Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Year - 2010

Happy New Year to everyone, we are end of a decade and start of new year, a new decade. 2000-2009 was the one of the worst decade as per my opinion. 2 recessions, 2 wars and more and more terrorist attacks. However, our life goes on and on, we had a great quality as human being, which is forget the past, and move on. The celebration's are the main source to motivate people, forget all and move on.

As oppose to everyone expectations, 2009 year was not a growth year rather it was stabilizing year. The stronger end of year holiday shopping lift some hope for 2010, but as per latest news holiday shopping in U.S.A mainly boosted by international travelers, many from euro zone, pacific rim, and Canada spent lot of money here. The trend is also now jeopardy since the strict international travel measure, thanks to the sole terrorist attack against U.S.A bound flight. U.S.A consumers are still in stingy mood, the money flow tighter than before and deteriorating labor market. The market pundits now speculating 2010 will be again a stabilizing year and 2011, 2012 will be growth year.

Even though the reality is little tough, i think 2010 will be a good year for everyone, if not great one. Labor market will improve, i foresee some new way of flowing money will be invent, new technology break through will happen and BRIC countries continue to develop faster than industrial nations. But i'm sure that we are not going to see any miracle happen overnight to change the overall economy condition of U.S.A and rest of the world.

Happy New Year 2010....

Friday, December 25, 2009

How to catch a rat?

On Christmas day, Here is one fun short story. I'm working on it for days...

Back home in India, we always had rat issue when i was kid. We used to have lengthy discussions, brainstorm and strategy session to go through how to catch rats. The issue was, the rats came only at night to spoil our food and other eatables. It was suggested that, to have cat at home to scare rats and have a dog also to scare cat, so cat would eat more rats. But one brilliant mind suggested that what if after all the rats gone, what to do with the cat and dog. Everybody agreed that point and scraped the whole cat/dog idea, we all went back to whiteboard.

I suggested one idea that i would wake up daily night for a week to analyze all rats and its behavior and then make an appropriate plan to catch all rats. Nobody seems to agree, because i was too young to wake up all night and my plan was a bit vague to them . First i was angry with all of them, but then realized that it was my bad to blame others because i didn't explain it properly, so i decided to cajole again this time with proper explanations.

I started my arguments, as per scientific researches that rats are like human, they use rat for any scientific test before use it on human. Like human each rat was different, we can't use one trick to catch all rats hence we need to profile our invaders first and then come up with different approach. I started looking everybody face, they were not quite convinced. I thought my scientific approach failed, what else i have, my heart bumped and mind started spinning to win the hearts and minds.

I didn't have any more cards, i got an idea on the spot, i started again my argument, this time i used a practical jargon, see, Mama(uncle) used to be scared of elephant but not his wife. Chittapa(uncle) used to be scared of his wife but not of bulls. That's the difference, we have to had a solid plan to catch the rat because like human they also have their own preference. Now everybody agreed and they said that they need some more time to discuss about this plan.

I pleaded with them , time was running out, already we lost enough food because of rats now monsoon season also started. They said don't worry, everything should be analyzed carefully before come to conclusion. By the time, harvest started sooner than usual because of early start of monsoon. All raw rice were stored in front of our house, rat issue became Brobdingnagian.

I was waiting for a decision from all of them. They came back after 1 week, with the decision i most disliked. They apparently went to temple priest to find out any remedy for rat issue religiously. The priest misguided them by offering a ritual which was not in entire Hinduism practice. One said that before applying my unproven scientific approach lets try this cheap one and see the results, he even added that it was proven and priest used this ritual to stop rats at sannathi(a street usually named which starts from in front of temple) street.

I was in dilemma, do i need to stop this nonsense? or let them try this, at end of it, i can use it as my card to persuade them further. I said okay lets try this ritual and made a stress on my point that if this fails, i would use my approach. The priest was very busy with harvest ritual at fields, he gave an appointment ,a week after today, by the time, i sneaked at night and started my surveillance. The main issue with my home was, there are so many holes that rats used to enter, i can't close all of them because some of them are used to drainage rain water but can be closed if it not raining.

The priest came and did his rituals, the smoke was inside home and i loved the smell which is not ordinary fire, the fire was started by ghee and main fuel was sandalwood. I loved the smell but i couldn't see anything for sometime, my eye started burning. I wondered how come the priest sitting in front of fire, he was very close to the fire and he always burn the fire the height above his head, the smoke really start from where the fire ends.

After rituals, 2-3 days there was no rats, all clear, everybody happy. There are some rats but those are manageable by "Tiger" the cat we used to raise to control rats but no dog yet. I was surprised that how come no rats, so the ritual helped?. I was too scare to go in front of all, they might start laughing at me. I was right, one by one came into my room and laughed and started mocking me, see we had controlled everything by a simple ritual, what happened to your science and theory?

I was ashamed and started thinking what went wrong with my thought process? I still smell the ghee mixed sandalwood fire burns. I slept with too many wounds in my heart and felt hurt. In my dreams, i started chasing rat with fire on my hands, some stupid dreams, hell no, wait!! i woke up and i realized that the smell made rats away from my home, once the smell go away the rats would come back. Am i right? I asked myself 1000 times yes, i'm right, before i announce this theory to others, i want to make sure everything was right. I took my bicycle went to library, search for book at chemistry side, fire chemistry, i checked it, fire releases light and energy, ghee and sandalwood accelerate the energy to reach all the places, the home was now trapped with the energy.The smell was still there so rats were away from my home as they don't like the smell. As per my theory, rats would come back after all the energy gone.

I went and told my findings, this time nobody was interested to listen me. They said rats issue was past, all are gone, you can go to your room and continue your studies. I went to my room and thinking yes, they have a point, the smell might live longer for a month or so, by the time harvest would be over, rice would go to mill and be sold, monsoon would become peak and rats won't come out . Even if the energy was completely gone, how much time it will take to re-do the ritual? I was satisfied with everything, and i slept quietly.

Friday, December 18, 2009

New Year Resolutions 2010

2009 was great year for me and i have achieved most of my self-assigned goals, very important milestone i achieved on 2009 is, bought the home at Naperville. It was great to set up some goals for next year and to work for it. Blogging, micro blogging are the great asset for this self-learning and self-improvement. 2009 was a mixed year for me and my family we together worked as team to fulfill most of the goals. Here are some notable achievements.
  1. Home.
  2. 2000+ Tweets, following 3500+ and 3500+ followers which is unbelievable.
  3. 50 blogs and completed development of web 2.0 tool and uploaded 100+ contents.
  4. Reduced weight to below 195 lbs.
  5. Had a blast at summer, visited Pittsburgh,Niagara and spent great quality time with kids and family.
But as usual there are some left out and will be finished it this new year.

2010, will be again a same as 2009 for me and my family. Here are my resolutions and goals.

