Sunday, May 01, 2011


I usually drive by the million dollar home daily twice. One of the kind façade and fantastic architecture, and flawless house. Yesterday when as usual I drive by, they were painting their mail box which was looking great to me though. I started wondering why they are obsessed with façade, why they want to perfect on everything. I thought I was right, because we are spending too much resource for façades and other unimportant things in our life for me those are show off. After some time, I started realized that those are needed to show our hard work, dedication, commitment and determination rather than show off wealth.

 Life is not to live as we wanted to live but there should be some meaning. We want to show others that we are capable of doing something, doing something unique. It is completely opposite to liberal point of view of everyone is equal. But at same time, most of us not ready to take that part of wisdom, so jump into conclusion based on façade. In order to satisfy all, giving importance to façade is not just show off.

                So a beautiful façade with a weak backyard is okay? But that depends on whom we ask, but conventional wisdom is “Internal beauty can be visible through façade”.