Thursday, October 30, 2008

Obama and Global Economy

All set for election and Obama leading in all the opinion polls. His last night solo presentation on major TV prime time slot was great. His vision and articulative views are great, he is a clear next generation leader. But one thing he is failing on is Global Economy, he has shown protectionism from the start of this presidential campaign. I thought may be, i’m monomaniac with “One Human One World(OHOW)” concept, that’s why i disappointed with his protectionism and all others are agreed with his views. So i have decided to check with other’s pulse for this matter. As usual, i started my research with real person opinions, first target was my wife, as soon as i asked the question, she refuted immediately “what’s wrong with that, first their own country people and then others”.

There is one more OHOW monomaniac like me across the country (California), we used to talk this kind of prescient matters a lot, i decided to call him, he also sounded like my wife, i felt like a thunder struck on my head. [Of course pun intended]. So the point is, everybody overwhelmingly supporting Obama without knowing his global economy policy. He used all the following rhetoric “outsourcing”, “foreign cars”, “protect our workers”, during his speech all the time, it is funny that he wants to talk with Iran leaders face to face but not liking imported fuel efficient cars from Japan and South Korea. I’m thinking that we are all shortsighted with current economy crisis, hence we want a change, our brain taken over by heart and forgetting logic here.

Since all are unable to fathom the issue, i decided to go with Google, just typed “Obama and Global Economy”, i was astonished with results. There are some results but none of them from trusted sources. 

Global economy (free trade) serves a better tool to trickle down wealth from top to bottom in other words rich countries to poor countries, and rich is already rich, they don't need any support but poor countries need rich countries support other wise they can't survive. Any ways, we have to wait and see who is going to win. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Unbeatable Titans

8 weeks completed since this football season started, as usual lot of interesting games and surprises. Titans came out as unbeatable team 7-0 so far, yesterday they beat Colts.  This team has all chances to win super bowl, they are fundamentally strong. It was great rejoinder to last 5 years continues domination of Colts.  Way to go Titans. But my favorite team for this season so far is Texans, what an offensive play by them. But they lost so many matches early, but last 3 games they are really good.

Bears came back really good after the lost against Falcons.  Lions, Raiders, 49ers, and Rams are really wasting their fan’s money and time. Lions are playing like cats nowadays, may be bad economy really hurting them very bad. For a change, Dolphins started winning some games. 49ers fired their coach and again they promised to build a good team, the same they announced when they hired Nolan 4 years ago.

Again NFL players started using steroid like substance, this time it was some weight loss pills to mask steroids. Saints players 2 of them are tested positive and 10-15 more players from other teams also tested positive. This is really bad for NFL and fans.  



Friday, October 24, 2008


“Thank god it’s Friday” is famous and happy phrase but not now, for bull investor it is “Save god it’s Friday” from bears.  All bear investors hibernating in first 4 days of week and collecting all information (I don’t know where are they storing information, but bull know source and why) and dumping stock like right, center and left on Friday. This Friday’s sell offs are very well coordinated, bears coordinated from all over world, it was happening very early in the morning. Most of the sell off are out of panic and with panic these bears loosing logic and thinking power, just take all news as literals and getting more panic.

So for a smart bull it is good time to jump on, I don’t think so, this is tempting to jump in. Very low P/E ratio, major indexes lost almost 20% on average this month alone, all panic sellers are done with their selling (still they are out??), in other words bears are gone for permanent hibernating. All reliable technical indicators, fundamentals and theory, are showing to return to the market. For example, Google is selling at 21 P/E which is unbelievable and highly attractive now.  

We are having following positive factors.

  • positive GDP growth so far (which is why we are not officially recession yet),
  • very low oil price (comparison wise now oil $2.78 per gallon is almost free),
  • second stimulus package (hopefully)
  • narrow timeline to election (find some concrete answer about who will be next president)
  • positive existing home sales(just starting to turn as green)
  • ASEN influx of $80 Billion into market
  • Dollar value increasing against all other currencies. (Especially Indian rupees now Rs 50 per dollar first time in history, hence most of my Indian friends tempted to go back India, but Indian government don’t want to us to come because they can’t handle more population…just kidding).