1. Learn a new speaking language.
2. Maintain same weight.
3. Weekly 1/2 blog and daily 2/3 micro blogs.
4. Continually improve tamilscrap site.
5. Visit to India.
6. Read more articles.
7. Work on reduce accent.
8. Last but not the least, spend quality time with family same as 2009.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Copenhagen – Best Vacation Spot

Last 1-2 weeks my blood started boil and my pressure shoots high, I was very disappointed with our politicians. They are not at all serious enough to handle the climate control summit at Copenhagen rather they are enjoying at Copenhagen like vacation. The main issue is, no body has ball to announce something positively and go back home to face their internal opposition politics. It is a final chance for all prime ministers, presidents, and kings to make pledge on future of humanity, if they miss this once in a life time chance, the whole human race will be evicted from earth Period.

I think the whole Climate control should be handled by intelligent think tanks, they know better than politicians. The “unpolitics” mind just think about real statistics and carefully draft the long term goals. Politicians can validate the recommendations and vote on the final terms and conditions, in other words gamble on entire humanity’s future. The threat is real and sea level raising day by day, climate is not same like before. Skin cancer, hurricane and irregular monsoon are evident for that, it doesn’t require a rocket scientist to figure that out. We are the final stage of, North Pole melting cycle, unless we control as much as possible CO2 emission, the ice melt will accelerate on 2020 and almost 5% of world land goes under water.

Now the blame game in Copenhagen is, as always a circus, between developed and developing nations. Everyone is very careful about what to promise, what to say, what to sign, and very picky about wording such as “Shall” “Should” “Must” etc. Please remember that we are not making a case against anyone, no need of attorney’s mind set here, we need some candid leaders come forward to pledge at least control 40-50% CO2 emission by 2020. Once they do, remaining countries would follow the same. It doesn’t matter whether CO2 emission comes from developed or developing or under developing countries, all are going to spoil our earth atmosphere. Don’t worry about remaining terms or future election, please do it for humanity for once for all.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Tiger Woods

Thanks to Tiger Woods, he indefinitely changed the definition of Golf, next summer if I say I’m going to play golf to my wife, she might reply sarcastically "really". [Pun Intended]. The point is Tiger Woods’s image is free falling, this media dominated society day by day adding salt to wound. As of now the total count of Tiger Woods’s mistress is staggering 16 and counting. There is no difference between 1 and 100 in terms of mistress, so media can leave this man alone to repair his marriage life to allow him to come back to Golf as soon as possible, rather than counting mistress like an election result or base ball score.

What is the real issue with Tiger Woods? He was a champion of Golf which was denied to minorities until 1960s. It was amazing that he become a master of a game which was never learned by his ancestors, further more he had stuttering problem. He is a great fighter and he will definitely come back and most of his followers and fans still believe him. We are all feeling pity for him but not angry with him.

What went wrong with him? I think like many other sportspersons and politicians and celebrities, Tiger’s case also "monomaniac" side effects. He was too much into Golf since young age and he doesn’t diversify his interested to other things, as a result he become addicted to something not agreeable to society. He can do several things to keep engaged on after Golf times which will be helpful for his profession also. For example. Fishing is also helps increase concentration, writing books (I bet his books would fly off from shelves like Harry Potter), spending quality time with family, there are many millions of million things available here for him to engage with his money. There are many monomaniac are in same path like Tigers such as Gambling, Drugs, and Girls, if we see the patterns, most of them are interested in only one thing since childhood.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Job - A Career - New IT Social Work

When I ride bus and train to work, i have to travel almost 60 miles, i have to pass several business during my ride, most of them are small business. I wonder how are they managing their income/expense and tax and many things, as any one assumed everything manual. They are not IT or progressive haters, they are brilliant, risk taking and growth oriented hard working people. I can spot 50 business with in 60 miles of ride means how many small business are here at U.S.A. There would be millions, most of them are not IT enabled. I envisioned a global community, bunch of developers, working as team to solve these kind of small business using completely open source at nominal rate. It started 2-3 years ago but it didn't scale up because of several reasons, the main one would be greediness of some people and lack of project management and competition from big IT service companies.

Here we are now, global level IT market saturated at salary level, big companies like IBM, Accenture and TCS can't serve this small business, they are very interested in long term contracting with big companies. IT open source developers are quit their ambition of serving small business because they joined with some companies as full timers or consulting through big companies. The main reason for developers quitting is A) small business won't provide enough documentation B) there process is very tough and ambiguous because of prolong manual process C) they can't give very fancy work place and attractive rate.

The above reasons are just some excuse to avoid those small business, the main reason is one could not think through the process complete and lack of transformation knowledge of actual process to design to code. Here after this world can't silver spoon feed each and everything to developers, they may not get 300 page documents, they may not get a skeleton of code to fill up, they may not get release support etc. If you are a developer with more than 10 years of experience you have to know all "how to's" from processes to design to code to code migration to production server.

There are millions of small business looking for these kind of all-in-one developers to change their process. All we need is some social sense to help others and self-learning thrust. If we do this ,future of IT definitely provide endless chance to every body who are really a veteran developer.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

How to change other's life?

It is very difficult to change our life but it is even difficult to change others. First of all why one want to do that? Are they Gandhi or Buddha or Jesus? Here is nature play important role, if you take 100 person randomly, the one would be the game changer, not his/her own but others also. There are several motivational speaker, millions of books, private counseling available in market just to deal with this subject. But unfortunately all are primarily to mend money and business. Those things won't work, even though one read several books and attend n number of training may not yield the result.

Listen through Eyes

When ever we speak with others, the eye is the main communicator not his/her mouth and words. The eye speaks differently than the real communication. The game changers or the 1/100 who created by natural to deal with changing other's life should listen the eyes to understand the real issue of others. Sometimes the communication sparks like fire but eyes shows cold, we can't do anything to help them. Sometimes communication drags low but we can see the spark the eye. The matter of fact is, eye can tell you whether the receiver just receiving the communication sake of it or they are serious. The important step for game changers is how to deal with eyes.

Start Change from their interest

One of the big mistake the game changers often do is impose their interest to others. Because we believe that the interest we posses are the proven and that changes our life hence superior but that won't work. If one is not interest to learn certain things there would be definitely a different form the same which might interest to the subject hence we can recommend that to them.

Not aware of that habit

Tiger Woods case is classic example of this, after we believe that we know everything about one and start dealing with change but suddenly some surprises happening from them is no good. The rule of thump is, always expect some surprise from them, the game changers should prepare upfront "what if" scenario. The strategy is, when to exit based on surprises, what is our threshold? our patience are the yard stick here.

After exit never look back

This is one of the main mistake we do after exiting on success or failure, either way once we are not engaging with the change game never look back. They should be in "kind of wish ignore list". There are several reasons behind it, one of the far most is that look back will hurt us if we do serious introspection.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Trigonometric Life

Our life based on 3 main elements, one is our own health and second is our family and third one is career. These three are tightly integrated and the change of one definitely affect the other. I attended a farewell party in one of my ex workplace, he was in late 50s and decided to retire from work, at the party his 18 years old son also attended. He started speaking about his achievements, how he built the company etc and finally looked at his son and he started literally crying because he didn't know anything about his son, he missed all of his graduations, he didn't know what he like to eat, he didn't know his favorite game, he was very much into work and couldn't spent time for his family. There are something's we can't get back and one of the main one is family especially our kids growth is ineluctable.

