Wednesday, January 21, 2015


What are the benefits living in a diversified society? In any fields diversification is really good and offers more advantages than disadvantages. Here are some usual points about living diversified society.
  • For most we can learn good habits from other culture in diversified society. Each culture has some unique good habits and we can learn it from them. It is a boon for living diversified society.
  • Second most important thing is we can enjoy variety of foods rather than repeated same food from a non-diversified. 
  • Learning different languages is other benefit, just try to understand it is good for our brain.
  • Kids will grow with more tolerance since they are expose to various cultures at very young age.

Monday, January 12, 2015


After all this information overload age, there is abundance of opinions formed among individuals for almost everything. We are not feared to express it and our opinion reached to our friends and relatives very fast through social media. Is this good or bad? Having an opinion about everything is normally considered good practice but how to handle it as a receiver. All the opinion has value or who is reliable and who is telling truth? Here are some escapes and verify techniques.
  • Always believe owner’s opinion, if we own something and gives our opinions (review) of product that’s always seems to me right. Best place to see this customer reviews from web sites. Majority opinion always wins and very first opinion about the product always seems to me correct
  • Opinion backed up by data and facts always valid. Read articles and measurement reports from measurement/analytic companies like Nielsen, comScoreWakoopa, and Hitwise. 
  • Opinion comes from Opinionated people can be avoidable but listen to them. Who is opinionated people? People who has no respect to other’s opinion are opinionated people.
  • Be confident on your decisions. Whether you are making good decisions or bad decisions just think that you will overcome it. Other’s opinions should not derail your decisions.
  • Measure other opinions. Are they just have opinion or passionate opinion? We can follow passionate opinion people.