Sunday, April 24, 2011

Inspiration and desperation

We inspire with others, we follow, and we prosper together. But after sometime the trailblazer stops blazing, what to do now? Desperation or continue our journey. Most of the time people stop doing what they did by inspiring others. I spent quite some time but none were discussed about this topic.

For example, U.S.A is leader of world, they led all war and other’s followed and fought with them. Now in Libya, U.S.A due to internal pressure not leading and war against Gaddafi stalled. The leader stopped leading others and all are collapsed or not effective as before. Why this is happening? How to avoid it?

1.       Don’t abuse leaders: When leaders leading something, don’t take everything grated rather use the opportunity to learn and document it.

2.       Document all the advice: When leaders giving advice when they are leading those are not just advice, those are insights and priceless piece of wisdom and document it.

3.       Don’t question leaders: Leaders say something with in context always, don’t ask question and don’t ignore those. All are very effective because leaders won’t talk for talking.

4.       No middle ground: If we inspire with others, we have to align with leaders all the time. There is no middle ground. The actions which are taken by leaders should be committed. If we follow leader without committed we can’t repeat it when leaders not present.

Actually once we start following leaders, we have to become that leader after some point of time. Leadership main objective is creating as many as leaders.

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