So all okay, if we spend more time with family, we can't advance our career, there are many people waiting in line to finish or take care of our job, aren't they? this world is competitive and opportunistic. True but not completely true. Technically, we are all not same in career point of view, we have our own strength and weakness so it is insane to think that your food is in other's hand. We all come from good education background and we can achieve what ever we want to but timing and careful planning is important.

Here are some important things we need to consider for work life balance and how to be an indispensible asset for workplace

  1. Are we updating the skills required to perform our job in effectively? Updating the skills regularly gives an edge to our professional life at same time helps us to finish our job on time.
  1. What is the unique strength of ours and how to show? Each of us has some uniqueness in our ability, that is the one differentiate factor with others. We have to identify that and enhance it at work. This gives an advantage for workplace to use us at right time for right project and we can justify our existence at the work place.
  1. Understanding the context and gives priority to the most important. For example, we are at our kids school for a soccer game, a call from work, from a known person he/she wouldn't call unless there is an emergency then we have to take the call.
  1. As far as i know from my friends experience some times family side he/she gets a sour treatment because he/she missed an important family get together or son's practice etc. I think it is because of our inability to communicate with our family about why we think the work matter is very important than the family get together.

Monday, November 09, 2009

End of Iron Curtain: Start of Free Market… Sort of…

I was 15 years old when Berlin wall dismantled and I was not very keen to follow the events. Those protests eventually ended “socialist” era to make a new way to start free market, capitalist era. But out of curiosity I asked to my dad and other elders that, so the communists going to out of our area also, no more strikes, so my friend’s dad can go back to factories which was closed for years etc…etc. None were provided a clear cut answer and unfortunately communists able to survive in our area, I would say it become stronger in 2 states. After end of iron curtain, communists started thinking about a new perspective of their philosophy, they become capitalist orientated may be lessons learned from modern China which is good for all of us.

20 years later after end of iron curtain, fall of Soviet Union, and free markets, are we well off with this system? Is this world become a better place to live? What are the advantages? Obviously this world become a flat, trade and investment flowing across nations, there is no border for goods movements, new inventions, new products discovered and the role of governments become less but private company’s role become bigger, rich people become richer and poverty rate of some countries were reduced, all are happy, smiling, everything is colorful.

If I stop this post now, definitely I’m looking only the glass half full, there are something missing.
  • Aren’t we putting all eggs into one bucket? For example, India the whole economy depends on 5 richer people, what will happen if they decide to disinvestment from India?
  • Aren’t we polluting our earth faster than before?
  • One cell company controlled almost 4% of GDP of a country. What will happen if they show 4 continues quarter’s loss and decided to lay off people?
  • Do we know how to survive without working for 1-2 years? Are we teaching our kids how to farm a land and make it useful for cultivation?
  • What will happen if the same happening happens in Detroit to all of our other cities?

But there are always some flaws with all the system, the system we have now is excellent one but as long as we all are honest and utilizing the system how it should work then no issues. Go Free Market.

Monday, November 02, 2009

The Hitchhiker's Guide (2) to the Liquidation

Here are the steps to become liquidate in layman terms.

For Starters
Save Money in to saving account -> After it grow 5K -> Move to a money market account -> After MM account Grow 10K -> Move 5K to Mutual funds(step by step) -> After Mutual fund grows 25K -> Move to Stock market (Remember diversify) -> After stocks grows at least 100K -> Invest in real estate

For Pros
Sell second home for gain -> Move 50% to again Mutual funds -> Buy an other home at upcoming places(like Idaho, Montana) full or partial down payment(or internationally) -> When Mutual fund grows some move into stocks -> Sell stocks at 50% gain -> Buy 3rd home some where at North Carolina or Texas -

For Retirees
Sell all home -> buy a home at Big Island -> move all 401K to money market account -> NO MORE LIQUIDATION.

It was easy for me to draw the above map but it is really very hard to progress. The main issue is, we are all prone to unexpected expense. But I believe a solid plan and use of latest technology we can avoid all. I’m a super user of Quicken since 2000, on a single click I can render number of reports and n number of “What if” scenarios. The meticulous planning and not emotionally attached to anything are the key for anything.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Polished and whisked

I’m still researching on my second series of liquidation, in the mean time here is a new blog about polished, diplomatic communication and straightforward communication patterns.

A friend of mine discussed with me a long time ago that why Americans are so successful at marketing and selling more cars than Germans, but Germans are very good at mechanics and engineering [This discussion happened several years ago, at that time Ford and GM outperforms Benz and BMW at almost all markets in sales]. The friend visited 16 countries and he has more international experience than me, he concluded that Americans always smile and Germans keep stiff face and they are not good at talking and marketing, more than that they are straightforward (plain) talking what they are thinking in the mind. But I was not convinced at all because he was making a generalization statement. One of the great examples of plain communication is Joe Biden, USA’s current vice president who lost all previous bids of USA”s presidency even though he is talented, honest senator with foreign relations and high IQ, EQ and experience.

The following are the main reasons why plain communication fails,

1. Actually we want to hear always good things about us, we don’t want to hear anything negative about us. Most of times plain communication misses the sugar coating.
2. Context wise implied meanings are very hard to understand for common folks, since sometimes plain communication labeled as contradiction.
3. Plain communication sometimes hurt other’s feeling, even though it was not intended. Plain communications sometimes gives not enough explanations and context and full sentences. Hence we often take it seriously. For example, I went to a BMW car shop and salesman said that here cars are little expensive, so you made your mind. This was very plain and he might imply that i can’t buy the car or he is just warning me before hand since I give him a sense that I just came to this country. This required some analytical from our side.
4. Trust or mistrust, once we trust others we can easily communicate very plainly, sometime we thinks that we are in some trust but the communication receiver was not that trust as producer.

I think how to communicate and what to communicate also now become an art, one size doesn’t fit all. But we can communicate freely and plainly with progressive minded friends because they want to progress with our honest feed back or understands the fully about context, but with others we have to use polished and diplomatic way of communication.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Hitchhiker's Guide(1) to the Liquidation

As I said before, nowadays making money is very easy, if you aren’t then government gives you some [Just Kidding]. The point is, comparatively with earlier generations, because of global economy and free trade and so many things make money available to everybody now. As long as, we have a decent education with IQ over 100 can get a decent salaried job for most of the people in this world [An idealist statement though]. Now we have money and how to manage it and how to spend it wisely and what to buy and what to avoid and where to invest and how to liquidate and rebuild the wealth is big questions. A common average human doesn’t know that hence we need a intelligent MBA grads to manage our wealth. The last decade’s extraordinary demand for a top notch business school MBA grades also because of we don’t know how to manage our own money. The downturn and economical instability also because of us, each individual doesn’t know how to manage it properly. All money going to one direction for a long time and then stops is the main reason for recessions, in other words we are putting all of our eggs into one box and let other’s decide what to do with that with the pool of money.

