Monday, March 31, 2008

Weekend Movie.

I am legend :
What a great performance by Will Smith and what an interesting movie to watch. From start to end, this movie was never boring. Especially art direction and Will Smith's performance is a big plus for this movie. This movie is an adoption of 1954 novel of same name. It was very interesting to see timesquare and main New York streets without traffic and people. The director planned very well for Will Smith's solo scenes with "Sam" which is unavoidable, so that we never felt dragging on any scenes. The story is very simple, a virus outbreak causes billions of people dead and make some monster, only less than one percent of world population survive without becoming monster because they have the natural immune against this deadly virus. Will Smith played US army doctor role, trying to resolve this crisis by his own with "Dark Seekers". Very interesting movie to watch.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Chennai Cricket Test.

Virender Sehwag played his life time innings at Chennai, scored 319 in 304 balls with 42 fours and 5 sixes. Wow...Chennai fans witnessed 3 one day innings from this hard hitter from this one test. This test match was full of batsman controlled, and bowlers wants to forget this match as soon as possible. I don't know why now pitches in India playing like this, because normally Indian pitches favourable for batsman for first 3 days and then bowlers pitch especially for spinners. But any ways scoring 319 runs at 104 strike rate is really great by Viru, added Chennai's dry and hot weather also into consideration. From South Africa side Amla and McKenzie also played good and Dravid achieved his main goal of crossing 10,000 runs mark, may be he might consider of retirement from test matches very soon. 

UML - Use Case.

Use case is important for any software development. Use case is a structured way of describing a scenario. In extreme coding style, use case may not be a structured way rather it can be in a form of story telling. But some complex application required a structured way of use case so that we can discuss and brainstorm alternative scenarios and exception handling. The main input of use case is scenario like "buy a product". This detailed scenario can be found from "Product requirement document". But it won't describe well with in system level and who is going to execute this requirement etc. Use case is the only way to capture all those missing points from requirement document.

The main sections of use case are
1. Actors : Actors is nothing but users who is going to interact with system in real time. User can divide into their roles. So any given system, we can identify level of user roles well before implementation.

2. Use case text: This is the extension of a scenario, starts with pre-condition, main use case flow, exception and extensions. 

3. Use case diagram : Conceptional view of entire requirement. This can give us detailed view of all requirements and what can be reused(as includes) and what can be extend(as extends) and actors interacts with system. 

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Wasting of Powers.

      As everyboby knows India has man power and US has money power. Are they using it properly? The answer is big NO. US banks are loosing money even a basic home loans collection, such a big country and finance power house of entire world, struggling to collect their own money from own people, as a result all over the world chaos and confusion in banking system, finally US government had to interfere into banking system to clear up mess. What a bad example set here? So you can do any mistakes and finally government will rescue you, rather than changing law to strict bank loan outflow and monitor system to regulate banking systems. This is all because US has money power hence wasting something from it doesn't matter now.

     In other side of world, India has man power and India is wasting man power on agriculture, which is, highly unregulated. The whole agriculture contributing 18% of country's GDP but 60% of population working in agriculture field. So almost 40% of indian people not contributing anything to Indian economy, even though they are working very hard. Here India can waste something since they have lot of man power, as long as everybody getting food. But the problem is future growth of India, India has to convert every people's work directly towards development otherwise we can't achieve projected growth in coming years. But India is always slow in transforming, but once changed, it would be solid and robust. 

   As compare this two great wastes, money waste is something recoverable and it won't hurt much as compare with man power waste. So if you have something more than enough than what you need, you might waste it since it doesn't matter much now.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Struts 2 Vs Struts 1

Struts2 is much different than Struts1. Struts2 is more powerful and overcome all drawbacks of Struts1. But learning curve for experienced Struts1 developers are same as newbies. In fact, Struts2 is merged version of WebWork, which intended to overcome all Struts1 drawback.

Action Class :
In Struts2 action class implements an Action interface, but in Struts1 it was extends an Action class. This is a major difference and Struts2 action classes are POJO(Plain Old Java Object) hence testing is easy, no need to write HTTP mock objects to test action classes.

Thread Modeling :
Struts1 action classes are singleton, one instance per container, all request were handled by this one instance. ThreadSafe mechanism has to take care while developing Struts1 action class. In Struts2, action classes are not singleton, as many instance can created and there is no performance penalty and garbage collection overhead.

Servlet Dependency :
Sturts2 action classes are not servlet API dependent, because HTTPServletResponse and HTTPServletRequest objects will not be passed to execute methods directly.

