Friday, July 01, 2011


Are you a workalcoholic? 

If your answer is “no”, most likely you are an anti social because our culture always praise workalcoholism. Why we are over working? First I thought, work giving some satisfaction and it’s linked some form of happiness. Work place regularly praise Workalcoholics, the instant reward makes a surge of happiness.

During this economic meltdown, most of us become workalcoholics,the ever increasing weekly work hours from government report supports that assertion. So workalcoholicism based on fear, i think the instant rewards now become obsolete but still more and more people over working meaning, workalcoholicism is based on fear.

But unfortunately working based on fear will not yield good results.Its again and again proved that free environment provides creative working culture and more productivity. Most of workalocoholics think of more work hence they won’t think finishing work 100% but open for more work.

How to avoid become workalocoholicsim? 
  1.  Unknown leads to fear, fear leads to stress, stress leads to over work, at same time it increases health risks. So always be with knowns. What you good with, be with it.
  2. Update with latest improvements. The more you know about latest technology, news, less you worry about current job. This stops fear and over work.
  3. Life is meaningful without work also. Most of millionaires are not over worked; they are creative and self employed.
  4. Prioritize and prepare. Do some homework. 1 hour of homework will eliminate 3 hours of real work if we plan and prepare for it.
  5. Don’t think more you work you get more raise and bonus.