, those books helped me to brush up Java fundamentals. For design patterns I used Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software (a.k.a) Gang of Four, I can say that almost every software professional must have read this book multiple times. I found some difficulties to understand some patterns so I read Head First Design Patterns also.

Start Attending Interviews.
Once we finished all reading and have confidence, now start applying jobs and start attend interviews. Most of the companies first do a telephonic screen before asking you to come for face to face interview. We have to make sure to talk with low pitch and reply as much as short answers, because the interviewer may judge you as aggressive if you speak in high pitch and as talker if you talk most of the time, because the body language totally missed here. One web site even recommended that consider telephonic interview as face to face, so wear formal dress with suit before attending telephonic interview, but I didn't buy-in that idea. Low pitch and short answer are most important. I found some difficulties, when some interviewer asked me to write a code over phone because I have to write code in paper and explain at same time in phone. But after one or two try I'm okay.

Face to face interviews
This is most important one and face to face decides whether you are going to get an offer or not. As a candidate, our main thing is capitalize the environment and not to get nervous or stress. Most of the interviewers assist you get settle down first by asking some easy questions and later on some complex things and coding exercise. Based on my experience, some interviewers get rough and tough on you, that could be to test your character or they don't know how to contact an interview. Any ways, face to face would be most important one and basic is not to get nervous and calmly you have to explain what ever you know, how you solved an issue, your project experience etc.

My Experience

I attended 5 or 6 telephonic interviews and 2 face to faces. I got an offer with my 2nd face to face last week. I just followed what ever I explained here, stay positive is the most important thing to find a job.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

The investor vs. The speculator

I waited for Communist Party Of India's statement regarding future trade ban for some commodities, as expected they are not satisfied with Indian Government action and they want to ban 25 more commodities. Here is statement from CPI(M) general secretary Mr. Prakash Karat

"The CPI(M), which supports the ruling UPA coalition from outside, had charged the government with making a “wrong diagnosis” of the causes behind price rise and said the steps announced to control inflation would in fact stifle the high growth rate. It demanded a ban on futures trading in 25 commodities, alleging that allowing multinational companies to get into speculative trading in food grains had “resulted in price rise.”

Based on Karat statement, speculation is the main reason of price rise and as usual he blamed multinational companies. Sir, first you need to understand the difference between an investor and a speculator. I urge you to change 1947 mentality of labeling an investor as speculator. An investor is who do all basic research and home work before buy anything and a speculator is one emotionally attached and buy anything they want without doing any home work and based on price movements. These markets are now controlled by investors. If an investors thinks that market is infest by speculators, then price would automatically come down. Great example would be this decade's dot com burst. A good investor always sells when speculator comes into the play. As of now, commodities trading in India or oil future trading is not infested by speculators. It is just reflecting real state of price.

Here is Channa price for last one year contract from Multi Commodity Exchange of India(MCX) . See how our investors bring down price from peak of little over 3000 to 2400 with in last 2 months. Either it could be speculator infested effect or supply increase and demand subside, either way it is reflecting current real price.

Source :

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Bad Move by Indian Government.

Finally Indian Government backed Forward Markets Commission (FMC) suspended trading of futures trading in chana, soyabean oil, rubber and potato till September 6. I think that it is bad move by leftist dominated current Indian government. There is no link between inflation and future trading. This leftist (Communist) are playing their cards to win next election by painting themselves as a saviour of poor and middle class people of India. But they are halting Indian economy growth and stopping money flow into Indian economy, ultimately that is going to hurt poor and middle class people of India. India is a vastly "black money" dominated economy, if we close some money flow channels like future trading, money would be again stagnate as black money and government going to loose sum of money as tax. How come price would go up if number of investors decided price after amount of brainstorm and scientific study vs small number of selected group of people fixing based on some unscientific way? I think that the former should reflect real state of price.Future trading helping all of us by discovering prices early so based on future price everybody adjust their demands well in advance, I think Montek Singh Ahluwalia explained really well here about future trading and inflation.

Inflation now is a global phenomena. We can't blame anybody for this, we have to adjust ourselves to live with that. This price hike going to continue until Iraq oil flows into main market or US drilling some more in Alaska (I think Alaska will not happen because of US election year and more global warming concerned people in US) What will happen if we suspend oil future trading, now price determination would be in hands of OPEC who is both price fixer as well as producer. In that scenario, how come we trust them that they are playing a fair role of fixing price, definitely they can set what ever price they want, no question asked. In order to avoid that only we found this future trading for a stable price determination. Why we need currency future,suspend that also and let each country fix their own money value like communist China. No democracy.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Microsoft's gamble.