ActionForm Input :
Struts1 action forms are extended from action form base class and action form inputs can't access by other JavaBeans. But in Struts2, action form inputs can be accessed from taglibs.

ValueStacks :
Struts1 uses standard JSP mechanism to bind objects into page views. But Struts2 uses valuestack technology to bind objects into page, hence taglibs can directly access objects without coupling page view (needed more understanding).

Control of Action Execution :
Struts1 supports separate request processor for each module, all are sharing same life cycle. Struts 2 supports creating different life cycles on a per Action basis via Interceptor Stacks.

The following are additions of Struts2

  • instant support of AJAX,
  • integration with Spring dependency injection,
  • Configuration based profiling
  • Debugging

Source :

Sunday, March 23, 2008

IPL and ICL - Do we need this?

Cricket is a crazy sports in India. Good and everybody needs one or more sports for time pass, passion, favorite hero's. Already Cricket draws some negative aspects since this sport is lengthy, time consuming, not promoting team work, based on individual performance, drains man powers etc. But a sport in any form required to guide youths to right direction so that they would not concentrate on other evil things such as drugs or gambling.

But now the creation of Indian Premier League(IPL) and Indian Cricket League(ICL) are overdose to already addicted Indian cricket fans. Because now itself the way we are watching cricket and spending time towards to cricket is more than enough.

This is utter copy of US based NBA or NFL franchise model. The money involves for this franchise from private party is huge and this money can spend for our infrastructure development or build some factories to give job opportunities for needy people. No body wants to spend money for non-profit business, but building factory or infrastructure development projects are now huge profit busiess in India. Why we are spending money towards already developed area?

Google - Win or Lose Wirless Spectrum.

As I blogged about Google Android and Google's wireless auction, the auction result came out last week and Google didn't win any license.

From Google's Official Blog...

"This afternoon the Federal Communications Commission announced the results of its 700 MHz spectrum auction. While the Commission's anti-collusion rules prevent us from saying much at this point, one thing is clear: although Google didn't pick up any spectrum licenses, the auction produced a major victory for American consumers.We congratulate the winners and look forward to a more open wireless world. As a result of the auction, consumers whose devices use the C-block of spectrum soon will be able to use any wireless device they wish, and download to their devices any applications and content they wish. Consumers soon should begin enjoying new, Internet-like freedom to get the most out of their mobile phones and other wireless devices.We'll have more to say about the auction in the near future. Stay tuned."

As per Eric Zeman from information week, Google's intention was not to win any license since there main business is ad. But Google wins what they want from this auction, that is, open access to any devices and applications. Since Verizon forced to spend 4.75 Billion by Google, so Verizon didn't win for open access to devices. Google is "happy loser" and American consumers are ultimate winners. Now all set for Google's Andriod to use these open access spectrum for some good features.

Unified Modeling Language(UML) - Class Diagrams.

First 2-3 years in start-up, we are always in hurry to code new features based on hallway, coffee break discussions. No documents, no design and no formal code comments also. After some point of time, our products are out there in market and everybody liked it. Now comes the documentation trouble, we have to document all, whatever we designed and developed in past, primarily in our mind. If you are designer, you no need to write 100-200 pages document describing what you did. All we need are excellent diagrams, sketches and flow from start to end. UML is the only way to achieve this.

UML is not a strict language, in other words, there is no compiler out there to check our code against standards. A rough sketch can do the purpose. UML is useful on both forward and reverse engineering. The main component of UML is class diagrams, there is almost none design document without class diagrams. In class diagrams, the following notations and relationships are really important. This class diagrams are going to be a blue print for long time, hence this notations are important to communicate because we don't know whether designer who developed this diagram going to be with company or not.

1. Associations
In Class diagrams, if a class associate with other class, the a solid line with a arrow, from source to target. A perfect example would be, Customer and Order class. Order class must give a customer id, who created order. Since we can identify an unique customer id from order, Order class has an association with Customer class, that same with customer class also, from customer class we can find orders by the customers.

2. Compositions
A class can have other class's reference in it. This is useful when we want to utilize other class's methods without inheritance. Decorator pattern is mainly based on compositions.

3. Generalization
This is for grouping similar classes, to add these similar methods in a super class and all other classes are derived(inheritance) from it. This is nothing but super class and sub class notation in UML.