The sole issue now is, some banks are run out of money to lend again to consumers. The money rotation stagnates and people unable to borrow money.  But I think it will time to reenergize credit market again, the $700 Billion bail out package would take some time to come into main stage. But real remedy should be government buying unsold house from buyers and hold it for sometime or help them to refinance toxic mortgages.  

But here I want to follow blatantly the 2000-2002 market pattern, which is S & P index fell to 700-750 points with economy was deep recession. We are not there yet at the current situation. Now S & P holding at 870 points, still 170 points to go, which is right time to jump in with aggressively towards stocks not mutual funds or ETFs?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Excellent Story from

At one point in his life, Literal Man owned and ran a small 'fruit and veg' shop in a shopping mall. Like many other of his endeavours, this one was doomed to fail. One day a lady came into his shop. She was an older lady, about forty or fifty, who had a pleasant smile and seemed to be in the mood for conversation. Attempting to engage in small talk was one of Literal Man's weaknesses, for reasons that he never quite understood, yet nevertheless he tried his best to make the lady feel welcome in his shop.

"I hope that you are having a good morning" he said as she walked towards him. She briefly looked confused at the unusual greeting. Not 'good morning'? Despite this she smiled and said;

"The morning will be good once it's over, just kidding! I'm fine, How are you?"

Literal Man was confused; by kidding, did she mean that it would be bad when it was over? Or that it was bad and she would appreciate it more once it as over? He decided to ignore it and answer the last part of the sentence.

"I am also "fine". Can I help you with something?"

"Oh I don't know..." she said as she casually strolled past the register where he stood, "...what do you think, should I buy a half a cauliflower or a whole? I'm not sure if it'll be enough"

"I am sorry I am unable to answer that question properly. I do not know you or your situation. I cannot advise you to purchase either option when I do not know what you are planning to do with the cauliflower, or even how many people you are feeding."

The lady again looked confused, but seeing Literal Man standing there with an apologetic look on his face she decided that he must have been joking around with her.

"Ha! You're funny. Do they all come as funny as you?"


"Shop owners you silly chicken!" she was smiling as she walked around the shop picking up items to buy.

"I assure you I have no idea. I have not attempted to be funny since you walked in here, yet even so I doubt that "all" the shopkeepers would be equally as funny as I am, as every person has a unique and inividual sense of humor. And where is it that you are implying that shopkeepers come from?" He decided to ignore the blatantly impossible supposition that he was a 'silly chicken'.

"Um... ok" she said, now looking at him with less of a smile on her face. "Wow, you really take everything literally don't you?'

"Taking "everything" literally is impossible. I would be unable to even so much as watch a television show, without thinking that the events in the fictional shows were "literally" happening or had actually happened. So no, I do not."

The lady was no longer smiling. She had encountered a man who had difficulty differentiating between literal meaning and implied meaning; Literal Man!  She stopped looking around the shop and turned to face him. To her, Literal Man had crossed the border from joking to being flat out rude

"Um... yeah I was just joking." she said.

"When? "Just" meaning the last thing that you said? Or "Just" meaning that joking is all that you were doing?"

"What? what are you talking about? You're really strange"

"I am talking about what the intention of your usage of the word "Just" was when asking me your previous question. And why do you call me strange? I am previously unknown to you, unfamiliar as well, but that is to be expected. We have never met before"

"Uh... what? You're being a jerk aren't you? I have to tell you I'm not appreciating this at all. Who wants to come into a store and be asked a whole pile of stupid questions every time I say something?"

Literal Man stood there for a moment, trying to make sense of her latest confusing statement. He could feel that somehow he had once again failed in his attempt to have a conversation with someone, and once again he would never quite understand why. He could sense her getting angrier.Every where he went, whatever job or business he tried to run, the same type of person had to be dealt with. He always encountered people who said illogical, even ludicrous statements.