As far as I know people loosing money because they don’t know how to build a wealth and then liquidate it wisely at correct time and rebuild it. We average human tend to become greedy when we involve with money, we try to emotionally attached with it, and we don’t know how to treat money as a commodity and work with it as professional manner. In capitalism, liquidate an old business and rebuild a new a business is common one. I’m not here talking about a compulsory liquidation or some sort business related. Just how we manage our portfolio and how to sell stocks, assets, or other investments at right time to rebuild our wealth.

130 Years ago my great-great grandfather bought some land for Rs 200.00.Now the land value is Rs 2 million (9999% growth). Are we a good investor? I would say no, Indian stock market soars from index 1 to index 17,000(19999%) with in the same period of time because Indian stock market was created on around the same period when my great-great grandfather bought the land. Either my great grandfather or my grandfather should have been sold some of the land (liquidate) to reinvest with stocks. Imaging my inheritance amount would be Rs 200 Million [I’m not greedy just proving my point]. Let’s see how to liquidate and some important points at next post.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Why we prefer shortcuts or short term benefits?

A longtime ago i read from some book that the new young generation of USA school kids wants to make money by fame in other words they want to become a super athletics or movie star or music career. Some of them, very few want to do hard work to become a doctor or engineer, which was very low percent to compare with earlier generation. This is not a USA’s problem, now this culture spreading across globe. I was sitting on the fountain at Aurora Fox valley mall, a kid like 3 years old throw a coin towards fountain, before that he wished that he want to earn 1 million dollar. Every where and every one want to make money but prefer some short cuts. I think we elders are responsible for this attitude of young generation. We want to achieve financial freedom by using our kids are the main reason or we are pushing our kids towards something fancy career like athletics, entrainment industry. There is nothing wrong to dream something bigger and working towards it but going sidetracked and prefer shortcuts are the bigger issues.

In front of kids, we used to prefer always shortcuts, route A is short but speed limit is 25 and route B is little long but speed limit is 50, but we unconsciously select route A. Home cooking takes 1 hour to eat, fast food is 15 mins, we select fast food but home cooking is obviously healthier than fast food. Strip mall shopping takes 3 hours but mall shopping takes 1 hour but little expensive, we select mall shopping since we want to go home early. If we aggregate each and every thing, we unconsciously prefer short cuts. Guess what, who is watching and learning from us? Our kids and we ultimately spoiling their mind. As per my opinion, we do select short cuts because of peer pressure or our brain used to do so or both.

In India, the corruption is epidemic and i don’t want to tell you that people prefer short cuts to attain something since we have mammoth corruption. Actually if we decided to go straightforward also gives good result but time consuming. Based on my experience, the short cut like giving money to achieve something would take 1 day vs straight forward to take 1 week ( of course i’m speaking relative terms). If we plan ahead and prepare for all paper work correctly, everything can be done with out giving any money. I used to go those government places and they obviously ask money to do that, i used to follow all procedures and fight with them to get it without money. First they show mean face and then they used to ask all unnecessary paper works, if you have all, you can get things done but each one took me 3-5 days instead of 30 mins if i prefer to do it by short cuts. All required is precious plan and common sense that what might need to get something done.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Book Review : Refactoring by Martin Fowler

Brilliant book and must read one for Software engineers and Java developers. Why i emphasis this book? This book would help us to communicate efficiently. When i start reading Gang of 4 book and Head First Design Patterns, i start wondered that "hey, we did that 2 years ago and it should be called "Factory Pattern" etc etc. Giving an industry standard name for an activity is really important and it is the progression of IT industry. Once we are all familiar with naming and concept then our job is very easy to perform and make quality software. Here after i no need to explain moving method from a class to other class because of blah blah reason, just refer Martin Fowler refactoring pattern "Move Method(142)". Through out the book, i was excited to see Martin Fowler captured everything in detail related to refactoring which we facing in our day by day activity.

Nowadays IT industry code development become static, thanks to current economic downturn and baby boomer's retirement. But the software usage is exploding year by year. The software which developed during IT boom period early this decade is still in use but not scaling up with demand. The only solution now available is to refactor it and make it scalable. Not all of them afford to write a new software from scratch again thanks to economic downturn.

Refactoring by Martin Fowler gives you feeling that he is directly talking with you as a Java Architecture or a team mate. One main thing of refactor is "pairing teams" and "solid test suite". Why pairing teams is important for refactoring, we have to discuss in detail about what kind of refactoring make lot of sense. Based my experience, we have to move step by step process to achieve solid refactoring and always keep it simple.

This book gives you a in depth knowledge of refatoring and most of it, we already heard from our senior team members and architecture, i mean we already followed it because of our experience. But this book consolidated all of them and give them a name and giving some other techniques to refactoring also. Again a must read...

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Public Health Insurance

A soft spoken, intellectual liberal's thought process is, our country is world's super power, rich country but 50 million people are without a basic insurance, 18,000 people dying without a proper insurance per year, hmm..what is the solution? As always, liberals want to address this by providing a government sponsored, a well funded, a perfect public health care to all citizen. In long run, they want to integrate all into one universal insurance, 100% funded by government.

A well mannered, easily spark towards any new reforms conservatives, opposing this plan on every town hall meeting. They are getting a sizable support from senior citizens and business people. They are pointing out the source of funding, already U.S government spent trillions of trillion for economy and deficit is higher than any other time, GM and some banks are under government watch. The situation is not good for any reform for now and 180 million citizens are happy with current plan so do senior citizen with current Medicare plan. I didn't understand why they are comparing this reform with Nazi Germany and Hitler.

The PHI is getting very complicated and even President Obama start talking about his grandmother's death because of without proper insurance. As far as my experience with health care system here at U.S.A, it is very expensive like any other countries. But here due to the lawsuits, the defense tests and treatment cost is very higher than any other countries. For example, if you go to emergency room for a headache you end up paying more to just some CT scan/x-ray, blood test etc, which are not required for a headache.

I think the solution for this is a compromise between right and left. We can't always achieve 100% on everything, so a semi public company like Freddie Mac is answer for this. The insurance can be continue purchased from a primary market (Aetna, Blue Cross etc) but they can sell to secondary market(a Freddie Mac kind of company). In order to qualify for public health insurance, employers and individuals have to pass some basic requirements. In other words, with the current choice of HMO,PPO etc, insurance companies can offer PHI. This sounds less complicated, aren't they?

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The definition of " Democracy"

Almost all of my Indian friends and relatives and parents are always shows me a kind of frustration about India, when ever we are in talk about our country. The lists are

1. Inadequate infrastructure.
2. Unbearable Bureaucracy.
3. Corrupted politicians.
4. Reservation
5. Arranged marriage
6. Arrogant government employees and able to form teams to protest against government for their own salary hike.
7. Social economy structure.
8. Caste system.
9. Unmovable justice system.

and the list goes on and on. But everybody moving their status from poor to middle class and middle class to rich and so on. I agree with most of it, that is, yes we have poor infrastructure, mainly because of people like us, we used our "democracy" process to stop government's planning on infrastructure developments. We overload our justice system, we misused social system as a result we get into prolong reservation system. If we start deeply thinking, we people created all the mess and expecting elected officials to clear all mess. But as usual i used to take all vent offs from my friends and later used it to cool off myself by musing all those things. I can tell one thing is, we all forgetting the meaning of patience and everyone want a private island with private jet, that is, a big issue with my Indian brothers and sisters.