4. Aggregation
Aggregation and association are interchangeable. There is no major difference between them. A car has an engine, then car (whole) has a aggregation relationship with engine (part). To make our life simple, we can use association notation instead of aggregation. Most of the UML gurus discourage us to use aggregation notation in class diagram. We can just use association for top level design and composition and aggregation can be used in detailed design.

5. Realization
Realization is relationship between an interface and implements class. The interface specifies behaviours and a class implements that behaviour then the class realize relationship with interface.

6. Dependency
Dependency relationship as name implies, if one class change, other class's state changes then these two classes are dependency relationship. MVC pattern can be good example of dependency relationship.

The other important elements from class diagrams are multiplicity (upper bound..lower bound), Stereotype, visibilities and properties.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

BPEL - Manipulating with XML.

In BPEL everything is XML, we are passing a XML to one web service and getting response from same. All manipulating of XML data can be done in BPEL by using local variables and flow. The main purpose of BPEL is to transformation between different web service.

XPath is standard way of manipulating XML data in BPEL. More advanced manipulation can be done using Java,XLST and XQuery. XPath is a simple language to navigate XML document to find a information from XML. But XPath is painful to do complex manipulation hence most of the complex logic can be done in Java or XQuery.

Following is from
Here is a simple XPath Query example

/BookStore/book[1] - Selects the first book from BookStore element.
/BookStore/book[last()] - Selects the last book from BookStore element..
/BookStore/book[last()-1] - Selects the last but one book from BookStore element..

It is not necessary to remember all systex and commands, since now almost all IDEs has plugins to develop BPEL logic and complex logic can be done in Java as custom code.

BPEL - Anatomy.

Business Process Flow Lanuage consists of 5 major strucure. They are
  1. PartnerLink - Reference to the services partcipants in the process flow and their ports/roles.
  2. Variables - List of messages exchanged between the BPEL process and each of the partcipanting web service.
  3. Flow Logic - The core of the business logic goes hers. The most used commands are receive,invoke,assign,pick,wait,throw,terminate,flow,sequence,switch,Scope,fault handlers.
  4. Falut Handlers - Catch and handle faults
  5. Compensation Logic - Undo logic.

A BPEL process file can directly comparable with Java class, PartnerLink is import statement, Variables is class variable, Flow Logic is methods, Fault Handler is nothing but exception handling.

The above guide can found in here.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Business Process Execute Language (BPEL)

Here comes the maturity of Service Oriented Architecture(SOA), now increasing number of companies looking in SOA and web service as an integration components of connected application. First we need to convert existing business application to web service and publish this as WSDL, now we have multiple WSDLs out there, what about orchestrate. Do we need to code all flow in client side by invoking each web service? The answer is BPEL, BPEL is connecting all web services and orchestrate business flow. In other words, BPEL is a facade to execute multiple flows behind the scenes. BPEL was adopted by major vendors like Oracle, SAP, Microsoft and IBM. There is no vendor specific lock-in implementation issues.

Since Oracle Fusion is consider as next generation middleware implementation because one stop buy for products and cost benefits, Oracle's BPEL Process Manager getting more attention, major advantage of Oracle BPEL Process Manager is, it is not stored executable files as Oracle specific, that is, it is as native format. So portable to other BPEL engines in future is not an issue. One more advantage would be, instant fail over support and cluster management.

Oracle BPEL Process Engine consists of four components
1. BPEL Designer - GUI based
2. BPEL Console - Monitoring, Performance tuning and administration
3. BPEL Server - Sync and async messaging, exception management
4. Built in Integration Services - JMS messaging support, Java embedded.

Here is a quick start guide with installation of Oracle BPEL and executing a sample code. In general, learning curve for this is very little, assuming that you have some web service experience.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Weekend Movies

1. Michael Clayton :

Great Movie. This movie revolving with 3 main characters

  1. Micheal Clayton (Geroge Clooney) : A gambling addict working in a well known law firm, scratching his seat for 17 years at same position, nick named as Miracle Worker.
  2. Arthur Edens (Tom Wilkinson) : A mental breakdown top notch lawyer, try to cover up a big organization (U-North) from 3 Billion dollar lawsuit.
  3. Karen Crowder (Tilda Swinton): A cut throat chief counsel working at U-North, her primary job is to rescue her company from the law suit.

As movie starts, I didn't understand first 2-3 scenes, after flashback started everything is clear. This story is based on 4 days happening between this 3 characters. Micheal wandering around for money to settle his unsuccessful bar business, he got an emergency call to Milwaukee to support his colleague and his long time friend Arthur's mental break down. At same time Karen found that Arthur is helping people who sued her company. After that, story becomes wild and Karen ordered to tap Arthur's phone calls, follow him and finally ordered to kill him. Micheal come into big play after Karen ordered to kill him also. Final moments of this movie is really great and twists and turns. Overall, this movie is must see for movie lovers.

