Monday, March 28, 2011

How to live Happy?

1. Nothing is constant. Be prepared for changes. One day driving Benz car may not be same next day, we may have to drive bi cycle. Life is full of changes.

2. Don’t try to change others unless they are willing to go through transforms which is very rare.

3. Don’t say what ever we think through our mind. There is always some polish needed for good personal relationship.

4. Plan it, invest it, make money work for you, not that you work for money

5. Daily read some spiritual books or tell mantra.Keep your brain clean from negative thoughts.

6. Be honest with everyone, if can’t, if we have to tell lies then that’s sign of withdraw from that entity.

7. Don’t afraid of destroying some. I mean liquidate somethings.

8. Tell good things about others, may some extra also fine.

9. Keep time, bond with it, time will give you health and wealth.

10. Last but not the least, always smile even when we are in dire situation.


V2V said...

Enjoyed your blog, love your positive outlook and attitude!

Anshul Kumar said...

Nice and very inspiring post. You live in America. Do you know Hindi? I have bookmarked your blog. See you soon...

natasha sharma said...

Thanks for sharing short funny quotes in hindi