We have to understand that India got independence with 180+ nations after world war II, but India is only one still standing as true democracy[Thanks to for the info]. One of true democracy i can point out is, the recent national poll, economists and think tanks wants same Congress to continue, Indian people able to do it so India intensified it's developments. Our democracy has a true meaning and who ever you are, what power you have but people has power to make you king at same time make you zero. It is People's Government.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

How to reduce weight: From a foodie after quit smoking

Weight loss is kind of epidemic in around world. A friend of mine hardly 100 lbs, worried much and trying to reduce non-existence fat [Pun Intended]. A regular exercise with controlled diet is really important for healthy life style but too much diet and harsh weight loss are not good for one’s health.

Here my post, I’m concentrate on weight gain after quit smoking and how to reduce it. After quit smoking, we tend eat more which is unavoidable. As per my opinion, don’t stop it, eat as much as we can and gaining 10-20 lbs doesn’t matter, what matter is 1000+ chemicals from smoking. When I quit smoking I was ranging between 180 lbs to 190 lbs, but after quit smoking it raised to 220 lbs. After a month and half, regular exercise and diet now my weight is 199 lbs. I’m not writing this for my self pride, there are some out there still smoking thinking about weight gain after quit smoking.

1. Addict to one type of food, meaning if you like Pizza means eat more and more pizza as replacement for smoking.
2. Always set a threshold for weight gain and check periodically weight.
3. Once reached the threshold weight, stop eating “smoking replacement food”. We can’t stop it as cold turkey, one day don’t eat your favorite food rather eat subway and next day eat less favorite fatty food like wise stop it completely.
4. Drink 5-6 green tea but last cup should be before 5.00PM to avoid insomnia.
5. Morning or evening 15-20 mins brisk walking or jogging is must, first it hurts a lot because of over weight but after 2-3 weeks all will be okay.
6. Eat half filling and have remaining stomach for fruits and juice.
7. No ice cream, snacks and beer.
8. Drink Red Wine which is really great for burning extra fat.

Have fun, happy weight loss

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Two Mindsets

Thanks to Sukumar for Mindset book recommendation, it is indeed a great book to read. I haven’t completed it yet but it created some stimulus to write this blog. Actually I chose my friendship with some very early and keep in contact as long as I can, meaning I still have friends from 1st grade and 5th grade and 6th grade etc. I keep on watching/contacting 2 of my old friends. One is positive thinker (A), other one is negative thinker (B). This blog is about the real time analysis of these 2 distinct mindsets.

The topic of our discussion was Sachin Tendulkar, a great Indian Cricketer of all time. Positive Thinker always thinks Sachin is going to score 50 runs in any match, Negative Thinker always thinks Sachin is going to duck out. But the reality would be something different. I always stay in between, I used to analysis some factors like who was opponent, who was going to start bowling for Sachin, what was the pitch condition, what was the weather, my recall abilities about Sachin’s performance on the same ground before. Based on my analysis I used to support A or B. If Sachin scores 50 A is happy and we both celebrates the Sachin’s victory, at same time B started dislike the moment and me. If Sachin scores 0 or very low score, me and B start tease A about his performance and A started dislike me and B.

One person’s swing of positive to negative depends on the situations and some intuition. There are several factors involved to change mindset from positive to negative. Since A was always positive thinkers, he is in better shape now, he started a business and quite well off among all of three. The B still not settled in and not that quite good. So I can declare here that positive thinkers always find a good life and career. It seems to me always positive is good and it always bringing good results.

But the disadvantage been always positive is,
  • Sometimes they become arrogant after 3 - 4 succession of success. At same time broke after 3 - 4 succession of failure.
  • Since they thinking always an outcome of an event should be success, they tend to loose money and money management may be very poor.
  • Easy target for cheating and push over.
  • They have to learn how to manage unexpected or surprises, other wise they will be in big trouble.
The disadvantage been always negative is,
  • They see everything negatively and remember negative events only, for example, they try to forget everything about Bill Clinton did as president but try to remember only his sex scandal.
  • Attract towards some ideology organizations, easily buy in something radical views.
  • Ego driven and ego can be used to outgrow others.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Selfishness: A Psychological and Culture view

When I was young, i used to listen old stories from grandmother and a cousin of my grandfather. Most of the stories are from their flashbacks and their culture and some bad things happened in their generation. Many stories are how they suffered on the 1889 great Indian drought and followed by killer malaria, diarrhea. These two events created shock waves to their minds and the generation changed how they were before, they were lack of confidence about their next day’s food. They have to be very selfish to survive on those tough times. As per Indian culture, all the religious books and religious thoughts encouraged sharing and selfish less. But later on those sad events are main reason for selfishness. The main reason for India’s population growth is also selfishness, those olden times there were no advanced medicine available, so most of the kids dies less than their 1 year or with in hours of birth or before their teen age. Due to this that time Indians try to give more than 5-10 births, to save at least 1-2 but most of the time 1-2 only not survived.

After the green revolution and advancement in health care, now all are fine and nowadays most of us not try more than 1-2 kids and we have surplus food production also. But due to “old habit never dies”, we are stick with selfishness. Selfishness is a faded thing with generation, the young generation now not that selfishness like older one. The main reason is, they were not through any of “life and death” situation and the distance from 1889 sufferer generation and the level of confidence is higher. There is plenty available for them to share between them also. In other words, live and let live others are the mantra for current generation.

I used to observe now a conflict between generations about how selfishness should one have? Mom and Dad had heated conversation with younger like why you gave your food to XYZ? Why you helped an unknown senior citizen to cross the road and you missed your bus to school? First I thought when people gets older they tend to become selfishness but I was wrong it is the generation and lack of confidence. Kid is confident that she can survive without a one time food and catch up everything she missed the day of teaching. Psychologically who ever not have enough confidence and greedy are main for selfishness. Culturally almost all culture encourage selfish less through religious books and sermons etc.

Monday, July 13, 2009

What is exactly EQ?

It was a bitter cold winter night, the time was almost 3:00AM and we were setting up initial customers in our system but there was an issue with customer data. We had 2 choices A) Go to home sleep and come back morning and discuss with Sales/Marketing team and explain to boss about the delay, manage the outcomes B) Immediately call Marketing Analyst to fix the issue. The war room was filed with highly IQ, techie people, they decided to go with option B, and we called him early morning 3.00 AM to fix an issue. The good news is we fixed the issue and money started flowing but bad news is we about to going to lose a veteran marketing analyst because he was frustrated with late night calls and lost many future millions.

The reason why we choose the option B is, we were lacking Emotional Intelligence. Several researches suggested that “Einstein's superior intellectual ability may have been related to the region of his brain that supports psychological functions. In other words, according to Newsweek science reporter Steven Levy, "When it comes to appreciating the most famous brain of our century, it ain't the meat - it's the emotion."”.