2. No Country for Old men :

Excellent movie and core of this movie is, how bad this hit-mans are and the drug related crime in Texas. Javior Bardem acted as a hit-man, awesome and superb performance. No wonder why he was selected for best actor in Oscar. He just dramatize audience as well as Josh Brolin. Josh Brolin happened to found 2 million dollar suitcase from drug dealers and he wants to settle with that money. But poor guy doesn't know that it was buged. Where ever he goes, Javior followed him with sophisticated killing weapons. Finally Josh able to hide money and recovered it but murdered by Mexican gang members. But I won't agree with Javior's final murder, that is, Josh's wife. He justifying it by saying that he already given word to her husband (Josh), that too, she just came back from her mother's funeral. Tommy Lee acted as sheriff and he just can't stop any violence in this county. This movie is a flawless movie and can give 10 out 10 score.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Exchange Trading Funds (ETF)

Stock investment getting tougher day by day. One single reason would be selecting diverse portfolio. Earlier diversification means, select 5 stocks from US market, 1 from defense, 1 from blue chip, 1 from health care, 1 from technology and 1 from fastest growing stock either technology or pharmacy. If you could spent 8-10 hours per week, you can manage your portfolio efficiently. But due to economy changes and fast adoption of global economy's, diversification becomes very complex and our portfolio should expose to international market stocks and the money we are planning to put in for investment should be more than what we could afford. If we are still maintaining, old way of diverse portfolio, we are prone to loosing money. Due to this factors, last summer after US market hits new highs, lot of part time investors like me sold all US based stocks and settled with mutual funds and ESPPs, which turned out to be wise decisions. Now it is good time to start again since US market is very down but just little money is good and small diverse like 3 stocks from US market mainly large caps because large cap stocks are very cheap now. Stay away from small cap since it is very expensive now.

As I mention above, due to complexity of diverse, there is good opportunity for part time investors to pitch in ETF. Because ETFs are already well diversify. ETFs are well in middle of Stocks and traditional mutual funds. The benefits of ETF are

1. Low cost
2. Instant diversify
3. More transparency (This is one makes difference from mutual funds).
4. Tax Benefits(Because mutual funds managers are very frequently add/remove stocks and capital gains will transfer to stockholders rather ETF will not add/remove stocks frequently)

ETF can be traded as same as stocks or mutual funds. The Net asset value(NAV) would be determine after market close and if you are selling next trading day, you might loose or gain something since you are selling based on previous day NAV.

The only issue with ETF is complex creation and redemption process. But if you are familiar with mutual funds then okay. Normally if you buy a mutual fund, you are dealing with a money manager and he/she could decide to buy basket of stocks on your behalf. To make this process better, money manager could already created a basket of stocks and name it like "Large Cap Fund" as name implies, this fund dealing with large cap stocks so you can buy 25% of your investment money for "Large Cap Fund" and remaining goes for "Small Cap", and "International fund". The same here in ETF, all you can do is by typing "NY" to buy New York 100 Index Fund, which means you are buying a 100 stocks diversify fund on one click. If you are fully buying ETFs, you portfolio would looks like,

1. New York 100 Index fund (25%) - Fully US based and combination of large and mid size companies.
2. S&P Growth Fund(25%) - High growth S&P index.
3. Dow Jones Oil Funds (25%) - Group of oil explore and drilling companies.
4. S&P 50 Asia index(25%) - One fund for all Asian market companies.

Do you see modularity in here? Your portfolio now well diversify as well as you have a choice of modularity, sector wise, index wise, growth wise, geographic wise. If you thing swap oil funds with technology funds, we can easily swap it. The maintenance time to manage portfolio is almost zero. - good one for ETF and well established one. - 60 seconds guide to ETFs.

Up in the air : A special work.

The current space mission STS 123 to International Space Station(ISS) by Space Shuttle Endeavour is special one. This mission provides first module of Japanese Experiment Module (Kibo) and Canadian Special Purpose Dexterous Manipulator. Dexter is fully automated robotic arm which reduce some of the space walk activities. It would save lot of time and effect for astronauts since some actives can be done by this robotic arms rather than spacewalks. Dexter also duped as Canadaarm. The Japanese Experiment module is largest planned module for US side. This module final assembly will be completed on 2010.

