Sunday, October 24, 2010

Baby On Board

Most of us, when we expecting our baby, one of the main shopping is “Baby on Board” sign and we stick it before we first time on board our new born. This is different than our other bummer sticker, those are for express our Patriotism, Sports Affiliation,Religious and Our Son's/Daughter's honor announcement. I was wondered earlier why we have to announce everyone that “Baby On Board”, which is different than others, I presumed couple of reasons, essentially for child safety.
  1. Giving an extra alertness to other drivers especially who behind us.
  2. Announcing other drivers that the car might be slower than speed limit.
But I was wrong, the main purpose of “Baby on Board” is as follows 
“alert the emergency services to the presence of an infant in the event of a crash small children are known to sometimes become trapped in foot-wells or even thrown from the vehicle in the event of crashes”

Baby on Board” is not an announcement to other drivers to slow down or stay away from us, it's for future unfortunate event, when it occur, it would notify emergency personal to look for baby. Most of new born parents used to stick it on their car. This is very basic psychology, everyone living peace of mind after they conform and insured every piece of their belonging and health and wealth. The logic is, some bad event can happen to all, if it happen, be ready, be prepared to face it, rather than living under fear of death.

But this is great contradiction with Karma based society where everyone thinks nothing bad can happen to them because they didn't commit any bad to others in this life as well as previous life. Even though it was proved again and again wrong, there are some mindset still set like they are god. Here are some things to consider before deny it.

  1. This world has changed lot since they write all religious books. For example, h1n1 were not there when they wrote it.
  2. New variety of cars on road, thanks to inflation, now 80% of people owns high power cars.
  3. Pollution unbelievably high, even scientists unable to understand what kind of virus mutates daily.
  4. Change of lifestyle and genetically modified food grains are increasing high risk of cancer.