"Madam I apologise, I am not attempting to be a jerk at all. I am sorry if you believe that, and I wouldn't appreciate it myself either. And, well I am unable to say who would want to come into a store to be asked a "pile" of stupid questions every time you say something. Frankly, I find that whole scenario quite bizarre. What shop? Why would you be there? Who would ask the questions? I would almost suggest to you that it was a "stupid" question to ask me"

"Oh!" said the lady, who did not like hearing that she had asked a stupid question, her eyes now flaring outrage and anger. "You're unbelieveable if you think I'm going to stand here and take **** from you. You should learn to keep that horses arse you call a mouth closed, you piece of ****!" She said this with a raised voice as she threw the items she was carrying on the ground and started walking out of the shop.

Literal Man was now offended himself. This was not someone he wanted shopping in his place of business, as she was clearly insane! he followed her out of the shop, now raising his own voice in frustration

"Well, I honestly hope that I would not be believed if I suggested that you recieve faeces from me, which I did not suggest, because I would never do that! And I do not own a horse Madam! I do not see any reason why I should keep its "arse" closed even if I did own one, that would be pointless and bizarre. Even more bizarre if I called that horses "arse" a mouth. I would have to be quite stupid to make such a mistake.You Madam, are not welcome in my shop! I believe you are insulting me when you call me a piece of... ****" Literal Man said the last word with disdain, for even though he had a habit of offending people, without understanding why or how he did it, he still believed in using good manners.

"Fine!" yelled the lady from outside the shop as she turned to face him hands on her hips. A few people in the mall stopped to look their way. "See how I care! Shove all your fruit up your arse! Jump off a cliff you evil freak! There is no way that I would ever want to come back into your shop, ever! Not in a million years!" The lady strolled off at a fast pace. The many confusing elements of her last statement simply floored Literal Man... all his fruit up his arse?

"You would be dead long before a million years had passed, lady!" he yelled after her.

"AAARRRRRGH" she screamed down the mall past startled onlookers.

Literal Man sighed. This was all too familiar to him. He may as well close down the shop and find something else for to do for a living. Like everything else that he ever tried, this was not going to work for him, he could tell.Maybe it was something he was doing wrong, he thought. How well could this business go, if that lady was anything to go by? After all, she was his first customer...

Monday, October 20, 2008

Chandrayaan-I Mission

Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) scientific community going to achieve a remarkable event on this Wednesday. India going to send an unmanned spacecraft (lunar exploration) Chandrayaan-I mission to moon. Indian flag will be placed in Moon, only US, Russia, and Japan flags were placed so far in moon. This spacecraft going to carry six Indian instruments and 6 other countries (including 2 NASA's) instruments.

We know that it is very hard to achieve something in state owned organization like ISRO. It is time to venerate our ISRO engineers.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

2008 Blog Action Day – Poverty

Poverty is a machination, man made and we are the only one can make it history. Most of the poverty because of prolong social suppression, civil wars and unstable dictatorship rules. There are many people wants to abolish poverty from world, there are lot of talks and thoughts. But I personally think that we don’t know how to resolve this issue, but we have the heart to do so. We think that there are many rich/celebrity people out there and government will do something to abolish poverty. But the rich/celebrity people and government can’t make the difference unless we act together to abolish poverty. 

If the misery of the poor be caused not by the laws of nature, but by our institutions, great is our sin.  ~Charles Darwin  

Saturday, October 11, 2008

What about us?

As usual today morning wake up, had a wonderful breakfast and browsed emails, news sites and started watching Longhorn Vs Sooners football game. Just after noon i asked my wife and kids about plans for lunch, she fired back, “what the hell you are thinking?” “Do you know what is going on outside? It seems that great depression is back, next 10 years it will be recession?”…”But you seems like nothing happened and enjoying and watching football, I don’t know how people are going to survive”….As a gourmand, i was really shocked because my lunch is getting delayed. She started worrying about overall market condition and i noticed since last week she was little upset and i tested with her peers also, everybody seems to me upset because of too much reading about market meltdown and Opera Winfrey talk shows. For me everything going as predicted and i am always following

Market was already dead and we are waiting for its new avatar. It is not in our control and it is not great depression as per record we are not yet recession stage. After i experienced first recession in U.S (2000 – 2001) at Silicon Valley, here are the things are always I followed.