Already ISS is the most expensive object ever build by mankind[Source:Wikipedia], after all these additions it would become more expensive and greater scientific achievement .

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Spike of Oil Price.

Many of us, still remembers the scary Goldman Sachs Oil price predication back in March 2005, at that time oil price was $50-$55, some body even ridiculous about this predication. what a losers??. After 3 years now, Oil price spikes to $110 per barrel and no signs of price decrease for foreseeable future. US economy is now in recession, due to declining demand, oil price should come down, but it is not happening. The main reason would be, as George Bush said during previous state of union address, US people are addicted to oil and they have no choice also because of poor public transportation infrastructure. Now what is happening is people are driving to shopping mall but not buying anything because they want to save some money for gas.

With combination of credit market meltdown, oil price and decline home equity, things are looking very gloomy and positive signs are far away, may be summer of 2009 unless oil price come down and stimulus rebate checks going towards shopping not to pay off loans.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Manage situation before it controls you...

Most of the times in our life we are in good situation, but often due to law of nature, sometimes we are in bad situation. When ever a situation controls you, you might loose control of yourself. A situation in this context is blanket term. A situation can be good, bad, confrontation, anger, sad or happy. All uncontrolled situation can be bad for our health and wealth. When we start with our career at young age, lets say 21 years of old, we don't know what is even situation is. We just come and go after completing our tasks and enjoy our life. After getting married and having kids, we have to know how to manage situation cleverly and efficiently otherwise we have to carry enormous burden on our own, even sometimes our family also have to share the burden for us.

Most of us, try to play our game by the principle "don't drop ball". Don't drop ball is good and very honest way of doing our day by day job and reaching high on our career. But if we are stick with don't drop ball after having family and kids, we are vulnerable to "controlled by situation" person. If some situation happen to you, drop the ball and step back, analysis the situation, found an alternate way or delegate something and then carry the ball until you reach goal line. There is nothing wrong with that. If we are adamant to carry the ball all the time without dropping, each situation would make our life a living hell.

At the end of the day, our health, our family and our career is important to our life. We can make ton of money if we are in good health, good family support and good career. If we want to achieve all of this, drop the ball and step back and analysis when some situation demanding you to do so.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Recession then Shopping spree then Boom.

Actually when recession is around the corner, most of the bellwether technology firm's executives become an impulsive shopping buyers and their shopping spree would increase as sky high. As of now, Microsoft is trying to buy Yahoo, and they already bought Danger ( a start up mobile software company ). Microsoft may not continue to pursuit to buy more companies after Yahoo, since their shopping budget for this recession may run out with expensive Yahoo purchase. Then all other bellwether jumps into shopping such as Google, IBM and Oracle. This is good for start up companies, because most of the acquired company's top executives and top tier software engineers, would quit because of sudden culture change and unable to adjust with new management etc. They come out to start a new start up or join with already booming innovative start ups. This is really boost for these start ups, which are struggling with funding as well as attrition now. This is starting of next boom cycle.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Finally Apple opened iPhone.

Because of fierce competition from RIM Blackberry and Google's open source mobile software Android, Apple first time ever opened it's one of product for outside Apple developers to develop software for iPhone. Even without these feature, iPhone is huge success for Apple, now it is 28% smart phone market share in US (Source : WSJ). The cool about iPhone is, one device for many purpose and easily sync up with Mac calendar, contacts and iTunes. Apple software very frequent software updates now improved iPhone's endurance. Earlier it was very unstable and "freeze" a lot. 

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

GOP Steady and Dems still ...

Yesterday after major primaries, GOP finalized their president nominee for 2008 general election. McCain officially started his campaign yesterday. This is good for Republican party, from now on, Republican can rally behind McCain and promote him as next US President. But in other hand, Dems are still up in the air. They don't know who will win nomination and probably they have to wait until National convention. I think both Obama and Hillary are very tough fighters and capable of running this country, but now for the sake of party, one has to agree for vice president nominee. Based on one statistics, even if Obama or Hillary wins all the remaining contest, they can't fulfill mandates delegates for nomination. So Dems super delegates come into play to choose their nominee.

One more controversy is brewing from FL and MI that their voice has to be heard since Dems top leaders rejects FL and MI delegates all together because both the states conducted primaries earlier than party guidelines. I think that even court can't
intervene here because the process is internal to one party and its leadership decisions.