EQ is nothing but using emotional side of brain to understand, sense other’s emotion and perspectives and using common sense to resolve human’s conflicts. In other words, learning how to see world in color is EQ. There are lot of successful products invented because of frustration by an individual and their desire to fix the issue for entire humanity.

Why most of us lacking emotional intelligence, actually left side of brain usually process “What” and right side of brain processes “How”. Our traditional educational system always concentrates on left side of brain since we are all left dominate. We all know “what” is going on but we don’t know “how” to fix/help it. The balance approach of left and right is important to increase EQ. In order to help others, first we need to understand “what” is the problem? And then suspend left brain and start right side “How” to fix it? So if we develop right side of the brain “How” comes quickly.

There are several research papers, books available regarding EQ but as usual what ever related to brain and our activity, we have to practice it a lot.


Sunday, July 05, 2009

Jobless Recovery

Are we heading to a jobless recovery? From Krugman to Joe Biden everybody thinks the same. Actually the last job report was a scary and it overturned all the predictions and met all threshold. But a point to remember is, job market is a trailing economic indicator, it would take some time to stabilize the condition. Based on previous recessions 1981-82, 1991-92 and 2001-2002, when economy turning around it would start sending mixed signals.

The recovery may not be uniform as we like, because the medications prescribed for economy would start show it signs at different times from different places. For example, investors always positive thinkers since they buy in all from Fed reserve and treasury's assessments and start buying stocks hence sock markets going north but employers are causally optimistic about future business hence we are seeing a lousy unemployment report. It is pool of people thinking differently and some sees half empty and some sees half full. But the truth is, we are not going to live like this forever, people have to come out and start buying stuff, economy going to recover like the previous one. But timing is the matter now.

I think President Obama's stimulus plan going to be in full effect from September and gas price again easing and people come back from summer vacation, back to school, long term investment decisions all going to happen on late Summer. The first 6 months are not good for markets as well as any recovery since i think the 2nd half would be better for all of us. Good news is we already in 2nd half.


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Software Development – Ego Driven – Part III

In almost all white-collar professions, we have to deal with Ego, Ego is a trait mainly driven by superiority and some inflated feeling of self. Ego is a main driver of one’s growth and without ego there is no improvement. But ego is very complex subject, I’m here try to present my thoughts and how to work with Egoistic environments. Ego is great tool for improvements hence can be used as weapon whenever required. Too much Ego is not okay because that’s main team work killer. As a rule of thumb, too much egoistic person should be an individual contributor like sales, decision making and use the egoistic to beat outside market competition. Here are some more points about egoistic.

Polite or Bully: It is very hard to understand whether a person really bullies or showing bully behavior out of ego. A same person act very polite with “inferior” than one and act very aggressively or bullying with “superior” than one. But the reality is all are equal and everything is illusion that one is above and below. It is very tough to work with those but flexibility and showing some weakness of our own to egoistic person helps and improves team environment. One interesting story is, I know a sales guy who is very egoistic and very successful but always do some mistake in total price or ask some stupid questions like “John, how many zeros for millions”. The secret is he wants to work with others very friendly manner hence some time act like he is also a prone to mistakes and he is not a super human.

Can Do or I can do everything: Can do attitude is really great and positive but we can’t do everything possibly under the sun. We have to depend on others and our success relies on how others also willing to working with us. For example, Software we have initiation, plan, design, code, test, deployment, support phase and each one required some team effect from everybody. Even though we were experienced developers sometime we need a support from a system admin who joined just today, so some level of politeness required to get some help from him/her.

Balancing Ego: Actually we are all ego by birth, but getting mature and interacting with others help us to taming or balancing ego. My best advise to use ego as weapon or we are in team environment and want to balance ego, we have to start using “we” instead of “I” and share credit with others.

But any ways not all are same, we are all having different traits and Ego is not a bad one, as i said it is major factor for improvements and use it as weapon but not always. Actually my tactics would be, when ever i play cricket i would be always with non-tamed-egoistic caption because i always want to be with winning team. Here I’m ending my psychology side of software development series.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

How to become a Saint

Actually a long ago, one of my friend used to do some unusual stuffs like avoid salt for 3 months, sometimes avoid sugar for 3 months, no talking with parents, friends for a week etc. I thought that he was kind of paranoid person. But I didn’t know that he was tried to become a saint. Each try of some thing unusual gives him some will power and feel the pain of others who really suffer from the disease. The main purpose of Ramzan and Good Friday is to experience the hunger of poor people, hence people start share something to others to eliminate hunger. Buddha was a rich prince and he become saint only after he sees and feels the pain of others. The same with Gandhi also, he also a rich and earning lot of money as lawyer in South Africa, but he become a father of nation because of his experience and feeling pain of others.

So becoming saint required emotional trauma or high integrity or something unusual things that my friend did, or 30 days no food, or go out to forest to see some things or go to South Africa or Jerusalem. I think none of them are required to become saint. In fact, we no need to become something extra ordinary personality to become a saint. There are some important things we can follow to become a Saint.

1. Don’t talk about others when they are not in front of us: The talking about others and gossiping is like a playing highly addicted video game. Once addicted it is tough to come out from it.

2. Not addicted to money: As I said in previous posts, addicted to **anything** has some remedy to come out from it, but addicted to money is incurable. So making money and saving money is waste? No, money should be considered as a tool, we have to earn it as much as we can and save it but never go beyond it.

3. No to superiority and inferiority: We are all human, equal, each one living for some purpose, some where and some profession. There is no one is above and below. Opportunities are out there, system is fixed and any body can become anything. But what we had in mind is stopping us to become what we want. There is no place in this earth has dictate that one has to do this and that (other than some regimes). The point is most of us has freedom and choice what ever we want to achieve and we are forcing or liberating others also to join us, greater example is recent Iran protests.

4. Stop Unnecessary Fear: 6 months back we are all feared, what is going to happen to our economy and job market etc? But now things are slowly returned normal but we are not out of woods yet but better than 6 months ago. If we fear now is meaningless and unnecessary, the bad time was behind us and we have to think about future growth. So unnecessary fear is won’t make us Saint rather pull us down.

5. Learn as much as possible: When ever I say learn, some my friends mistaken that I’m asking every one to rejoin school or check out books from library. Learning means everything we try something new including cooking, going/seeing new places, playing something, writing about some new things. What ever we do for fun is also learning.

There are many other things helps us to become a Saint including helping others, volunteering, community service, laughing with others, playing with kids, going to worship places, spending time with friends, socializing with others and many other things. So am I a saint? No, not really but like any body else, I’m also trying to become Saint. Together we will all try our level best.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Software Development - Stress Management - Part II

Our life is full of surprises and twists and turns, no one in this world meticulously plan for future, day by day activities etc. All we need is a brave heart to face unexpected. Stress management is really important in our life. We should not get stress easily and burn out ourselves. When i started software development, industry suffered a major setback is managing stress. But now due to the maturity of industry stress is not a big issue. What causing stress, actually stress is unpredicted one. For example, one is very easy go on many things but get stress whenever Christmas season is around the corner, major reason is how can i handle shopping for massive relatives, friends, kids? but s/he may be handles $10 million fund in wall street.

