Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ethics-My 0.02

There were 2 incidents, which i won't forget my rest of life from my school days. 1) My stunt of dropout from 3rd grade to favor of work in a cattle (just kidding) 2) one of my classmate burnt my other classmate's books in order to beat him to get top rank. The class rooms across india were literally considered next to religious places, there was no 'drought' of ethics preach, even then my classmate acted unethical way to beat competition. I wondering sometimes why some become unethical but some follows ethical even though they all came from similar society set up and same level schooling etc. The rewards and recognitions also some times shows soft corner to some one plays unethical way, for example, the classmate who burnt other's book did manage to get top rank.

I think ethics is blanket term, we can't expect one have to follow open ended ethics rather we have to define ethics based on context and business success. For example, a car shop may not expect their sales man have to follow 100% ethics including telling lie is big unethical, but they can follow zero tolerance towards a sales man who stolen car parts. Just imagine, Bob joined car shop but he has ethics that he won't tell lie (assume the job paying good salary, he lives next to the car shop blah blah so he joined but one disadvantage is in car sales he have to tell lies). Here are some ideas to Bob to succeed in his career.

1. Identify the moments where a sales man have to lie more - Ask help from co- worker to fill up the gap. When customers ready to close the deal is, most anxious moment and they ask lot of "silly" questions which may need some lies, ask some one to answer those questions.

2. Frankly tell customers about your ethics principles, who knows most of the customers liked your honest and they want to work with a honest sales man.

3. Be with the flow, read more information about cars, some times you have to tell lie because you don't know the answers. Customers won't like the answers, "i will get back to you" or "i don't know". The information and depth to details is key to avoid unnecessary lies.

4. Join with likely minded co-workers even though it is hard to find 100% true speaking sales man, but the close you get is better you be friend with. The point is, never feel left alone.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Spill BP Spill

The System
As an immigrate from socialist dominate country, U.S's capitalist system is blessing for us. There won't be any regulations or permission to start business in this country, all you need is bright idea and investment. The world class businesses were started by trailblazers in U.S, who otherwise feel shy or hate to ask permission for each and everything from government or impatient with bureaucracy. For example, in India very well educated bright college graduates immigrates to U.S for the same reason, learn, start business and prosper more and more, which was nearly impossible in India or China and most of far eastern countries. The system worked very well until 2000 after that we had several issues and now U.S government running manufacturing companies to financial companies to now providing brain to stop the spill which caused by an oil giant who made $14 Billion profit last year.

The System - Overdosed
I think fundamentally we are having an overdose of Capitalism, or other words private governed society. All the methods/systems has flaws, none of them are perfect, but the problem with U.S is, there is no one available to point them or direct them to right path. When communists were overdosed themselves, U.S started war against them, they are critic to several country's system, economic improvement, imposed tough rules who played the game wrongfully, everything analysed carefully as outsiders but who is outsider for U.S to make them to go right direction. No one as of now. Can internal readjustment tools operate to self-correct them? Possibly but not certainly unless some big push from all level.

The System - Issues
Current system in nutshell, Any one can start business, they can create any innovative products, they can sell it and make profit of it. For some businesses they have to get permission from government but those are only for papers. One company asking permission to drill at 5000 feet below sea level but they don't have a research and development group within their organization. They not even passes a basic eligibility to drill at high risk places. How come government allow them first place is basic question? When we try to get U.S.A immigration visa, there would be around 50-60 questions related to our background and educations and skills but once we reach here, want to drill something in gulf, no questions asked all we need is, some pipe and punch of drilling machine ( pun intended ).

The System - Future
We don't need a totalitarian government to govern all aspect of business now, if we do, our business openness glory would be endanger. All we need is,
1. some proactive findings about business's motive
2. possible risks awareness
3. challenge businesses consistently with their new innovation products.
4. create a risk mitigate plan with business.
5. promote sharing mentality with in business, for example, ExxonMobile has world class R&D team and solid technology to stop spills.
6. recognize players who plays based on rule and award them, possible tax breaks.