As I learned more about these primaries and Caucasus, I believe it is true democracy and I wish all demarcate countries should follow this system. But associated cost and time with this is unbearable by most of the countries. As I know India has the similar set up but we are not utilizing it properly and everything there is finally decided by party leader with help from his/her close friends and relatives :).

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

We are the champions.(this time outside india)

After a long long long time, Indian cricket shines in Australia. Well deserve and much needed victory for young Indian cricket team. I have to emphasis one incident here, my opinion that is the turning point of this series. This was 4th match between India and Australia, Ishant Sharma as a rookie gave lot of runs in first 2 overs, Hayden just blasting him for fours and third over also not too good, that time, captain Dhoni had a chat with rookie, after that he just changed line and length, here you go, Sharma took 4 wickets and India won the game. After that he was a most dangerous blower for Aussies. I would recall previous incidents from Indian cricket, seamers came and went as unnoticed, if they gave some expensive overs, that's it, his career ends there. Our impatient captains and selectors sacked them and turn their concentration on finding spinners because they don't want to take risk by loosing matches, they had a very short term goals, which really hurts Indian cricket very hard for long time, we were champions in Indian soil and losers in outside India (even in Sri Lanka and future may be in Bangladesh). But this time something different. From this series, Indian cricket found much needed seamers Ishant and Praveen Kumar.

The series winning game was simply a team effort, everybody contributed their share to win this game. Especially Sachin and Praveen were good. Sachin is like lion nowadays, when he is hungry, he would use all of his strength to score runs for team. Earlier he was like tiger, score in all games and showed his strength almost all games. But lion is always better than tiger. Unfortunately I didn't watch this game, so I can't comment on Praveen's blowing in details but based on scoreboard, he was awesome. Way to go team India.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Weekend Movies.

This weekend we watched 2 movies both of them are based on New York and crime movies. American Gangster and The Brave One.

American Gangster
I can give 8/10 to this movie. Good storyline and screenplay and most scenes were filmed very naturally and costume also modified to fit into 1960s timeline. All the locations in the film were authentic and real places in and around New York city. One of my favorite hero is Denzel Washington and he was amazing in this film, he just lived as "Frank Lucas" character.He was really acted well in the scene where he burnt down $50k coat because that was the turning point of the movie, after he wore that coat to boxing match, everybody knows that he was rich and running a gangster.

Russell Crowe is another brilliant guy also acted as equivalent to Denzel. Director handled the scenes excellently by separating them the whole movie, that is, big plus for this movie. In other hand, movie was little slowed in the middle because of unnecessary family affairs to fill up time to delay the meeting of 2 characters.

Overall I skeptic about this is a real story, I think that 10-15% is real and remaining is just imagination from director Ridley Scott. It was very hard to believe that US military cargo planes used for heroin transportation.

The Brave One
I think Jodie Foster would love to act solo nowadays. The storyline should based on her role 100%. I hate monopoly even in movies. So nothing to write about this movie. I wasted 120 Mins by watching this movie.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

FOW - Future Of Web Apps.

As Future Of WebApps Miami Conference wound down yesterday, there were lot of discussions about future of web apps.  One thing loud and clear is, cost of innovation come down hence there won't be any limitations for innovation, in other words innovation no longer tied to company's balance sheet or tough economy conditions. 

1. Kevin Marks - Google engineer's thought on Social Graph API which consolidate data across disparate social network sites.

2. End of emails - FOW see the death of emails. Because everybody now using social networks and it's message box for communication since email not going to provide much influence to younger generation.
3. Joe Smarr's take on Google's upcoming OpenSocial release and his thoughts on future of web apps.

4. Most scalable blog site wordpress Mullenweg's scaling and spamming.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Any other logic?

Yesterday a friend mine asked to help with her MS assignment, it is java so I got interested and solved it. But I was not satified with the logic which I provided, Is any other logic for this?

The aim is to print all possible 3 and 2 letter word from String "GOLD".

public class TestChars {
public static void main(String []args) {
String str = new String("abcdef");
char[] chara = str.toCharArray();
int count = 0;
int countForTwo = 0;
for(int i = 0; i < str.length(); i++) {
for(int j = 0 ; j < str.length(); j++){
if(i != j) {
System.out.println("" + chara[i] + chara[j]);
for(int k = 0; k < str.length(); k++) {
if( i != j && j != k && i != k) {
System.out.println("" + chara[i] + chara[j] + chara[k]);
System.out.println("" + count);
System.out.println("" + countForTwo);

BTW, Cricker match getting interested now, "Noxious Weed" really undesirable for Aussies.