Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tons of Fish or Few Liberals

Finding commonalities among two different groups/country/state people is an interesting theory forming. For example, I try to find commonalities for some Indians (mainly from Mumbai) with Americans (mainly from New York). Here are my reasoning’s to relate,
  1. Both them are financial capital of respective countries. So Mumbaikars and New Yorkers has some pride about themselves.
  2. Highly populated with brilliant metro systems. So both of them are organized.
  3. Geographically both of the cities built on bay. So both of them are beach lovers.
All those reasoning become invalid after i visited San Francisco or Boston. Because those are common stereotypes of metro cities, there is nothing special relation between Mumbai and New York.But 10 years ago I only knew about Mumbai and New York’s lifestyle since i formed the wrong perception.I had a thought of relate people of Kerala and West Bengal, two different states in India, different culture, different language and both of them are thousand miles apart but visible relations are,
  1. Obsession with communists, discussing about Marxist and other variance of communists  are common which is very uncommon in other parts of India. 
  2. Love soccer (Indians normally thinks Cricket is only sports in this planet) and excellent team players.
  3. More fascinating relation is, both of them produced more number of poets, intellects, artists, painters, movie directors, musicians, philosophers than any other state in India. I know it is just a sweeping generalizing statement but as per “comparable theory” it is valid. 
As usual i formed a theory that they love fish and fish is good food for brain since they are good literature etc.But I’m wrong again, because Kerala Brahmins won’t eat fish. Actually it is not fish or any food habits, it is the liberals who influenced Kerala and West Bengal are the reason for some relation.

In Indian context of liberals are “who fight against rigid religious practices, promote education and work towards better social economic conditions”. 

Raja Ram Mohan Roy (Bengal) :
Born on 1774 and he was one of trailblazer liberal of Indian history, he started a movement called Bramo Shaba and he influenced thoughts and minds of Bengal people. He founded a solid platform for free thinking, education and many reforms in religious front. More info

Travancore Kings (Kerala) :
One of highly liberal kings are the Travancore(which was part of majority Kerala now). More info

We can reasonably conclude that chain of liberal thinkers from Bengal and Kerala are the reason for some commonalities between this culturally distinct peoples. There are many of them were in other states but they didn't influenced that much as compare with Raja Ram Mohan Roy and his followers and Travancore Kings.