1. At least 6 months worth of expense money at bank saving/money market account.

2. This is the time all media outlets goes negative, don’t watch too many news channels and talk shows.

3. Regular exercise and drink less coffee keeps our mood very stable.

4. Go outside and talk with friends and relatives, but strictly no economy.

5. Watch football, baseball, college football etc and etc.

For more tips please visit

As per my predication, this issue may not resolve within next 1 week, there is no juju also to resolve this issue. It may go up to first half of next year. We are going to witness an ugly holiday season and plummeting stock market, but stock market wise all are done, everybody sold and there is no stock left for selling unless more of average Joes pulling 401K out. But things will turn around slowly after election. I think the big psychology boost come from next administration’s stance on Iraq war. Based on current projections, Obama leading over McCain with considerable points. So now election is key to boost the investor’s confidence and moreover by the time the bail out package $700 Billion started working in favor of us.

But my wife is 100% right, if we are happy and positive without knowing what is going on outside is deleterious. Even though we are not associated with stock markets also very risky. Because money is the key and it’s reside place should be solid, if the place is shaky then everybody is shaky. The student loan, car loan are really important, we don't want to see drop out college kid and ghost motor city. All over the world investors, who are always positive like ready to sell sky if it falls down, are tremulous. then what about us?

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Spring AOP Concepts

As a natural lover, i was not very enthusiast about spring framework, for me i think spring framework is a make-up or add-on JVM for natural Java language. As spring authors mentioned, spring is following Hollywood concept, where a small swimming pool can show like big ocean. But Spring is really good for ‘all in one’ style. Spring is becoming fastest growing framework than EJB, or .Net. The same is now start worrying Java community that SpringSource now mobilizing something towards pay per use model, here is latest spring dm server licensing terms, and top executive profile looks little chary that other than Rod (CEO) and Adrian (CTO) are not techies but extensive business experiences and venture capitalists. Any way it is worth to pay some share for this excellent framework if that happens.

But any way more configurations and less coding is always good. I was ebullient with spring’s Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) features. It was really great and helped me to become Spring enthusiast. Imagine we are in the mission of repairing an electrical wire system in a 100 years old skyscraper. The issue is (for sake of understanding), 100th floor is not getting enough voltage due to damaged wiring in lower floors. What we do? We have to use some modularity(cut across from floor 1 to 10 first and then 10-20 so on) to find out where is the more damage which causes power lose and then start repairing it or we want to go floor by floor to find out the issue. AOP is the great for modularity, cut across multiple objects to find out issues or retrieve some debugging message.

AOP is the main feature for spring framework to perform some basic stuff. When a singleton bean depends on a session bean, we have to aop scoped proxy to fetch real object at runtime, because singleton created only one time at container and session object changes per session. It is great example of Hollywood concept. A singleton bean thinks that it holds a real object but it doesn’t know that it is just calling a proxy method and in background it is fetching a real object each time. What a trick- shot?

Spring AOP working with interceptor and AspectJ concepts. Let me jump on to Spring AOP concepts (with simple real time analogy because AOP terminology not very intuitive).

Join points: How we want to join a one modular, our aim here to join 1 to 99 floors, are we want to join 1-10 first then 10-20 or 1-25 and then 25-50 etc. In Spring AOP context a joint point is method execution.
Advice: This is very simple, how we want wire on each floor, we need some advice from building blue print. To be clear on advice here for spring is only interceptor.
: This is nothing but cutting across 1-10 floors thru an execution (outlet) points. Each floor has several outlets, our interest here is electric outlet not phone outlet. So we need to touch across electric outlets.