Stress can cause major damage to health, mind. One more important thing is, stress won't show up until it grows bigger and bigger in our own mind. Back in India, i wondered that my dad, uncles other relatives who ever working with public sector never complained about Stress but self employed and private sector complained about stress. What is the connection between them?. Actually one important thing is, India freedom of speech, expressiveness is higher in public sector companies with compare to private sector, since employees enjoyed free to talk, free to say no etc in public sector, which helps them to free up from stress. Based on my opinion, here are some major points in terms managing stress.

1. Say what we can do, talk from our own mind, don't commit more than what we can achieve.

2. Learn to say NO, but not always NO. Balance between Yes and No is really important to manage stress.

3. Treat others as friends/helpers not competitors, competition leads to race which leads to stress.

4. Plan ahead, create a step by step guide to achieve end goal. Get professional help if we need to.

5. Go to new places and learn about new things.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Software Development - A new series 1

A long ago, a friend of mine argued with me that Software development is like painting and developers are painters. As per his view, software development should be done by artists. I straight away disagreed and his argument was immature and naive. Painting and artist are gifted one, not everybody gets those and Software development is a professional job, so it doesn't always required some gifted person to develop it.

Lets take a example of construction field, it is heavy physical intensive work, it required some 250 lbs and 6 feet to perform the job but that is ideal. If a construction company wants to hire only 6 feet and 250 lbs, they can't hire enough employers to build a house and can't make profit. They want to hire any body physically fit for work and then divide work that heavy object lifting job goes to 250 lbs and some arranging, nailing job goes to other below 250 lbs. This is the system, this is how our society work, no body feels discrimination if 150 lbs not getting 50 lbs lifting job.

The same with software development, for a minimum level of coding one should have fundamental strong on the programming language, some working knowledge of database, a decent level of knowledge of Linux/Unix. The distinguish comes as form of expert level, which can be achieved with in 6-8 years of experience. There are 10 million software developers are here in U.S, all of them are not gifted and they are fit into this expert, medium and starter category. But other than that in Software there is one main aspect is attitude, the attitude is really important for developers. In fact attitude is important for any professional work, but i feel very strong about attitude and software development. Development required brain work and run through some analysis/processes in mind all the time hence good attitude required to develop quality software and within budget. More over attitude is really important for young industry like software development.

Why it is important? Again lets take construction field, construction is very old industry and all are well defined and well formed. Lets assume there are 100 people building a house, they may not even know their names each other, but the coordination and building process goes smoothly. All they want to know is what is their job today and when they have to finish it. But the young industry Software development, there was nothing defined, each day there are new development methodology, processes, each company has it's own processes and so on, nothing was integrated and everything working as it's own area. At end of the day, based on my 12 years of progressive development experience, each software developers attitude is making difference of successful completion of project particularly in IT industry.

Based on my experience, there are some main factors contributing good and bad attitudes, they are A. Context Switching B. Stress Management C. Ask other's help/ego.

Context Switching :
What i mean context switching, there are two types of context switching, first as soon as we start to work, we have to forget our personal and concentrate on professional one. second, with in work switch context between projects without losing temper. The first switch is something important and everybody should follow it, a successful career rely on how one separating personal issues with professional life.


Monday, May 18, 2009

Fallen Hero but after May, 21st 1991 Zero

Today is an emotional day in all over Tamil Nadu, Sri Lanka and many Tamil families all over the world. 30 Years of indefinitely fighting against majority Sinhala, finally comes to an end with nothing. There are 100,000 people killed during this civil war, mainly Tamil ethnic. Finally Vellupillai Prabhakaran the leader of Liberation Tiger of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) got killed with his shatter separate country dream.

During the beginning years, LTTE was considered as Civil Right Movement for minority Tamil people. Prabhakaran was considered as the leader for Tamils, but later on the organization was transform itself as a “Cult” like a movement. They want to kill anybody who are not supporting separate country demand and who are not willing to join LTTE organization. The relationship with mainland Tamil Nadu was fractured when LTTE killed India’s one last of hope for reforms Rajiv Gandhi for some lame reasons. LTTE killed Rajiv so do India’s ambitious dream of reforms, because of Rajiv’s murder, India’s reforms were delayed by at least a decade.

I hope now the onus on majority Sinhala government to protect minority Tamil people and slowly integrates them with main stream. It may take decades to achieve it but you just eliminated terrorists which was impossible for India still now even U.S.A couldn’t achieve the success yet. Nothing is impossible.


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Indian Election 2009 - Results

After i would say 2 decades, this is the clear sweep by a single coalition and Congress led Untied Progress Alliance (UPA) going to form government with no support from anti-globalization parties mainly Indian communists. This election was main and crucial to Indian economy, because we need a continuous, stable, globalization/progressive minded government to solidify the modern economical foundation. Now Indian people spoke the same language from Kashmir to Kanyakumari to give a clear and solid mandate to current ruling coalition UPA to continue their job mainly to improve infrastructure, abolish poverty for next 5 years.

The exit polls suggested that UPA or NDA wouldn't get simple majority and they need support from leftist parties, who are very narrow minded and anti-globalization. But real results went other way. We need a clear exit poll strategy, it is failing consistently for all over the world's election outcome. All over India vote counting started and results were announced with in 3-4 hours because now Indian election commission using electronic voting machine, early days the outcome of election took days.

Here are some highlights from India's Election 2009

1. Youth vote was the clear differentiator for this election, they want a stable government hence they choose UPA. It is clear indication that India's political power shifting from aged generation to younger generation.

2. No one can change democracy election outcome, even though here and there people voting based on caste, community and for money, the final outcome will be same from all over country.

3. 60%-65% people cast their vote for this election, which is not bad as per current democracy standard but everybody should vote and mainly urban people ditch their voting rights for various reason including lost hope with political parties and politicians. Political parties have to note this and work hard to win the trust again.

4. Glamorization and movie star connection to politics is old style. Nowadays one can't win people based on star value and attraction. For example, this time a mega movie star from state of Andhra Pradesh failed badly.

5. Political parties have to change their stance on several issues, if they are out of sync with people's day-by-day issues, future issues they will be kicked out. For example, a leading politician fighting hard for Sri Lanka's issue lost this election because he/his party didn't solve any issues for their constituencies. They forgot that Sri Lanka is out of India's map and the issue will be resolved by Indian central government, UN and other major country leaders.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Twitter Java API

In my opinion, after Apple's iPhone, iPod and Amazon's Kindle, Twitter is greatest innovation of this decade. The simple but powerful innovation allows us to share our thoughts, news, and opinion to 100K plus or even 1 million users within a single click. Amazing doesn't it? How will you share your opinion transparently within 140 chars? The twitter users also has amazing power, people sharing from all over globe by using a single entity is something powerful medium.