It is clear that Microsoft is playing gamble by pulling out Yahoo's bid. Microsoft never withdraw anything they want to buy. Even now, Microsoft pulled back, because of Yahoo's decision to join Google for sharing search ad business, not because of bid price. Microsoft knows better that Yahoo's share price plummet starting tomorrow, and Yahoo investors would not get benefit from Google's partnership for at least next one year. Yahoo can't steer company towards profit for next one year, because Google itself struggling to show growth from their search ad business, because of current economic conditions. 

As everybody knows, more beneficiary of the Microsoft + Yahoo deal is Yahoo. Because they are the one in middle between powerful companies (Microsoft and Google). Yahoo is simply rejecting Microsoft bid for simple "bay area microsoft haters" and "some ego" reason in my opinion. As soon as, Yahoo's stock start go south, their stockholders going to get nervous and going to pull some triggers to accept Microsoft's bid. 

So the Microsoft strategy is, "okay we are pull back bid and waiting for you to go down further and you come back to me after your investors would pressurize you because we are sure that you can not get any benefit from Google because of current market condition and we are sure that it won't improve for next 1 year".

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Mint. Free Online Money Management.

I'm almost addicted to Quicken software, I have to enter my expenses in Quicken at least a week. Quicken is an excellent money management software in my opinion. I'm using it for 6 years. A single screen we can manage our bank accounts, credit accounts, 401k plan, stock, mutual funds, with various customizable reports etc. We have millions of free site to do just manage accounts, but Quicken offers wide variety of reports with graphs, portfolio management, automatically track budgets, track tax and manage foreign currency accounts. This is great tool. But now we are moving towards SaaS model, here is one promising online money management tool Mint and it is free and Mint also offers basic reports and almost we can maintain all types of accounts. It is worth to have a look. Here is link to Mint's safe and security page, just in case you want to know what kind of security they are using to secure our data. It is money so security does matter. 

How to see simplicity from a complex system?

Continuation from yesterday's topic. So we know that a complex system is a composition  of multiple simple systems. How to identify them and split the whole system into small pieces. I'm going to emphasis on software system.

Understanding the magnitude of complexity
There should be a start and an end. If we look any system, first observation would be where it is starting and where it is ending. It is like travel between two cities, if you want to travel from Chicago to San Jose, you have to travel approximately 2000 miles. The magnitude of complexity is directly proportion to length of starting and end point. If a system involves so many integration with other system then obviously the system's complex is high.

Chopping complex into simple solutions
This is the most tough job. Our understanding of complex system relies on how good we are chopping into simple workable solutions. The above travel example can be used here also, if we want to end up in San Jose, We have to cross so many cities in between, since a simple solution steps are route between 
Step 1 : Chicago to Omaha, 
Step 2 : Omaha to Denver, 
Step 3 : Denver to Salt Lake City 
Step 4 : Salt Lake City to San Jose. 

So this intermittent cities are going to be our simple solution to go San Jose. Our concentration should be understanding these simple routes first, step by step, to understand the whole complex system.

Presenting Complex Systems
Now the final part of presenting complex system to others, so they need not go through above exercises. When ever we present a complex system, we need to draw as much as diagrams. If we just type a 450 pages of document, no body going to read it all, concise explanation with diagrams are more than enough to understand. One good thing is, if the system is real complex, we can write separate documents for each steps identified from chopping complex into simple solutions. We can present one by one to consumers to digest information one at a time. 

Friday, May 02, 2008

How to see simplicity from a complex system?

I want to write something about how to derive a simple workable solution from a complex system. A System can be anything, for example, Eiffel tower, what we are seeing now is a complex tons and ton of steel structure and it is very complex to build. But some human like us built it from scratch, they assembled simple steel structures to build this complex architecture. This is very basic, a multiple simple systems forms a complex system. If we see it correctly, we can make lot of simples from a complex. So nothing in this world is complex.

Why some systems make us think that it is complex, because the way it was present to us is wrong or we are jump into conclusion very fast about a system. If we see a system as it's whole integrity. it is, yes definitely it is complex. All we need to do is see the system as parts and find a simple pattern hidden in the complex system. If we understand the simple pattern that makes the complex system, we are well off and we can resolve any system.