Wednesday, January 21, 2015


What are the benefits living in a diversified society? In any fields diversification is really good and offers more advantages than disadvantages. Here are some usual points about living diversified society.
  • For most we can learn good habits from other culture in diversified society. Each culture has some unique good habits and we can learn it from them. It is a boon for living diversified society.
  • Second most important thing is we can enjoy variety of foods rather than repeated same food from a non-diversified. 
  • Learning different languages is other benefit, just try to understand it is good for our brain.
  • Kids will grow with more tolerance since they are expose to various cultures at very young age.

Monday, January 12, 2015


After all this information overload age, there is abundance of opinions formed among individuals for almost everything. We are not feared to express it and our opinion reached to our friends and relatives very fast through social media. Is this good or bad? Having an opinion about everything is normally considered good practice but how to handle it as a receiver. All the opinion has value or who is reliable and who is telling truth? Here are some escapes and verify techniques.
  • Always believe owner’s opinion, if we own something and gives our opinions (review) of product that’s always seems to me right. Best place to see this customer reviews from web sites. Majority opinion always wins and very first opinion about the product always seems to me correct
  • Opinion backed up by data and facts always valid. Read articles and measurement reports from measurement/analytic companies like Nielsen, comScoreWakoopa, and Hitwise. 
  • Opinion comes from Opinionated people can be avoidable but listen to them. Who is opinionated people? People who has no respect to other’s opinion are opinionated people.
  • Be confident on your decisions. Whether you are making good decisions or bad decisions just think that you will overcome it. Other’s opinions should not derail your decisions.
  • Measure other opinions. Are they just have opinion or passionate opinion? We can follow passionate opinion people. 

Monday, October 10, 2011

Uncontrolled Musing

When I start thinking about future, my mind exploding without control, particularly current events and state of our economy. There is no definite answer to following questions.

  1. Are we at recession or depression or nothing?
  2. Occupywallstreet will become a revolutionary movement or just like tea party, it will also subside?
  3.  President Obama able to win job bill or it will go under water.
  4.  If we are not in recession, what is the status of this market?
  5. What will happen to 401k, IRA and other investments?
  6.  Are we bear market or bull market or pig?
  7. How many more days (months/years) we need to worry about our job?
  8.  When will my home value improves?

The above all are somehow interrelated, a better economy spurs growth which will eliminate all uncertainty. But no one here able to pin point what went wrong and how to fix it. If we know the answer, we could have somehow fixed this mess already.The issues with unable to fix current state of economy are,

Very complicated: This economy structure is complicated than before. Globalization added more complex. No one can predict what is going on in the economy.
Baby Boomers: There are more social welfare created by baby boomers which strains our economy. Politian can’t touch these because fear of losing vote bank
Weak Banks:  Strong economy needs strong banks but now banks are weaker and to make things worse, European banks holds sovereign bonds, those are vulnerable to default.
Aged population: Developed nations are facing more and more aged population, which creates social burden
Other Reasons: Low consumer confidence, deteriorating housing market, high fuel cost, weakness in emerging market etc

What will happen – A radical perspective
So what will happen next, that’s the question pop up everyone’s mind. But most of us and most of the time deep dive into current events to get confused. But I think answer is very clear than we think. We will be like this for some time, 15-20 years.

Japan Model: We are exactly now at the state of Japan model. Since 1980s Japan economy is in very slow growth but it didn’t become depression because some companies did really well. The same thing happening here also, the stocks like Apple, Amazon are doing great in spite of bad market condition. This trend will continue for near future.
Housing market: Price will recover in some places quicker than others, for example, in Midwest some manufacturing activities could spur growth than Sun Belt southern states.
Stock Market: For next decade or so, we can experience some highs and lows of stock market. Stock market will oscillate between highs and lows very often. The conventional wisdom of “Invest in low to make money in high” may be obsolete. The new wisdom is “invest in right companies and forget it”.
Job Market: Job market is something hangs on in middle because cash rich companies have to hire and others also hire because of baby boomer’s retirement. The part time jobs will become big market.

Friday, July 01, 2011


Are you a workalcoholic? 