I was drawn into Twitter world like a year ago, so far my experience with Twitter is excellent. But every things has it is own drawback, in twitter world there are some a-holes try to deceive us by following us and make us to follow them and then silently unfollow us. I want to develop a small piece of code to find this mischief. But i found an excellent site to do the same thing efficiently, i recommend all to use the to find this rogues. But anyways i did this code to understand various APIs for Twitter. One of the great and fastest Java API for Twitter is from Google but there is no good documentation. Here is step by step guide to integrate with Google java-twitter.

1. Go to

2. Download Java-Twitter-*-SNAPSHOT.jar. Java-Twitter-*-SNAPSHOT.jar depends on following JARS













3. Here is the complicated Google's Protocol Buffers. Google uses Protocol Buffers for almost all of its internal RPC protocols and file formats. Our job is to download bunch of C++ code and convert it to Java and jar it.

4. Download protobuf*.zip and protobuf*

5. Unzip protobuf*.zip and proto*, and find a proto.exe from protobuf*

6. Copy the file to protobuf/src/ folder.

7. Go to protobuf/java and find README.txt for step by step guide to create protobuf-java-2.0.3.jar file.

8. After adding all the above JAR files, the code development is easy and refer

9. Make sure to install Java 1.6 and set JAVA_HOME variable correctly.

Here is code to find friendship exists call.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

When positive thoughts replaced with….

Time to time I deeply dive into this “positive thoughts” and what make them disappear for some for some point of time or prolong period of time. I mean, when we watch great leader’s talks, most of time they speak on high positive note but for some time they speak on otherwise. Actually we should not always be positive on all the time, sometimes we need to think about other angle. Overly positive thoughts leads to self-illusion and overly faith based leads to always negative. So what is balanced approach?

Actually when we born, we are all positive thinkers, kids always want to explore new things and they never say I don’t want to go to some place or I don’t want to do some things. But after some time they express some kind of fear, 98% kids learn how to ride bicycle but 2% of afraid of learning the same. When age grows the positive Vs negative ratio heightened. The point is sometime environmental causing this flip side. What is it? And how not to fell into the trap? How to be positive?

When I was in California, we (I and 3 other friends) had a road trip to Las Vegas. As usual, everybody talked about money and gambling. One question was asked, how much money you need in order to fulfill your dream? Person A said 100 Million, Person B 50 Million, and Person C $300 for now (because that’s the budget for Las Vegas trip). I thought A and B are high positive thought guys, because they can think a high number and want to win that much money. After spent time there, when returning person C was very positive mood and A, B are negative mood because A and B couldn’t win 100 and 50 million or lost some money, C was made $200 and he was happy. So setting a small, realistic goals/targets always keep us positive and unrealistic goals leads to negative. I think so, it is something to do with our day by day expectation management.

I think we want to be always positive thinkers, even though it has some drawbacks. Be always positive actually yields better results. As a common average human, we all need positive thoughts, to achieve some greater results in our day by day life. It goes like this, a mistake/error committed by positive thinkers will be corrected within desirable time limit, but a mistake/error committed by negative thinkers required positive thinkers to correct it. So think always positive after all safeguards are considered and placed.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day 2009

Let’s mark this day as important day in our calendar and learn how to contribute something to stop polluting earth. The issue is, we can’t continue doing what we are doing now, we shouldn’t be greedy to take all earth’s resources and leave some waste and unlivable condition to our future generation. Even simple things can make big difference and don’t be intimated by i'm not not doing more to save the earth or obsessed with go green. The world we are living is beautiful one and saving money/wealth only not enough for our kids and grandchildren, we have to give them a better living condition.

When ever I thought of going green, I always thinks to hit 100% like sell my car to buy an electric one or convert my home appliance into energy star compatible, but practicality wise those are unattainable. But slowly and steady we can achieve more things to become eco friendly. There are so many “low hanging fruits” to stop polluting our earth,

  1. Don’t print papers unless necessary. Use black and white printing more than color one.

  2. Recycle more, trash it in appropriate bin is easy and no brainier.

  3. Quit smoking or cut down smoking, smoking is injurious to health as well as not eco friendly. As an ex-chain-smoker, quitting this habit is hard but we can, millions of million people did it then why can’t we.

  4. Use online bill pay more, which save papers, checks, and stamps.

  5. Use public transportation more, again some parts of country, we don’t have public transportation hence it is unattainable for now, but use bicycle for short distance, car pool and even walk if weather allows.

  6. Opening and closing garage door less, don't close windows or doorways completely because use as much as natural lights. (Thanks to wife for this tip)
  7. Buy energy star appliance when ever we buy new appliances. Buy LCD TV instead of Plasma. Use cloths to wash hands instead of paper towels. (Thanks to wife for this tip)

There are some still arguing that, we and our future generations are okay and these go green is waste and earth is clean as before like 100 years ago. There are several scientific research showed that we are polluting earth faster than before, ice melting faster than before in north/south poles, skin cancer increasing, childhood asthma increasing, these all are proved and we have evidence and statistics. A question was asked to Al Gore who is a champion of environment friendly concept, that why his home is not environmental friendly yet? And why he is still traveling in plane which is main source of damaging ozone layer? As I said before, there is something we have to live with it, even though those are not eco friendly. Because we are not advancing fast enough to invent new eco friendly items. One main reason is, we within our self still not clear, whether we are polluting this earth or not? But as per my opinion, yes we are polluting this earth and the awareness is very low to slow down it and our kids, grandchildren going to live in a glass door world, not like us in a natural world.


Sunday, April 19, 2009


It was the boom IT time in Silicon Valley most of IT companies required to fill up both Software Engineering position to top level executive jobs. For top level executive position they went to East, Midwest, and South U.S.A based blue chip companies. Once the top executives settled with new, young Silicon Valley companies, they hired their subordinates from the same place where they came from, because understandably they want to work with trusted and friendly, cohesive team, rather than with unknown geeky Silicon Valley brought ups. It is very common all the places, for example, President Obama hired most of his friends and well known to him for his top level jobs. But the problem with Silicon Valley was, they spent millions of million dollars for those executive’s relocation charges, as .com burst these issues came up and most of them fired.

The point is, as an experienced executive leaders why they couldn’t trust and friendly with some unknowns and builds a cohesive team quickly. The trusting people is not an easy task, we want to confirm everything and double checked. But as per my opinion, we can trust and form a cohesive team within short amount of time, rather than always work with same team. Based on my experience, people who trust others with in a “blink of time” is most successful than others who took so much time to trusting others, that is, intuition.

How this successful Blinker’s trust works? Malcom Galdwell wrote the book “Blink”, he mostly covered intuition but not how it works and what are the main factors which lead to conclusion in social context? For onlookers, this highly blinkers seems to be a “push over” or “easy goers”, but each decision this blinkers made required enormous amount of analytics and cognition skills.

The fundamental of these blinker’s success is no prejudice, no jump into conclusion, flexible stereotype fixation and most importantly not seeing things black and white, good or bad. Each one is different and they are champion of one thing but not good at some other thing, that doesn’t mean that they are bad people and not trustworthy.