Friday, September 25, 2009

Why we prefer shortcuts or short term benefits?

A longtime ago i read from some book that the new young generation of USA school kids wants to make money by fame in other words they want to become a super athletics or movie star or music career. Some of them, very few want to do hard work to become a doctor or engineer, which was very low percent to compare with earlier generation. This is not a USA’s problem, now this culture spreading across globe. I was sitting on the fountain at Aurora Fox valley mall, a kid like 3 years old throw a coin towards fountain, before that he wished that he want to earn 1 million dollar. Every where and every one want to make money but prefer some short cuts. I think we elders are responsible for this attitude of young generation. We want to achieve financial freedom by using our kids are the main reason or we are pushing our kids towards something fancy career like athletics, entrainment industry. There is nothing wrong to dream something bigger and working towards it but going sidetracked and prefer shortcuts are the bigger issues.

In front of kids, we used to prefer always shortcuts, route A is short but speed limit is 25 and route B is little long but speed limit is 50, but we unconsciously select route A. Home cooking takes 1 hour to eat, fast food is 15 mins, we select fast food but home cooking is obviously healthier than fast food. Strip mall shopping takes 3 hours but mall shopping takes 1 hour but little expensive, we select mall shopping since we want to go home early. If we aggregate each and every thing, we unconsciously prefer short cuts. Guess what, who is watching and learning from us? Our kids and we ultimately spoiling their mind. As per my opinion, we do select short cuts because of peer pressure or our brain used to do so or both.

In India, the corruption is epidemic and i don’t want to tell you that people prefer short cuts to attain something since we have mammoth corruption. Actually if we decided to go straightforward also gives good result but time consuming. Based on my experience, the short cut like giving money to achieve something would take 1 day vs straight forward to take 1 week ( of course i’m speaking relative terms). If we plan ahead and prepare for all paper work correctly, everything can be done with out giving any money. I used to go those government places and they obviously ask money to do that, i used to follow all procedures and fight with them to get it without money. First they show mean face and then they used to ask all unnecessary paper works, if you have all, you can get things done but each one took me 3-5 days instead of 30 mins if i prefer to do it by short cuts. All required is precious plan and common sense that what might need to get something done.