Saturday, August 29, 2009

Book Review : Refactoring by Martin Fowler

Brilliant book and must read one for Software engineers and Java developers. Why i emphasis this book? This book would help us to communicate efficiently. When i start reading Gang of 4 book and Head First Design Patterns, i start wondered that "hey, we did that 2 years ago and it should be called "Factory Pattern" etc etc. Giving an industry standard name for an activity is really important and it is the progression of IT industry. Once we are all familiar with naming and concept then our job is very easy to perform and make quality software. Here after i no need to explain moving method from a class to other class because of blah blah reason, just refer Martin Fowler refactoring pattern "Move Method(142)". Through out the book, i was excited to see Martin Fowler captured everything in detail related to refactoring which we facing in our day by day activity.

Nowadays IT industry code development become static, thanks to current economic downturn and baby boomer's retirement. But the software usage is exploding year by year. The software which developed during IT boom period early this decade is still in use but not scaling up with demand. The only solution now available is to refactor it and make it scalable. Not all of them afford to write a new software from scratch again thanks to economic downturn.

Refactoring by Martin Fowler gives you feeling that he is directly talking with you as a Java Architecture or a team mate. One main thing of refactor is "pairing teams" and "solid test suite". Why pairing teams is important for refactoring, we have to discuss in detail about what kind of refactoring make lot of sense. Based my experience, we have to move step by step process to achieve solid refactoring and always keep it simple.

This book gives you a in depth knowledge of refatoring and most of it, we already heard from our senior team members and architecture, i mean we already followed it because of our experience. But this book consolidated all of them and give them a name and giving some other techniques to refactoring also. Again a must read...

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Public Health Insurance

A soft spoken, intellectual liberal's thought process is, our country is world's super power, rich country but 50 million people are without a basic insurance, 18,000 people dying without a proper insurance per year, hmm..what is the solution? As always, liberals want to address this by providing a government sponsored, a well funded, a perfect public health care to all citizen. In long run, they want to integrate all into one universal insurance, 100% funded by government.

A well mannered, easily spark towards any new reforms conservatives, opposing this plan on every town hall meeting. They are getting a sizable support from senior citizens and business people. They are pointing out the source of funding, already U.S government spent trillions of trillion for economy and deficit is higher than any other time, GM and some banks are under government watch. The situation is not good for any reform for now and 180 million citizens are happy with current plan so do senior citizen with current Medicare plan. I didn't understand why they are comparing this reform with Nazi Germany and Hitler.

The PHI is getting very complicated and even President Obama start talking about his grandmother's death because of without proper insurance. As far as my experience with health care system here at U.S.A, it is very expensive like any other countries. But here due to the lawsuits, the defense tests and treatment cost is very higher than any other countries. For example, if you go to emergency room for a headache you end up paying more to just some CT scan/x-ray, blood test etc, which are not required for a headache.

I think the solution for this is a compromise between right and left. We can't always achieve 100% on everything, so a semi public company like Freddie Mac is answer for this. The insurance can be continue purchased from a primary market (Aetna, Blue Cross etc) but they can sell to secondary market(a Freddie Mac kind of company). In order to qualify for public health insurance, employers and individuals have to pass some basic requirements. In other words, with the current choice of HMO,PPO etc, insurance companies can offer PHI. This sounds less complicated, aren't they?

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The definition of " Democracy"

Almost all of my Indian friends and relatives and parents are always shows me a kind of frustration about India, when ever we are in talk about our country. The lists are

1. Inadequate infrastructure.
2. Unbearable Bureaucracy.
3. Corrupted politicians.
4. Reservation
5. Arranged marriage
6. Arrogant government employees and able to form teams to protest against government for their own salary hike.
7. Social economy structure.
8. Caste system.
9. Unmovable justice system.

and the list goes on and on. But everybody moving their status from poor to middle class and middle class to rich and so on. I agree with most of it, that is, yes we have poor infrastructure, mainly because of people like us, we used our "democracy" process to stop government's planning on infrastructure developments. We overload our justice system, we misused social system as a result we get into prolong reservation system. If we start deeply thinking, we people created all the mess and expecting elected officials to clear all mess. But as usual i used to take all vent offs from my friends and later used it to cool off myself by musing all those things. I can tell one thing is, we all forgetting the meaning of patience and everyone want a private island with private jet, that is, a big issue with my Indian brothers and sisters.

We have to understand that India got independence with 180+ nations after world war II, but India is only one still standing as true democracy[Thanks to for the info]. One of true democracy i can point out is, the recent national poll, economists and think tanks wants same Congress to continue, Indian people able to do it so India intensified it's developments. Our democracy has a true meaning and who ever you are, what power you have but people has power to make you king at same time make you zero. It is People's Government.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

How to reduce weight: From a foodie after quit smoking

Weight loss is kind of epidemic in around world. A friend of mine hardly 100 lbs, worried much and trying to reduce non-existence fat [Pun Intended]. A regular exercise with controlled diet is really important for healthy life style but too much diet and harsh weight loss are not good for one’s health.

Here my post, I’m concentrate on weight gain after quit smoking and how to reduce it. After quit smoking, we tend eat more which is unavoidable. As per my opinion, don’t stop it, eat as much as we can and gaining 10-20 lbs doesn’t matter, what matter is 1000+ chemicals from smoking. When I quit smoking I was ranging between 180 lbs to 190 lbs, but after quit smoking it raised to 220 lbs. After a month and half, regular exercise and diet now my weight is 199 lbs. I’m not writing this for my self pride, there are some out there still smoking thinking about weight gain after quit smoking.

1. Addict to one type of food, meaning if you like Pizza means eat more and more pizza as replacement for smoking.
2. Always set a threshold for weight gain and check periodically weight.
3. Once reached the threshold weight, stop eating “smoking replacement food”. We can’t stop it as cold turkey, one day don’t eat your favorite food rather eat subway and next day eat less favorite fatty food like wise stop it completely.
4. Drink 5-6 green tea but last cup should be before 5.00PM to avoid insomnia.
5. Morning or evening 15-20 mins brisk walking or jogging is must, first it hurts a lot because of over weight but after 2-3 weeks all will be okay.
6. Eat half filling and have remaining stomach for fruits and juice.
7. No ice cream, snacks and beer.
8. Drink Red Wine which is really great for burning extra fat.

Have fun, happy weight loss