In spring context a method with particular names, spring provides several “pointcutadvisors” to simplify defining multiple method names and to integrate with advice. (this is little confusing but think like “pointcutadvisor” is some one who paints all electrical outlet with blue color(pointcut), so for us it is simple to wire only blue outlet without each time looking into blue print(advice)).

Once we understand our building wire repair model and AOP terminology, coding is just 3 lines configuration (assumption is we are going to use existing Spring AOP interceptors and point cuts).

Spring has following main AOP interceptors to ready to use. Please check out at


If we want to use ClassLoaderAnalyzerInterceptor for your application to analyze how class loader impacting some method executions

//define a bean id. This is advisor( a blue print for building )
<bean id="ClassLoaderAnalyzer"

//main pointcut definitions. Spring has rich set of pointout
//definions support classes. RegexpMethodPointcutAdvisor will
//help us to define out point cuts. (someone we asked to paint
//blue color for all electrical outlet)

<bean id=" ClassLoaderAnalyzerPointcut"

<property name="advice" ref=" ClassLoaderAnalyzer ">

<property name="patterns">







Source: (for spring dm server pricing model)

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Harmony and Peace

On the occasion of the Mahatma Gandhi's birthday, Abdul Fakhri wrote a wonderful blog in Sastwingees about peace and harmony. As usual lot of discussion around the subject, here I’m trying to continue some, how Hindu ideology(RSS and it’s child organizations Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Bajrang Dal etc)try to corrupt people’s mind by creating negative perceptions about minorities.

  1. Christians and Muslims are organized religions, they have very strict rules about attending Sunday mass and Friday Jum’ah. But Hindu religion is not organized, so we are here to support you as an organized group, we are saviors.

Reality: All religions are some how organized and Hindus are more organized than others, because Hindus do lot of rituals/puja at home, not at temple, due to timings and changing lifestyle. Hindu religion more towards to home and family based, so we don’t need a dedicated time at temple and organized. We have police force and human rights group to protect us. Our Police, Army and Para military force are the saviors for us.

  1. Christians and Muslims have more foreign connections and they are not patriots like Hindus.

Reality: Truth is Hindus have more connection with foreign countries than any other religion in India. Even though there is no concrete evidence to prove that, but based on current situation and people’s eagerness to immigrate other countries, it is clear that foreign connection is balanced with all religion. So all Non Resident Indians are unpatriotic but we only need foreign exchange money from them, India can not buy oil unless our Muslims, Christians, and Hindus brothers working hard at desert Gulf countries. What a flummery?

  1. Christian’s likes heavy metal rock songs NOT Indian music, and Muslims loves Pakistan Cricketers NOT Indian Cricketers.

Reality: Nowadays Tamil, Hindi songs are more than equal to heavy metal rock songs. If Hindu ideology is real concern with this, they have to first clear their own backyard first. Moreover music is common to all, one can love any song as they like. There are great Christian carnatic singers are there, they are really awesome.

Cricketers, some of Hindus love Adam Gilchrist or Malcolm Marshal so as per Hindu ideology they are unpatriotic? It is skewed logic that all Indians should love Indian cricketers. So whoever not interested in cricket are unpatriotic??

  1. Muslims hosting Pakistan flag.

Reality: this was a serious allegation from Hindu ideology, and someone got nervous after seeing some green flag in Muslim neighborhood, if they see carefully it was a green flag but not Pakistan’s. It was some Muslim religion flag. Actually it is illegal to host other nation’s flag in India at common places, without proper paper works. Some hardcore Muslim radical always try to host Pakistan flag at Kashmir and else where, that doesn’t mean that all Muslims are radical and try to host Pakistan’s flag in India. Hindu ideology also not obeying law, they sing ‘Vande Matharam’ instead of lawful national anthem ‘Jana gana mana’.

