Monday, June 14, 2010

BMW Theory

A long time ago,during a fall month, a co-worker of mine parked his new 7-series BMW car under a maple tree.While we working his car made noise due to fallen leaves from the tree. It was annoying and my friend had go out several times to remove the leaves. The theory of BMW designer is, the 7-series had expensive paint coating since some bulk of fallen leaves may damage the paint coating,hence they made the alarm system very powerful and sensitive.This is exactly BMW's model, which is think ahead and set up early alarm systems.

During my school days, India we had a 'assessment system' which was partially controlled by professors who taught us the subject. The system is, 50% of assessment completely determined by professors based on several factors,open ended. Out of 100,one have to write theory for 50 marks and other 50 would be determined by professor and in order to get pass,one have to score 45. So most of students have to please professors to get good marks, literally professors were god for them. If they able to convince professors,they literally scored pass mark and theory is just for formalities. As expected, everyone hates this, but no one can ask any questions, some students even worked for professors "other means" to get high scores. But i used to musing this system, why our educators promoted this model, why we are following such a stupid model, but the answers were fascinating, i was literally cried after cracked this model.Here are my finding when i was in college.
  • Education system in Indian completely helping students, parents and potential employers an early alarm systems rather than concrete implementation of subjects.
  • If a student is unable to get high marks from his/her professors but scores high in other exams, then he/she may be a showing 'leadership' skills. He/she bold in front of authority and he/she ask questions and challenge the status quo.Great for leadership,self-employment and driving force.
  • If a student scores both low then he/she had some attitude as well as IQ issues.
  • If both high then she/he more likely going to work for a company long time,excellent worker class.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010


Usually i don't watch NHL games, mainly i used to watch football and some baseball and some basketball. Before this Stanley cup final series, i hardly watched 10-15 NHL games,thats it. But why now i and many others are watching and supporting Chicago Blackhawks to win? Why families across Chicago land in front of TV at game time? Why we are discussing with spouse/friends/co-workers about hockey? It is called "Spirit of time".Even-though something not internally related to us but externally related to the place we live or related to our friends or related to our co-workers makes some excitement within us, just to cheer up, just to participate,just to explore,just to learn more. This seems to us a small thing but it is how we grow as good human being from our first day at earth to still now. We make history,we make some marvelous things all because of the unique nature of good human being,that is,enjoys spirit of time.

The companies started by human like us, they invested their time and resource to grow further. One point of time they completely rely on other people who are not related to anything with company's startup but how come they work for the company to take it to next level? The most of answer is there at first paragraph,which is they make sure to create a spirit with in company and expecting most of us participate,explore,learn from it, in other words enjoys the spirit of time. Just imagine, can all the top level management officials can see each and everything of day by day activity or micromanage each one us, simply they can't do,that is highly impossible. But they set the tone, set the overall companies future from their mindset hoping we all participate,explore,learn from it.

Unfortunately, all of us aren't made from same mold, if one can't understand overall spirit or don't know how to enjoy,here are some points to consider without becoming dead weight but still contribute something,

1. Don't substitute yours own spirit to your team.Every one knows what company's and yours.
2. Don't understand how to participate, step aside but don't discourage who really enjoys it.
3. Don't expect more than your compensation to explore more to enjoy the spirit of time.
4. It is okay to not to learn anything but don't stop other's curiosity if it inline with spirit of time.

Friday, June 04, 2010

17th Hour

The most important hour in our daily life is the 17th hour,which is, when we close our eye,of course for sleep(assume our biological clock starts as soon as we wake up). We all work hard for 8 hours per day and other 8 hours for eating,commutes,family time,TV,reading, so 17th hour is our first very private hour(most of the days). The 17th hour should be used for something productive, something creative and something to remember. When i was kid one of my school teacher told us to use the hour to run through your day abstractly to find what went wrong and what went right to improve our day by day life. I couldn't practice it consistently because it was easy to tell but hard to implement.But i believe that was a wonderful idea and great tool for self improvement and improve better decision making, moreover improves our abstract thinking.

Actually i told this same topic to a friend of mine 3-4 years ago, he argued that if you are president of country or prime minister then you can exercise this kind of routines, we ordinary human doesn't need this. But we ordinary human definitely need this because we are living a very dynamic world where from president of country to average joe are in same boat. An Average Joe under pressure now because

a)easy money flow become more free lunch.
b)people become very selfish(in a positive way),no one now has time to correct mistake of others.
c)world become flat and a common man now dine at New York,breakfast at Paris and Lunch at New Delhi.
d)technology become very sophisticated,start taking its toll to replace human's repeating job.
e)smart people now start talking about giving life to all things(internet of thing)

So the power of 15 mins thinking at 17th hour is become very crucial. If we do, the benefits are

a) The oil spill could be averted if someone from BP,just spent 15 mins of their 17th hour by thinking about the negative impact of an accident.
b) We don't discuss about Moody's AAA rating of mortgage based securities, if we spent 15 mins of our 17th hour by thinking the abstraction connection of 2000-2001 stock market collapse.
c) We don't need worry about today's things because it was already planned and already put some thought process last year at our 17th hour thinking.

We don't need to be a genius or thinking required any things or meditation or brain power, all we need is some time before diving into sleep.