Monday, March 28, 2011

How to live Happy?

1. Nothing is constant. Be prepared for changes. One day driving Benz car may not be same next day, we may have to drive bi cycle. Life is full of changes.

2. Don’t try to change others unless they are willing to go through transforms which is very rare.

3. Don’t say what ever we think through our mind. There is always some polish needed for good personal relationship.

4. Plan it, invest it, make money work for you, not that you work for money

5. Daily read some spiritual books or tell mantra.Keep your brain clean from negative thoughts.

6. Be honest with everyone, if can’t, if we have to tell lies then that’s sign of withdraw from that entity.

7. Don’t afraid of destroying some. I mean liquidate somethings.

8. Tell good things about others, may some extra also fine.

9. Keep time, bond with it, time will give you health and wealth.

10. Last but not the least, always smile even when we are in dire situation.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Negativity & English

We witnessed Team India's classic way of losing a Cricket game against modest form but talented Cricket team yesterday. One point of time, we were looking so good to win the game but next moment we weren’t. Historically if we take most of Indian Cricket lost, 90% of time (hypothetically speaking) team possessed greater chance of winning at some point of game but still managed to lose.

Why we are suddenly become negativity?
Why we are losing even though all are pointing to right direction?
Why we are still stuck with service industry but not booming in technology?
Why we can’t think positive always, if positive why we think negative next moment?

I’m thinking about it ever since I can think but the answer still elusive, but based on my opinion, the way we acquired English language from British contributing most of our Negative thinking.

My conclusion is,
When British colonized India they carefully spread negative words, in many cases, they want to look better than their peer Indians hence they used lot of negative words which become custom in Indian English language.

Passion vs. Addiction
I never ever heard the word ‘passion’ from Indian English language.  If one is very much into something not socially acceptable then we labeled them addicted NOT passionate. Just imagine, passion is something positive, encouraging but addiction is something negative which make the target thinking negatively.

Determination vs. Adamant
Something like Passion, determination is not a common word in Indian English but we substitute wrongly adamant. But determination is a very positive word but adamant created a negative feeling.

I can go on and on, but matter of fact is, people who ever speaks pure form of their mother tongue  used very less negative words, they naturally very positive people. But who speaks mixed form of language (50-50 English and mother language) are the one tilt to negative.  I’m here pointing out why we become negative when we are absolute positive not the trait of positive and negative person.