If your answer is “no”, most likely you are an anti social because our culture always praise workalcoholism. Why we are over working? First I thought, work giving some satisfaction and it’s linked some form of happiness. Work place regularly praise Workalcoholics, the instant reward makes a surge of happiness.

During this economic meltdown, most of us become workalcoholics,the ever increasing weekly work hours from government report supports that assertion. So workalcoholicism based on fear, i think the instant rewards now become obsolete but still more and more people over working meaning, workalcoholicism is based on fear.

But unfortunately working based on fear will not yield good results.Its again and again proved that free environment provides creative working culture and more productivity. Most of workalocoholics think of more work hence they won’t think finishing work 100% but open for more work.

How to avoid become workalocoholicsim? 
  1.  Unknown leads to fear, fear leads to stress, stress leads to over work, at same time it increases health risks. So always be with knowns. What you good with, be with it.
  2. Update with latest improvements. The more you know about latest technology, news, less you worry about current job. This stops fear and over work.
  3. Life is meaningful without work also. Most of millionaires are not over worked; they are creative and self employed.
  4. Prioritize and prepare. Do some homework. 1 hour of homework will eliminate 3 hours of real work if we plan and prepare for it.
  5. Don’t think more you work you get more raise and bonus.

Sunday, May 01, 2011


I usually drive by the million dollar home daily twice. One of the kind façade and fantastic architecture, and flawless house. Yesterday when as usual I drive by, they were painting their mail box which was looking great to me though. I started wondering why they are obsessed with façade, why they want to perfect on everything. I thought I was right, because we are spending too much resource for façades and other unimportant things in our life for me those are show off. After some time, I started realized that those are needed to show our hard work, dedication, commitment and determination rather than show off wealth.

 Life is not to live as we wanted to live but there should be some meaning. We want to show others that we are capable of doing something, doing something unique. It is completely opposite to liberal point of view of everyone is equal. But at same time, most of us not ready to take that part of wisdom, so jump into conclusion based on façade. In order to satisfy all, giving importance to façade is not just show off.

                So a beautiful façade with a weak backyard is okay? But that depends on whom we ask, but conventional wisdom is “Internal beauty can be visible through façade”. 

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Inspiration and desperation

We inspire with others, we follow, and we prosper together. But after sometime the trailblazer stops blazing, what to do now? Desperation or continue our journey. Most of the time people stop doing what they did by inspiring others. I spent quite some time but none were discussed about this topic.

For example, U.S.A is leader of world, they led all war and other’s followed and fought with them. Now in Libya, U.S.A due to internal pressure not leading and war against Gaddafi stalled. The leader stopped leading others and all are collapsed or not effective as before. Why this is happening? How to avoid it?

1.       Don’t abuse leaders: When leaders leading something, don’t take everything grated rather use the opportunity to learn and document it.

2.       Document all the advice: When leaders giving advice when they are leading those are not just advice, those are insights and priceless piece of wisdom and document it.

3.       Don’t question leaders: Leaders say something with in context always, don’t ask question and don’t ignore those. All are very effective because leaders won’t talk for talking.

4.       No middle ground: If we inspire with others, we have to align with leaders all the time. There is no middle ground. The actions which are taken by leaders should be committed. If we follow leader without committed we can’t repeat it when leaders not present.

Actually once we start following leaders, we have to become that leader after some point of time. Leadership main objective is creating as many as leaders.

Monday, March 28, 2011

How to live Happy?

1. Nothing is constant. Be prepared for changes. One day driving Benz car may not be same next day, we may have to drive bi cycle. Life is full of changes.

2. Don’t try to change others unless they are willing to go through transforms which is very rare.

3. Don’t say what ever we think through our mind. There is always some polish needed for good personal relationship.

4. Plan it, invest it, make money work for you, not that you work for money

5. Daily read some spiritual books or tell mantra.Keep your brain clean from negative thoughts.

6. Be honest with everyone, if can’t, if we have to tell lies then that’s sign of withdraw from that entity.

7. Don’t afraid of destroying some. I mean liquidate somethings.

8. Tell good things about others, may some extra also fine.

9. Keep time, bond with it, time will give you health and wealth.

10. Last but not the least, always smile even when we are in dire situation.