Some years ago, one of South Tamil Nadu town on verge of communal violence, because Hindu ideology accused Muslim neighborhood celebrating Pakistan’s cricket victory against India by cracking firecrackers. But the truth was they were celebrating some housewarming or some other function, but the timing was wrong. This is what exactly happening in India, because of rumors and ideology’s extreme neurotic disorder created many communal clashes.

  1. A Christian favors other Christian and so do Muslims but a Hindu don’t favors other Hindus.

Reality: This is somehow true, but it was all because of Hindu’s religion set up, a Hindu may not favor other Hindu but within same caste they do favors each other. But any way, why we need favoritism from others. A low confidence and low esteem people only need favoritism, a high confidence and high esteem people doesn’t need any favoritism. If someone required favoritism then something wrong with them.

  1. Conversion – A hot topic now

Reality: Historically Indian people are not Hindus, Hinduism was monopoly for long time, and hence all Indians become Hindus. Indian people not aware of other religions before Megals and British came into country. As a human and freedom of choice, everybody should know about all religion and we have to select one, which is, better for us, moreover in early olden days for poor Indians, religion is for food and protection. There is nothing wrong to follow other religion which is not by our birth. Temple, Church, Mosque all are same, all has same purpose that to preach harmony and peace.

  1. If Christian suffers, powerful west countries are there to support, if Muslim suffers, rich Gulf countries are there to support, for Hindus we are the only one.

Reality: From 1992 Mumbai communal violence to still now Orissa, Karnataka violence there was no war plane/or force came from west or gulf to support Indian minorities. There were some voice from here and there, none of the countries has right to intervene Indian internal matters, as long as Indian government controls violence within threshold time and there is no major human right violations.

  1. In India, all bomb blasts are happening because of Muslims.

Reality: Terrorism is the main reason for bomb blast. Most of the bomb blasts happened in India was because of Muslim radical group Indian Mujahedeen, which has ties with al-Qaeda. This is not isolated to India, now it is global issue, and we are fighting against terrorism and hopefully we can eliminate terrorism from this world.

There are many more perceptions, disconcert are the reason for unnecessary clashes between religions in India, overall India and Indians are very peaceful in nature. Most of violence’s are out of panic and there was no real threat to any body. Our law well protected every Indian citizen and treated everybody equally. It is okay to disagree with each other but it is not okay to kill each other, in the name of religion. All we need now is ideology exorcism from some of quixotic Indians. It is time to ban Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Bajrang Dal, Christian Maoists and Indian Mujahedeen etc.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Bail out Cubs and Sox, time is running out

Bail out bill was successful at this time, 57 lawmakers changed their position within 3 days. It was great example of democracy where majority always win, if not first time, second time it will. Another miracle happened with in 3 days is, Wachovia is now hot bank, 2 of them fighting for it, just 3 days ago it was other sinking bank. Just 3 days, Wachovia value increased as much as 750%, and expansion minded Wells Fargo successfully crossed Mississippi river to conquer east coast(other than some small acquisitions). Actually Wells Fargo has 25% spring effect (infrastructure, technology) to absorb any sudden growth. So they made a bold acquisition bid to Wachovia, and they refused to take bail out money also. This is real Wild Wild West. Citi just started discussing about how to integrate Wachovia with them and confused with back and forth bail out bill, in mean time Wellsfargo announced it's actions to integrate with Wachovia and debt reduction plans. So the market is still alive and we(investors) are just overreacting.

I didn’t know that stock market also blow hot and cold for some time consistently. One day it was down 700 points very next day it was up 400 points. Everything was out of sync and not fit in normal pattern. All the events makes me think that both Main and Wall Street was full of overreaction and hysteria break down. It was sad to say that, this all are indicating that USA’s dominance of world finance market also moribund. Because so far USA market was soo resilient and self-adjusting to lead all other markets, now it also lost its cool with emotions, panic and spontaneous reactions. Something got to be done to bring back it’s glory. And American people also lost their confidence with Wall Street.

Cubs and Sox are really playing bad at play offs. Someone have to bail out them, please.

Source :